View Full Version : Would Kerry be better for Open Skies negotiations?

Sir George Cayley
1st Nov 2004, 21:17
Havent followed the hustings so this question might already be answered elsewhere.

If JF Kerry wins this week does any commentator have the spin on what effect that might have on liberalisation. Last I heard the negotiations had stalled.

Would his team be more or less likely to "go the extra mile" and resolve this long running spat?

411A? Scottie Dog? Anyone?

I'd still vote for Ross !!!

Sir George Cayley

Carnage Matey!
1st Nov 2004, 21:25
Kerry might be better but Edwards has a reputation as a protectionist. There's been plenty of Democratic bluster of late about job creation, I doubt that bodes well for anything other than a grossly one-sided open skies agreement.

2nd Nov 2004, 16:41
From some reports here in Canada, Kerry appears to somewhat more protectionist than Bush. We've got a few disputes with the US (beef exports to the US being a big one around here), and the biggest problem appears to be Democratic Congressmen trying to protect their constituents.

I'll have to find the article about this again. Some of the comments came from the US Ambassador to Canada.