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1st Nov 2004, 17:36
anyone out there willing to give a little information on approximate EPR settings for the 200 in the approach and landing configuration as well as clean 280 and 250 KIAS respectively?


1st Nov 2004, 17:55
IIRC (it has been 3 years since I last flew it), on the approach it was approximately 1.08 (PW -7J engines) or 1.18 (RB211 engines). Can't remember for 280/250 KIAS.

21st Nov 2004, 13:01
Which engine? The B-747 used Jt9d- and RB211524--

fire wall
21st Nov 2004, 21:04
figures for rb211-524D4
clean 250 kts level flight pitch 5 deg n up 285 tons 1.18 EPR
approach F30 285 tons 3 deg g/slope 1.6 deg n/up 1.20 epr

22nd Nov 2004, 06:16
If you're prepping for an upcoming Cathay sim ride, they'll give the figures to you at the brief.

Dan Winterland
22nd Nov 2004, 11:30
As the first 747s I flew had GEs, I still prefer using N1s to EPR. A good rule of thumb for the GEs on the approach was 60% plus the middle digit of your weight in tonnes. So at 220 tonnes LW you would use 62% and at 270 tonnes, 67%. Now I fly with Pratts, and it seems to work with those too. But not sure about Rollers. Can anyone say if it's the same?

1st Dec 2004, 12:16
Dan, that's a good one, sounds all right also for the Rollers!

For OEI and TEI, wouldn't it be fair to say about

OEI +7%
TEI +15%

Not that you are supposed to fly by the numbers, but it sure helps in initial training to have an aim to go for.

I also vote for N1 for target, as regarding the figures for fuel flow, EPR and N1, N1 is the only one the pilots have for all engine types (as far as I know).

Funny how the sim in BOH is so much different to fly than the one in MAD, not enginewise but stick and rudder. Which one would be closest to the real thing?