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17th Nov 2004, 15:07
hello folks just received this on 'sms' can you believe it...

a let 410 (5h-pac) belonging to precision air has gone down,supposedly on a training flight in kilimanjaro,both pilots were the only occupants,no fatalities reported

keep it up there fellows...

no more 406pilot

ps:just when we thought pt6's were going down here comes a Walter..

17th Nov 2004, 19:05
Bad news Dude. Really hope both got out clean.

18th Nov 2004, 08:49
hiya shenzi,
yeah me too,but heard captain is seriously injured f/o escaped with minor injuries....still awaiting further info on circumstances leading to the accident.

keep it up there fellows,

no more 406pilot

18th Nov 2004, 13:49
I flew for Precision Air in late '99 - early 2000 (on a ZS reg. C208 ACMI lease).

406, have you got the names of the crew? Any info on where they went down or the cause of the crash?



18th Nov 2004, 14:00
hi zs-ndv,
please check your pm i thought it best stay there,for all the rest interested no news yet on the cause..damn where is helldog when you need him...

keep it up there,
no more 406pilot

18th Nov 2004, 14:16
Thx 406. got your pm.
I know the P1 quite well. Really nice bloke. Hope he makes it through. Never met the P2. I guess he's a newbie.

Were Precision still operating only 2 L410 and their C208? If so I guess it's going to be tough for the next couple months to fly around TZ...

Keep us posted on the circumstances when you know more.



18th Nov 2004, 22:36
406pilot, could u pm me the names too, fearing to read friends names.


19th Nov 2004, 15:36
ok guys i hope your ready for this......
news heard from a current let 410 first officer.

the plane was conducting a base check,while performing a single engine go-around exercise the live engine quit and the aircraft landed wheels up....

"shit happens"

keep it up there fellows

no more 406pilot,but i wish i was

ps:shenzi check ur pm for the names,wht have you done to upset helldog bro? he is not responding to this thread

19th Nov 2004, 17:04
Hi 406 ,

Hope it is not too bad for the P1 . Is that the P2 a foreigner (greek guy)?

How is the new machine ? Are you enjoying climbing at mach .7 ?



19th Nov 2004, 17:09
406pilot - Thanks for the pm Bro.
Aiie, thought it could hv been during training since there was no pax on board.
Are you climbing at .7 yet??? What's the update.

Yes, well I think I pissed off Helldog and vice-versa, but ya know Dude, when some one sidelines with M The Greek, against me, it can't work. The good thing is that he's the second one only, but he wasn't even there at the time. Too bad.

Gusto, ATR?

20th Nov 2004, 07:40
hi gusto,
long time no see/hear from you bro? i am not yet where you guys think i am the only place in climbing to is my bed bwana...but thats me..anyways both pilots are local Tanzanians...that foreigner greek f/o is somewhere in sudan flying L-410...
a lot of pole to alfie hope he gets out of this one to take up the skies once more..

no more 406ilot(but i wish i was)

20th Nov 2004, 15:22
Just incase you were all wondering I'm alive and well!!!! Back in Wonderful Tz!!!! Unemployed Broke But Safe and happy!!!! Thank you very much for your concern Gusto!!!!

For your information the First Officer involved in the Very unfortunate accident is a tanzanian and a Very experienced F/O on the Let410 I would say he has close to 3000HRS on type.

I agree it is indeed very unfortunate for the crew involved who I know and have worked very closely with in the past, thats aviation for you!!!!

I do wish them a Speedy Recovery!!!!!

Cheers Guys!!!!


20th Nov 2004, 18:22
Agree with you 406pilot, best wishes of quick recovery to Alfie.

21st Nov 2004, 13:01
Hello everyone!

It's always sad to hear when friend went down.I wish to the mzee to recover very soon.

Long time i have heard of you mate.Drop me a line sometime.I'll be glad to know what you up to.

21st Nov 2004, 17:43
hi jp/gusto/ and "pete the greek with a russian"

long time no see you guys do keep in touch its only when a mishap happens in this country that you fellas seem to come to the party..

still nothin from helldog....where are you mate?

no more 406pilot (but i wish i was)

21st Nov 2004, 22:20
Hey Chora!
Keep in mind, our buddy who recently escaped to Cali, was really concerned about the Precision maintenance and the engines especially on the LET's. Apparently there is alot going on here we do not see. With the added competition over there , looks like corners are being cut. Lucky our boy from 1st Left got out OK. Since the Northen Air head chop in LOBO in `98, the poor guy has had some bad luck, aye....
Eat a beaver, save a tree......I hope that thrashing of the Colts, of Bears didn't ruin your day!

22nd Nov 2004, 03:04
Hi guys ,

Shenzi I am doing my rating right now . I should start flying the 'truck' beginning of december .

Peter , what 's happening , you did not like arusha ?
406 what happened when I was in joburg you were doing your type rating isn't it?

JP , I heard that the hosties are quite cute at GF and you 've got at least 3 in 320 . Good luck with type rating .


22nd Nov 2004, 08:52
Hey Guys,

JP Congratulations on scoring the Gulf Air Job, enjoy the hosties!!!! Check your hotmail.

To the No more 406 pilot who wishes he still was. Good to here from you my old friend, hang in there mate I'm sure that things will eventually come around, and you will Eventually Be " Climbing to the Heavens Like a Home Sick Angel"!!!!!!! Oh and there have been a few changes with me the Mad Russian is with me NO MORE!!!!!

To Gusto!!! I really do love Arusha but the P**SY is in Dar!!! Now that I'm Single and Horny that is a better venue, its just getting a job down there at the moment that pays that is the problem!!!!

Im confident that things should eventually come around and I'll eventually be happily employed in this wonderful country for one last round!!!!!

I wish all of you Many Happy Landings!!!!!!


22nd Nov 2004, 12:05
hi gusto/jp/pete w/o the mad russian

great to hear you guys are up there where it matters,anyways ii went down south,and finished up the whole ground school,crm and sept(safety& emer procedure trg)....now awaiting sim slot to finish up...may be sometime next year/century who the hell knows mates....

pete im really sad you had to give up on the mad russian im sure,theres plenty of fish in the maji for you...

keep it up there fellows,
no more 406pilot

ps:hey pete since i wont be doing anything for the rest of the year i wouldnt mind hooking up with the mad russian....he he wht r friends for??

cpt hamna sheeda
22nd Nov 2004, 13:58
JP is the belgium pilot who flew in Gabon once??

22nd Nov 2004, 15:17
yes, JP is the pilot who flew in Gabon, and future GF f/o.

[Shenzi I am doing my rating right now . I should start flying the \'truck\' beginning of december ]

Gusto, super news, felicitations.

22nd Nov 2004, 15:43
Hey guys!

Thanks for your support.Actually i dont need luck with the type rating but with the hosties.;)

I got your mail.will reply pretty soon.Busy in Scotland at the moment.

Things going well for you too i see.That's nice to hear.Good luck with the rest of your type rating.

406 pilot.
Aviation is a long process."hurry up and wait".All the best for the rest.

Capt hamna sheeda.
Sound like you spent quit a bit of time in TZ drop me a line.Be glad to know where you up to too.


23rd Nov 2004, 01:31
Shenzi_Rubani_HTAR: Hey Beeeetch uko wapi tonight! West coast?! text me ur callsign I'll check if u make it to PWK or ORD. The Bears got fudged by lots of Gulf Air hosties with horseshoes on their helmets yesterday, it was ugly, but tailgating was awesome. Anyway, the boys from Da Burg are the best, we're going to the Bowl dude, to the bowl!! Let me know if u find the man from Cali.

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