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1st Nov 2004, 10:59
Just booked my first commercial flight from Coventry Airport, was quite looking forward to flying out of the place I learnt to fly from.

I then booked my car-parking, I was curious to see where the car park would be. It's only once you've paid for it and you get the confirmation email it say's it takes 40 mins from dropping your car off to getting to check-in!!!

Now in 40 mins I could drive from Cov to Birmingham for a flight! - someone must've flown out of there? Why does it take 40 mins to get from the car park to check-in?:confused: Where exactly is this car park? Stratford? Northampton?

1st Nov 2004, 11:50

Unfortunately you won't be whisked from the darkest wilds of Warwickshire but from the southern edge of the airport all the way around to the eastern side.

It's a very long road...........

1st Nov 2004, 11:51
Due to problems with the local council the car park is at the old terminal on the North side of the field. When you drop the car off you get a courtesy bus round to the new terminal on the South side. It isn't as bad as it sounds as I think they have allowed maximum waiting time for a bus etc.

1st Nov 2004, 15:59
Yes, the distance from the parking is a bit of a pain but the check-in queue and the walk to the A/C is short enough to make up for it.

1st Nov 2004, 16:16
topcat, someone finally sent you to Coventry?:p


1st Nov 2004, 16:40
The waiting time includes wait for bus, argue with driver about fare / drop off point / state of coventry city f.c. then transit time including mugging at drop off point in hours of darkness.:E

1st Nov 2004, 22:57
you have obviously not parked at BHX