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2nd Nov 2004, 11:49
Bloke and woman's sex life takes a complete nosedive right past bounce-back-ability stage.. so they seek professional advice..

Sex therapist listens to the tales of woe.. how he is just not satisfying her anymore... and duly recommends that the couple go down to the local nite spot, and find a young man to come into their bedroom and just stand there naked while the wife fantasises about him.. helping her achieve satisfaction in bed.. the couple trot off and put the plan into action..

7 days later they return to the therapist to report complete failure.. "its no good, I'm just not aroused enough" complains wifey..

"ok" says the doc, "do the same thing again, only, get the young man to take off his clothes and fan you with a towel during sex, this will allow wifey to fantasise better and the cold draught should arouse her a bit more.." so off they go again.

They return seven days later, reporting more failure.. "Its still no good, I just can't get aroused" being the female complaint again..

"Ok" says the doc "try one more time, but get the young stud to do the deed while your husband fans the towel.. just to see if thats any better." They both agree, and trot off. They find the young stud and put the new plan to him.. "Ok he says, I'll give it a go.." Back home wifey and youngster are hard at it while husband fans away frantically with the towel.. his wife is writhing around, screaming and yelling with pleasure as she hits euphoria.. at which point husband gives the young stud a nudge, winks and says "Thats how you fan a towel properly sonny!!":D

tall and tasty
2nd Nov 2004, 18:15

someone explain the fanning the towel bit to me?


3rd Nov 2004, 04:43
I don't understand the towel bit either. Never needed a towel in my experience. Can some one explain?

Val d'Isere
3rd Nov 2004, 05:46
I need a towel, so I can throw it in when I can't keep going any longer. :(