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5th Nov 2004, 09:26
A pal who runs the bookshop in our village has just received the following as part of a house clearance. Seems a shame to bin it.

Is there any value (ebay?) or should I suggest he donates it to a local museum (Brooklands, Chertsey or Egham). Incidentally, the latter has my vote.


· Navigation Computer Mk III -box with a roll for the speeds!

· 2no. log books –’56-’63 & ’66-’74

· Air BP Pilots Flight Pack: bag; conversion slide rule volumes and weights; ICAO alphabet card March ’51; Air navigation Aids booklet 1959; Gallonage conversion tables; Flight Planning Log Cards.

· Airnava scale and protractor in case;

· Meteorology Simplified –Pitmans

· ‘Where to Refuel in the British Isles’ Shell Mex

· Royal Aero Club Gazette article, Jan ’66 The Leon Biancotto Aerobatic Trophy –Dax 1965 (Neil Williams came fourth) and ‘A Trip to the Sun’ flying to southern France in January;

· CAA Information Circular 1965 PPL –Changes in Privileges and Format;

· Association of British Aero Clubs Flight Plans

· 1962 Letter re: Customs and Airport Rules –Biggin Hill 1962;

· Application for membership to Fairoaks Aero Club 1974;

· Aerad Flight Guide Supplement 1962;


· Le Havre 1:500 000 1959
· England, South East and London 1959
· Northern England 1960
· Aeronautical Plotting Chart Europe 1:2,000 000
· Radio Facilities Chart UK 1:1,000 000 1968
· Aerad Radio Navigation Chart UK 1960

5th Nov 2004, 10:10
Stick it on eBay, I would suggest.

If the London and South East chart is available, I'd give him a tenner for it! PM me if that's a goer!

5th Nov 2004, 11:22
BEagle -YHM