View Full Version : The Monica Billboard - now with photo!

31st Oct 2004, 22:03
Has anybody seen the billboard of a smiling Monica Lewinsky (I have it an e-mail, but aren't allowed to post JPEG's here) that says:

"I'm voting Republican this time. The Democrats left a bad taste in my mouth'


1st Nov 2004, 05:34
Haven't seen it, but I like it! Excellent! Glad to see someone has a sense of humour in this election. Can't wait till its over.

Buster Hyman
1st Nov 2004, 10:08
As Joan Rivers said..."If she was really Jewish, she'd have gotten that stain out!"

1st Nov 2004, 12:05
Hate to spoil a good story with facts, but run it through the Snopes Filter! (http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/monica.asp) (which also has a picture - isn't Ph*t*sh*p wonderful....)

Flying Lawyer
1st Nov 2004, 19:02

On a California billboard - allegedly. ;)