View Full Version : UK lawyer for a "Whistleblower" case

3rd Nov 2004, 17:58
Can anyone recommend a good South of England lawyer who does employment law, particularly a small "whistleblower" case?

3rd Nov 2004, 20:57
What is the money on offer?

There are plenty of good lawyers, but not so many good inexpensive ones.

3rd Nov 2004, 20:58
Okay....any bright ideas? My owner is about to get hung out to dry for uncovering child labour and backhanders.

Come on....we need some advice here.

We are looking at a serious shafting for exposing too many backhanders and serious breach of child labour.

3rd Nov 2004, 21:06
I'm a law student, i've got loads of links etc like that. Let me find my notes from last year and i'll drop you a PM within the hour.

Edit: Check your PM's


4th Nov 2004, 04:57
I will check them, thank you.

Training Risky
4th Nov 2004, 10:15
I'm sure there are millions of shyster lawyers in the world willing to work for you and take your money, and keep taking it until the Total Litigation Frenzy that is subsequently created has sucked everyone's money until nobody has any.... except for the lawyers that is.

Sorry, but still astounded that my conveyancy service cost a couple of thousand quid just to buy my own house!:yuk:

4th Nov 2004, 10:51
It sounds just like the sort of story that many of the U.K. tabloids like writing about.
Would it be worth advising your owner to consider contacting one of these newspapers, and seeing if they would be interested in running the story. You never know what might happen if the story became public knowledge.


itchy kitchin
4th Nov 2004, 10:57
God wants to sue the devil for some lost souls.
"Oh yeah?" says satan, "And where are YOU going to get a lawyer from?"

tony draper
4th Nov 2004, 11:14
Generaly what happens the Whistle Blower gets the bullet 419, and has great difficulty finding a job thereafter, and if it ever gets to court, the company is fined a couple of hundred quid.

4th Nov 2004, 12:34
About 10 years ago, the boss asked me if I'd hang around one evening after work. He had to negotiate the terms on which our financial director would leave the company. I almost asked if I should pick up a bag of cement. Anyway, the meeting passed without mishap. The guy left the company with 6 months pay in lieu (cost us 300,000F). People who run companies are becoming too soft. IMHO...:E