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18th Nov 2004, 08:13
My hard drive contents grow by about 20 Mb every 30 - 60 min of time on the Internet. I've removed cookies, caches, cleared all the detritus I can find with little effect.

Trawling through the files, adding up [laboriously!] all the folder sizes, including hidden files, always produces a sum that is rather less [by about 20%] than the amount displayed in the "contents of C drive" folder.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Windows [ME] seems to purge whatever it is I can't find by conventional means and may get rid of up to 2 gig of contents with no discernible effect on what I can see, though obviously I'd rather not do that more often than I can help.

Any suggestions?

Wing Commander Fowler
18th Nov 2004, 08:57
Make sure your recycle bin is empty when you do the properties check on yer C drive since that is included.

Apologies if you already knew that.......

18th Nov 2004, 09:14
The problem seems rather more obscure than that, but thanks anyway.

18th Nov 2004, 10:19
Does the growth in disk usage occur only when you are actively browsing or also when connected but not doing anything?

I.e. if you connected and left the machine alone, with no browser open, the email programme closed etc. do you still get disk usage growing?

Naples Air Center, Inc.
18th Nov 2004, 12:19

When you install WinME, do you Fdisk and Format the Drive first?

Take Care,


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