View Full Version : outer or inter?

6th Nov 2004, 06:33
We know little of much of our own satellite earth, why map the stars whilst ignorant of our own craft?:hmm:

6th Nov 2004, 06:48
It would be too late to find another planet if an in-depth, planet-probing investigation by every smart person not involved in finding new ways to blow it up reveals this one is farkt.

Feeton Terrafirma
6th Nov 2004, 07:55
Darraweit Guim, Victoria, Australia

This little corner of the planet is still good for all 3 ppl that live there.

Just around the corner from me.

6th Nov 2004, 07:59
Study of our universe has taught us a very great deal about Earth. It is doubtful that we would have learned as much about our own planet had we never looked at the bigger picture.

6th Nov 2004, 08:17
Hadn't realised the two were mutually exclusive.....

Buster Hyman
6th Nov 2004, 09:12
And just 20 mins from me FT! Another couple of minutes & you're in Dean Jones-ville! Which leads us back nicely to the topic! (I know a guy there that follows Inter Milan!):ok:

Onan the Clumsy
6th Nov 2004, 12:08
I heard this argument before. It's not necessarily important what you study, as it is that you study.

ORAC said it well.

6th Nov 2004, 12:25
Yes outer.....no wait.. inner...no outer.....wait, what was the middle one? :confused:

6th Nov 2004, 12:27
Is that the same Dean Jones that played perhaps the greatest Test innings of all time?

6th Nov 2004, 12:56
Do both (and then some) say I.

6th Nov 2004, 13:38
Binos - any relation to the chap who gifted his stomach contents to Chennai every over on either side of the wicket? :}

Professer Dino, to us all!

7th Nov 2004, 05:07
If sci-fi movies are to be believed, our study of outer space will allow us to see the asteroid or comet that's gunna kill us all. And this study will probably tell us that we've got anywhere between 12 months and 48 hours to panic about it! :uhoh:

7th Nov 2004, 05:16
Darraweit Guim, Victoria, Australia

Is that anywhere near where Mel Gibson sold his farms for about 5.6 mil?

7th Nov 2004, 05:33

Meanwhile, JBlast is getting pretty downright boring these days.

Ho hum......

7th Nov 2004, 06:48
...then you know the solution, Corn.

Meantime: Earth isn't a satellite, it's a planet. The Moon, though our satellite, isn't a satellite either, it's a planetoid. Yes, there is a difference.

And we study everything, to one degree or another; some things provide us with quicker answers, that's all.

They are, as others have said, but splinters of the Bigger Picture. Stop looking so hard, and you'll see a lot more.