View Full Version : Cebu Pacific a/c loses pieces at Tacloban

9th Nov 2004, 00:31
Cebu Pacific a/c loses tail piece (http://news.inq7.net/breaking/index.php?index=2&story_id=17481)

Tried to find as unsensational a title as possible! Does anyone have any idea how often DC-9's have dropped tail cones on the tarmac. Obviously not regularly, but it's certainly not the first time it has happened.

Regarding Cebu Pacific, I understand they have just been given traffic rights to Japan. I think I will wait until they have retired their DC-9s and have got their Airbus aircraft before trying them out...who know what else they may lose.....

Astra driver
9th Nov 2004, 01:05
If you liked that, you'll love this..

9th Nov 2004, 08:03
Does anybody know what was the G-force on landing/impact?. There was a F100 one year ago bounced on landing with 4,++ G and was still able to get fixed and put back into service later.


9th Nov 2004, 18:34
Not being able to see which part of the "tailcone" separated..makes it hard to comment..but some series (if not all) of early DC-9's the tailcone is an emergency exit which is designed to separate..naturally when activated to do so....airstairs have been known to fall open on 727's...overwing exits to fall open on other types....what portion exactly separated?

9th Nov 2004, 20:09
ironbutt, there's a picture at http://www.jacdec.de/news.htm

10th Nov 2004, 01:39
Many years ago [late 70's if memory serves] Air Canada DC-9 enroute from Boston to Halifax experienced a failure of the rear pressure bulkhead while in cruise flight. Lost the rear cone, parts of the bulkhead and of course the escape door, all in the Atlantic. Landed safely.

10th Nov 2004, 11:00
I have a couple of pictures of an SAS DC9 that made a heavy landing in Tromso ? ( or was it Trondheim!!):D

It was caused by a premature lift dump operation .

The aircraft hit quite hard (several of those G chaps;) ) but initiated an overshoot which was duly exectued together with a normal landing. One of the problems was that the throttles were very stiff!

Ground inspection shown that BOTH pylons were drooping about 45 degrees !!
If anyone has a site to put the picture I will scan it.:O