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31st Oct 2004, 22:24
Music Quiz 430

Quiz A


1. “It’s lonely out tonight”
1. Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song – BJ Thomas – Bino’s

2. “Ladies and Gentlemen this is Captain Tobias Wilcox”
2. Barbados – Typically Tropical – Bino’s

3. “I’ve had nothing but bad luck”
Open - Male vocalist

4. “You live your life in the songs you hear”
4. Angie Baby – Helen Reddy – CL44

5. “Strollin’ in the park”
5. Feel Like Makin’ Love – Cooda
open - female vocalist

6. “Who draws the crowd and plays so loud”
6. The Guitar Man – Bread - twotter

7. “They get up every morning from the alarm clock warning”
7. Taking Care of Business – Bachman Turner Overdrive - Redsnail

8. “I stopped sending flowers to your apartment”
8. Don’t Expect Me to be Your Friend – Lobo – Bino’s

9. “I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail”
9. El Condor Pasa – Simon and Garfunkel – Bino’s

10. “Hey have you ever tried”
10. Make It With You – Bread – Bino’s

11. “When the sun comes up”
Open - american group

12. “You’ll never know how much I really love you”
12. Do You Want to Know a Secret – Beatles – Bino’s

13. “Asked a girl what she wanted to be”
13. Drive My Car – Beatles – Bino’s

14. “It was twenty years ago today”
14. SGT Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Beatles – Bino’s

15. “Got a good reason for taking the easy way out”
15. Day Tripper – Beatles – Bino’s

16. “Last night I said these words to my girl”
16. Please Please Me – Beatles – Bino’s

17. “Try to see it my way”
17. We Can Work it Out – Beatles Bino’s

18. “I can’t stop this feeling”
18. Hooked on a Feeling – BJ Thomas – Bino’s

19. “I can see her lying back in her satin dress”
19. Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot - twotter

20. “Picking up the pieces of my sweet shattered dream”
20. Carefree Highway Gordon Lightfoot - Pigboat

21. “So I’d like to know where you got the notion”
21. Rock the Boat – The Hues Corporation – Bino’s

22. “There’s a port on a western bay”
22. Brandy – Looking Glass/Scott Englsh (accept either) – Bino’s

23. “She was afraid to come out of the locker”
23. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini – Bino’s
Bryan Hyland - Pigboat

24. “How gentle is the rain”
24. A Lover’s Concerto – The Toys – Bino’s

25. “Heavenly shades of night are falling”
25. Twilight Time – The Platters – Bino’s

26. “Evening is the time of day”
26. Early in the Morning – Cooda

27. “Jeremiah was a bull frog”
27. Joy to the World – Three Dog Night – Bino’s

28. “Oh, my love, my darling”
28. Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers – Bino’s

29. “The changin’ of sunlight to moon light”
open - one hit wonder.....early 70's

30. “And when I go away”
My Love – Cooda
But not the Beatles Cooda (close but)

31. “It could have been me, but it was you”
31. Bad Blood – Neil Sedaka - Cooda

1. Who draws the crowd, and plays so loud? Bonus for Artist.
1. The Guitar Man – Bread - twotter (see lyrics 6......)

2. What did Harry’s son ask when he came home from college?
Bonus for Title.
2. “What I’d really like Dad is to borrow the car keys, see you later can I have them please” – CL44 - Cat’s In the Cradle – Harry Chapin - twotter

3. What colour is the rose in Spanish Harlem?
3. A red rose -boredcounter

4. What temperature is it in Barbados according to Captain Wilcox? Bonus for Artist
4. “Temperature of 90 degrees farenheight” – Typically Tropical – Barbados - boredcounter

5. Tina C loves to love, but what does her baby love?
5. “But my baby just loves to dance” – I Love to Love – Tina Charles – Bino’s

6. According to Susie Q, what is the problem?

7. How long did Jimmie spend in the “Brown LA Haze”? Bonus for title and artist.
7. “I spent 4 lonely days in that brown LA haze” – Come Monday – Jimmie Buffett – Bino’s

8. In Your Song, what did Elton put down in words?
8. “How wonderful life is now your in the world” – Bino’s

9. What did Steely Dan tell Rikki?
9. “Rikki don’t lose that number” – Bino’s

10. When did the lights go out in Massachusetts?
10. “The day I left her standing on her own” - rushton

11. In Paradise By the Dashboard Light, why did the commentator say “Holy Cow!”
The first time he says it...please.....

12. In which movie did Irene Cara’s “What A Feeling” feature?
12. Flashdance – Bino’s

13. In which movie did Lionel Ritchie’s “Say You, Say Me” feature?
open - mickael and gregory starred......

14. In which movie did Chris DeBurgh’s “Lady In Red” feature? For a bonus point, who is the song about?
Yes Woman in Red is the movie Richo (point)
but who is the actual song about? (not Kelly Le brock)

15. In Summer Nights, what did they do at the arcade? For a bonus point, what time did they stay out till?

Quiz B


1. “Is she really going out with him”
short memories everyone......Cooda?
1. Leader of the Pack - The Shangri-La’s - Cooda (was in last weeks Quiz............)

2. “The night was clear and the moon was yellow”
2. Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price - Pigboat

3. “I was cruising in my stingray late one night”
3. Deadman’s Curve – Jan and Dean – bored counter

4. There’s a boy, a little boy”
4. Little Arrows – Leapy Lee - Cooda (not gonna ask how you knew this one..)

5. “It’s my party”
5. It’s My Party – Lesley Gore - Reynolds

6. “As I walk along”
6. Runaway – Del Shannon – Bino’s

7. “You’ve got a thing about you”
7. Elenore – The Turtles - Cooda

8. “Goin’ to the chapel”
8. Chapel of Love – Dixie Cups - Pigboat (that was a toughie.....)

9. “Who wants to buy”
9. This Diamond Ring – Gary Lewis and the Playboys - Binos

10. “Now here’s a dance you should know”
10. Hucklebuck – Chubby Checker - Pigboat

11. “well gotta do a dance and it goes like this”
11. Peppermint Twist – Joey Dee and the Starlighters - Pigboat

12. “there’s a crazy little shack beyond the tracks”
12. Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmer – Bino’s

13. “who’s peeking out from under a stairway”
13. Windy – The Association - Pigboat

14. “Laura and tommy were lovers”
14. Tell Laura I love Her – Ray Peterson - Pigboat

15. “A single girl all alone in a great big town”
15. Single Girl – Sam Posey – Bino’s

16. “In a little café just the other side of the border”
16. Come a Little Bit Closer – Jay and the Americans - Pigboat

17. “When the night has come”
17. Stand By Me – Ben E King – Bino’s

18. “You take a bus marked Lakewood Drive”
18. Indian Lake – Cowsills - Cooda

19. “Give me a ticket for an aeroplane”
19. The Letter – Box Tops – Bino’s

20. “Oh when the sun beats down”
20. Under The Boardwalk – The Drifters - Reynolds

Linked Trivia

1 a. What is his name? - Jimmie - Cooda
b. Where does he come from? - b. The wrong side of the tracks - Cooda
c. When is he picking her up? - c. He isn’t – he is dead (the girls ask is he picking her up after school) – OK Bino’s – I’ll give it to you

2. How many men were gambling in the dark?
Two men - Pigboat

3. a. Where was the proposed start line? - Simpson and Vine – bored counter
b. What was the opposing car make? - b. Jaguar XKE – bored counter

4. a. How will you know when they hit? - cause they hurt a little bit - Cooda
b. If you are in love, where will you find them?
when your in love, you find those little arrows everywhere - Cooda

5. Who walking in with who? (point each)

6. Why does he want her there with him?
6. To end his misery – Bino’s

7. What does he ask her to do?

8. Why are the birds singing?
8. As if they knew (today is the day) – but I’ll accept your answer boredcounter

9. What is the stone?
No bino's...think again

10. a. What do you wiggle like? - Wriggle like a snake - Pigboat
b. What do you walk like? - b. walk like a duck - Pigboat
c. Who should you ask if you don’t know how to do it? - c. ask my little sis - Pigboat

11. Where should she meet him?
11. on 45th street - Pigboat

12. a. What type of place is it?
b. What is she wearing?
(Again Bino's - more info required)

13. What does she have?
13. Stormy eyes (will accept wings to fly) - Pigboat

14. How much was the prize money?
14. $1,000 - Pigboat

15. a. What are the people?
b. What can nights get?
c. What does she know all about?
d. What does she need?
15. a. people are phony
b. get so lonely
c. men and their lies
d. night time love to get her through the day –Bino’s

16. a. Who does she belong to? - Hose - Pigboat
b. How did she feel? (more info Piggy) - b. so inviting – Close enough with those answers - Pigboat
c. Who first warned him? - c. the guitar player - Pigboat
d. Where did he run? d. through the window - Pigboat

17. What is the only light?
The moon – Bino’s

18. a. Where can you swim?
b. What will you see?

19 What did she say?
19. Said she couldn’t live without me no more – Bino’s

20 What can you hear from the park?
8. As if they knew (today is the day) – but I’ll accept your answer boredcounter

Mystery Song:
You will need the following clues to identify the song:
1. The artist is better know for another type of music/performance
2. The song is know (unofficially) by two titles
3. The song is the theme from a recent TV series

OK - its a Science fiction show


a. How long is the road? - open

b. Where does it run from?
b. Getting from there to here - Reynolds

c. What is the name of the vessel in the series?
c. Enterprise - Renolds

d. What is the registration number of the real vessel?

e. Who is the captain?
e. Johnathan Archer - Reynolds

f. Name the captains of the subsequent vessels?

g. Have strength of what?
g. Strength of the soul - Reynolds

h. What can they reach?
h. I can reach any star - Reynolds

i. What has the night been?
i. It’s been a long night - Reynolds

j. Who wrote this song?
j. Diane Warren - Reynolds

k. Who is the male lead star of the TV series?
k. Scott Babuka - Reynolds

l. Who is the artist who performs this song?
l. Russell Watson - Reynolds

m. What is the registration of the vessel in the tv show?

n. What are the two alternate titles (point each) of the song?
1- Where My Heart Will Take Me - Reynolds

Have fun
:ok: :ok: :ok:

31st Oct 2004, 22:42
Morning Scran!

1. Another somebody done somebody wrong song, B.J. Thomas
2. Going to Barbados? Typically Tropical
8. Don’t Expect me to be your friend…. Lobo
9. El Condor Pasa…. Simon and Garfunkel
10. Make it with you … Bread
12. Do you want to know a secret … Beatles
13. Baby You Can Drive My Car ….Beatles
14. Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band… Beatles
15. Day Tripper … Beatles
16. Please please me … Beatles17. We can work it out …. bEatles
18. Hooked on a feeling … B.J> Thomas
21. Rock the boat … Hues Corporation
22. Brandy … Scott English
23. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini… No idea
24. Lovers Concerto … Toys
25. Twilight Time … Platters
27. Joy to the world … Three Dog Night
28 Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers

3. Black
4. typically Tropical
5. Loves to dance
7. Four? Lonely days; Jimmy Buffett Come Monday
8 How wonderful life is while you’re in the world
9. Don’t lose that number
11. I think he’s gonna make it!!
12. Flashdance

Can I do a separate posting for Quiz B?

31st Oct 2004, 22:48
Crikey.... it was bad enough i knew bugger all of them..
then Binos beat me to it...

Sad effort from me this week... although im intrigued by the mystery song quiz... working on it.

Quiz A. Trivia

14. The lady in Red - the movie? was referring to the delightful Kelly Le Brock.

31st Oct 2004, 22:55
Decrepitude has few virtues Richo. Thyis sort of thing is one of them.

I'll post this and if it's decided I've gone against the rules I shall accept that with my usual good grace. :}

Quiz B.
1. Leader of the Pack.. Shirelles a) err Johnny? B0 after school, except he’s not.
6. Runaway, Del Shannon. To end this misery
9. This Diamond Ring.. Gary Lewis and the Playboys.. A diamond? (duhh)
12. Sugar Shack .. Jimmy Gilmer. A)It’s justa little house and it’s made out of wood
15. single girl Sandy Posey a) Phony b) so lonely c) men and their lives d) a sweet lovin’ man to lean on (Ahh, they don’t write songs like that anymore!)
16. Stand by me, Ben E. King. the moon
19. The Letter, Box Tops Said she couldn’t live without me

31st Oct 2004, 22:57

2. Barbados - Typically Tropical
4. Angie Baby - Helen Reddy
9. El Condor Pasa - Simon and Garfunkel
10. Like to make it with you - Bread
13. Baby you can drive my car - Beatles
14.Sargent peppers lonely hearts club band - Beatles
15. Daytripper - Beatles
16. Please please me - Beatles
17. We can work it out - Beatles
21. Rock the boat - Hughes Corporation

2. Borrow the car
5. To dance
9. Lose that number
11. They had a home run
12. Flashdance

31st Oct 2004, 23:01
Not a lot of time at the moment
Quiz A
9. Don't Lose That Number
Quiz B
5. It's My Party - Lesley Gore
6. Runaway? - Del Shannon?
17. Stand By Me - Ben E King
19. The Letter - The Boxtops
20. Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters
Linked Trivia
19. ...to say she couldn't live without me no more...

31st Oct 2004, 23:46
quizz B - 1 : joe jackson

1st Nov 2004, 00:50
Evenin' scran. Awesome quiz!!:ok:

Quiz B
2...Stagger Lee/Lloyd Price
Two men who were gamblin' in the dark

11..The Peppermint Twist/Joey Dee & The Starlighters
Meet me baby down on 45th Street

13..Windy/The Association
Windy has stormy eyes

14..Tell Laura I Love Her/Ray Peterson
A thousand dollar prize it read...

16..Come A Little Bit Closer/Jay & The Americans
b...All alone (and the night is so long)
c...The guitar player
d...Through the window I ran...

Ok, back to bed now..:zzz:

1st Nov 2004, 03:15
Bino's - thanks fo ponting out an error by me.

There are two quiz's, so two posts (ie - one on each) is fine.

Meant to add that to the rules :O

Pigboat - Glad you like the concept. Bloody hard work to put together, so thought I'd make them work a bit harder for a change....:ok: :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Nov 2004, 04:56
Quiz A Lyrics

6. David Gates and Bread - Guitar Man

19. Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot


1. Guitar Man - David Gates

2. To borrow the car - Cat's in the cradle - Harry Chapin

Quiz B

14. Tell Laura I Love Her

17. Stand By Me - BB King

20. Under the Boardwalk -

1st Nov 2004, 11:38
Quiz 1.
7. Takin' Care of Business. Bachman Turner Overdrive.

1st Nov 2004, 14:37

Trivia 10

"The day I left her standing on her own"

Hmmph - that's it


2nd Nov 2004, 02:05
First Post Scored - plenty left in quiz b

Progress Scores:

Quiz A
Bino's - 41
Twotter - 7
CL44 - 3
Redsnail - 2
Richo - 1
Rshton - 1

Quiz B
Bino's - 19
Pigboat - 18
Reynolds - 4

Bloody hard work to score them also.....
:uhoh: :uhoh: :{

2nd Nov 2004, 03:19
Time for another kick at the cat.

Quiz A
Lyrics 20..Carefree Highway/Gordie Lightfoot

23..Artist was Brian Hyland.

Quiz B
Lyrics 8...Chapel Of Love/The Dixie Cups
Birds will sing as if they knew
Today's the day we say I do...

10..The Hucklebuck/Chubby Checker
a...wiggle like a stick
b...walk like a duck
c...ask my little sis.

16..Come a little bit closer you're my kind of man,
So big and so strong...or
She was sitting there giving me looks that made my mouth water???

This has to be a bear to score, I agree. :ooh:
I have enough problems with the regular quiz. :O

Re the helicopter pic you sent. Lu Zuckerman says if the pic was really taken at Indy, it probably means "show us your Turbine Inlet TemperatureS" and if the pic was taken at a beach, the request was legitimate. :E :D

2nd Nov 2004, 03:41
Tuesday afternoon, its 38c outside and I've been stuck in Alice Springs with a busted laptop for 36 hours. Thanks for leaving some for me.:}
Quiz A
5...Thats the time (I feel like making love to you) ?
11...Up On the Roof - The Drifters
20...Carefree Highway - Gordon Lightfoot
26...Early in the morning
30...My Love - The Beatles?
31...Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka ("twas played on the flight down to Alice :E )

Quiz B
1...Leader of the Pack - The Shangri Las
4...Little Arrows - Leapy Lee
7...Eleanor - The Turtles
8...Chapel of Love - ?
18...Indian Lake - The Cowsills

1 a Johnny, b the wrong side of town, c after school
4 a they hurt a little bit, b everywhere

that'll do for now, back to the heat and flies :rolleyes:

2nd Nov 2004, 04:35
Well done Pigboat and Cooda - so more answers there. Piggy has rocketed to the lead in Quiz B

OK - the mystery song is from one of the S*** T*** series

Revised Progress Scores

Quiz A
Bino's - 41
Twotter - 7
Cooda - 5
CL44 - 3
Pigboat - 3
Redsnail - 2
Richo - 1
Rushton - 1

Quiz B
Pigboat - 28
Bino's - 20
Cooda - 10
Reynolds - 4

:ok: :E :uhoh: :{

Off to do some real work for a bit :{ :{ :{

Piggy - I note the pic has made it into the Military Aircrew Threads.

For those wondering what we are talking about - see the thread in Mil about Aussies in the Shite..............

(And it wasn't me who posted it your honour) :E

2nd Nov 2004, 06:47
"do you want to know a secret" is not beatles.
is Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas

2nd Nov 2004, 09:03

3/ A red rose

4 / Approx 90 F


3/ Dead mans curve / Jan and Dean


3/ Sunset and Vine / Jaguar XKE

8/ Because it is spring

20/ Happy sounds from the carousel

2nd Nov 2004, 12:25
"do you want to know a secret" is not beatles.

Err, yes it is!

2nd Nov 2004, 20:29
Well Done boredcounter - all correct

still no takers for the mystery song? :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

2nd Nov 2004, 21:10
Mystery Song (with some assistance....)
b. there to here...
c. Enterprise
e. Johnathan Archer?
g. ...of the soul...
h. any star
i. long
j. Diane Warren?
k. Scott Bakula?
l. Russell Watson?
n. Where My Heart Wll Take Me or Broken Bow?

2nd Nov 2004, 23:34
Well done Reynolds.

The only "error" there is the second title you gave (Broken Bow) which is not correct?

What help did you get? :E :E :E

3rd Nov 2004, 00:56
... well, those nice folks at imdb.com for a start...

3rd Nov 2004, 03:26
Some more answer on the first post.

Well Done again Reynolds - I tried to make the song obscure...but not too much so.

I got to tell you but....hard work to mark with such a big quiz.

I'll give everyone until tomorrow morning my time (Gives you about 14 hours) before I close it off and provide the unkonw answers.


3rd Nov 2004, 20:39
OK - closing out the quiz - those missed were:

Quiz A

3. Devil Woman – Cliff Richard
5. Artist is Roberta Flack
11. China Grove – Doobie Brothers
26. Artist is Vanity Fair
29. Reflections of My Life – Marmalade
30. Artist is Paul McCartney and Wings

6. Your Mama won’t like me – Susie Quatro
11. The runner stole a base in the baseball game (remember rule 4 guys)
13. White Knights
14. While in the movie the song was about Kelly Le Brock, the song was written about Chris DeBurgh’s wife.
15. “Took her bowling in the arcade”, Bonus – “We stayed out till ten o’clock” - Grease

Quiz B

Got em all

5. Johnny, Judy
7. Speak her mind (will accept go out to a movie)
12. a. Coffee house
b. black leotards and bare feet
18. a. The cove
b. Daffodills (or will accept a honey loving mama bear)

Mystery Song - The theme from Star Trek Enterprise
a. Its been a long road
d. CVN65
f. Captain James T Kirk, Captain John Luke Picard
m. NX – 01
2 – Faith of the Heart

Piggy's quiz next week
:ok: :ok: