View Full Version : Opportunity knocks again.

5th Nov 2004, 21:08
Ok, who snuck up and replaced the batteries?

Mars rover Opportunity has mysteriously gained power overnight NASA reports. NASA scientists are baffled by power increase. “We have a lot of theories but no facts.” Stated a NASA spokesperson.

So, who went of Mars and installed the new batteries? Tony, have you taken any trips lately?

tony draper
5th Nov 2004, 21:21
Tiz very difficult unscrewing Allen Head screws when yer just got tentacles.
Mebbee its been hit by ball lighning and charged up?:uhoh:

5th Nov 2004, 21:41
Doesn't it have a solar panel? Or maybe it just stuck a paddle wheel in one of them canals....anyone got a link to the secret photos from that Observer probe which "went missing"?

5th Nov 2004, 21:47
Do tell us more please...intrigued!!

Standard Noise
5th Nov 2004, 22:13
I reckon it were the lil green dudes. The must have purloined the duracells out of that Beagle thing. Maybe they think it'll give them a ride somewhere.......like back to earth!?:suspect:

5th Nov 2004, 22:14

Like this one :E

Standard Noise
5th Nov 2004, 22:19
That's the very chap!

5th Nov 2004, 22:33
"Where's the KABOOM!? There's supposed to be an Earth hattering KABOOM!?! Oh dear............"

Onan the Clumsy
5th Nov 2004, 22:35
Looks like the beach at Blackpool at low tide (apart from no trams that is)

West Coast
5th Nov 2004, 23:00
"Where's the KABOOM!?"

Perhaps he left his Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator at home...

That view of Venus will have to wait.

5th Nov 2004, 23:26
Looks like the beach at Blackpool at low tide

Not enough p*ssed up Stag party groups kicking around.

6th Nov 2004, 02:02
I mean the probe which inexplicably went very quiet at just about the same time as it was supposed to be transmitting detailed close-ups of the Face and the pyramids and so forth, a couple of years back. But of course I could be just another conspiracy nutter;)

6th Nov 2004, 07:18
But of course I could be just another conspiracy nutter"Just another"?

You do yourself a disservice, Sir..........:}

6th Nov 2004, 11:40

Seen a stag party members who look this confused on an early sunday morning after a night drinking in Blackpool's delights.

And it ain't Blackpool, you would see the illuminations at mo. They turn the lights off tomorrow.