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tony draper
2nd Nov 2004, 21:15
Anybody else watch that tonight?,wish they would drag him away from bloody cars a bit more often, he always makes good documentry type TV, ie The Brunell and the Victoria Cross one frinstance, I know a lot don't like Clarkson, but he is a great front man of natural if cutting wit, plus he has a healthy loathing for all things luvvie which makes him ok in my book.
Missed the first five minutes or so but it struck me he didn't trace his ancestry very far back.

2nd Nov 2004, 21:27
IMHO Mr D Think he was more interested in finding out who lost the family fortune,rather than be intrigued about who's who.Wish I had the chance to do it for nothing.I know who lost ours but I don't know how it was made in the first place.Recently found out after moving back across to Burnley that the pub my Great Grandfather ran was a brothel.Though don't think that's the whole story of where the original money came from.Would really love to find out.

tony draper
2nd Nov 2004, 21:36
True Nigel lookee what I found.

IN SPITE of long continued search and active enquiry in many directions, the mystery which surrounds Capt.Samuel Draper is far from being satisfactorily solved.

Miss Adelaid H. Draper, of Boston, has devoted many weeks of hard work and extensive correspondence in the effort to try and clear up this branch of the Draper family. The author has also endeavored to do so, but has not met with any more success than his efficient assistant, Miss Draper.

This is probably, in a large measure, due from, first, the utterly incomprehensible silence with which some of Capt. Draper's descendants, living in the State of New York, have seen fit to observe relative to the subject-presumably because they were trying to recover an alleged English estate, and thought probably that other Drapers might have designs upon it, although assured to the contrary, and this history would probably have aided them in their search had they been willing to assist with the facts.

Secondly, Capt. Samuel Draper led so exceedingly roving a life, and sailed to so many ports of the world, that he left few or no records of himself.

I was told by my Granny that my mother side of the family owned the Seven Sisters Road or area of London at one time,what with property prices now that must be worth some scratch now.

2nd Nov 2004, 21:44
Yeah I watched it. Quite interesting :)
I think we all wonder what happened to our ancestors wealth. I know I do!!

JC didn't do the research himself, some professional did it. He picked the relo that was reasonably interesting. :)

I thought it was a good show.

3rd Nov 2004, 00:02
It ended up in a cul de sac about the history of the Kilner jar rather than about Clarkson's family tree but maybe the producers realised that would be better viewing. It was quite watchable.

Val d'Isere
3rd Nov 2004, 06:03
Rumour has it that my ancestors once owned a ski resort, but I can't see it myself.

Clarkson had a boring family apart from the industrious and wealthy Kilner side, so, understandably, the programme followed that line.

I found it fascinating and, as usual, Clarkson added immensly to the "watcheabilty".

tony draper
3rd Nov 2004, 06:57
I liked his comment on the British Library,
"They have better looking Crematoriums in Yorkshire"

3rd Nov 2004, 07:59
Oh 'twas far more scathing than that Drapes!

"They have better looking crematoriums in the Midlands !"

An area about which he was particularly rude elsewhere in the programme: "I never really see the point of places like Staffordshire - they're just there to join up the interesting places"

But top bloke definitely - agree we need more of him away from motors.

3rd Nov 2004, 09:04
JC is often amusing, and I find his anti-PC attitude very entertaining, but I thought he came across as being a right arrogant [email protected] last night.

His car programmes have become unwatchable with all this "my porsche can beat your ferrarri " shite.

People who want an adrenelin rush don't waste time with road cars anymore, but play with aeroplanes or boats or climb mountains. In these days of penalty points fast cars are for posers.

(I wonder what brought this rant on? Whatever.)

tony draper
3rd Nov 2004, 09:10
Arrogance fits some people, these are rare, but Clarkson is such a one.
One is a great fan of Clarky.

3rd Nov 2004, 10:39
I liked his comment on the British Library, "They have better looking Crematoriums in Yorkshire"

Now that is complete rubbish , The British Library is a fine building, yes, it does not have the over the top splendour of its neighbour St Pancras station, but it is fine and a real haven on Euston Road.

Still Clarkson would probably think that St Pancras is not a patch on a smelly loo in down town Wakefield

tony draper
3rd Nov 2004, 10:45
Instaled a top of the range background music and inductive loop system in a new northern crem once, the place cost a fortune and was indeed a fine building.the wooden panel cost 800 quid a throw and they were not very big, and this was quite a few years ago when a million quid was a lot of money.

Lon More
4th Nov 2004, 00:25
Sorry, can't see anything amusing about an overpaid idiot who advocates spanning wires across roads to unseat someone on a "Noisy" Motorbike - his definition by the way, yet same dork praises noise made by supercars.