View Full Version : Internet Banking and Using Interner Cafes' - A Timely Warning!

Boss Raptor
31st Oct 2004, 10:42
Mate of mine made a fair bit in the City last year and decided to go and sit on a beach in Pattaya for 3 months . During that time he accessed his various bank accounts and made several transfers from an Internet Cafe'.

Has suddenly been hit by 2 transfers in quick succession from one of the accounts transferring best part of 100K to an account in Singapore where it passed to 4 different accounts at the same bank before leaving into the great wide world...the 'follow the link' confirmation e-mails being sent to his e-mail address which they clearly had access to also so they just activated them

Singapore and UK police are investigating but it appears someone probably at some point had spyware on a computer and picked up all his account details/passwords across the board - whether or not he will ever receive his money back from the bank appears in question but the saving grace is that they have been implicated with the money passing thru' 4 other accounts with them...so he may be lucky and they may assume liability...there is also becoming some question that bank employees may well also have been involved it is still not quite clear

He admits he has been very naive...just be forewarned yourselves when using a public computer/internet cafe' etc.

31st Oct 2004, 11:08
Sounds like an urban myth to me.

Nobody goes to Pattaya to sit on the beach!!:E :O

Feeton Terrafirma
31st Oct 2004, 12:24
And any responsible bank limits the amount that can be transfered from an account on a daily basis.

Boss Raptor
31st Oct 2004, 14:24
I can assure u he lost 100K from 2 transfers (Citibank Singapore, responsible bank?!) - hence the feeling is that it may well have been an inside job at the bank (or the internet cafe or both) - not all accounts are so limited and not in all countries - the amount is high but in this case academic to the point - u could just as easy lose several thousand from a personal account with limits - the lesson is the same

Metro man
31st Oct 2004, 15:42
I believe it ,and will not us any computer other than my own for internet banking or other similar purposes.At least I know my virus protection is up to date and all other security measures in place.

Solution - Get a laptop ,restrict internet cafes to things you are not required to log in for.

2nd Nov 2004, 02:28
Metro man you are very naive. Just spent yesterday reformatting my Laptop (IBM R40, Win XP Pro, NAV, BlackIce firewall set to paranoid - no back traces, Firefox browser) because it had been hijacked and was transferring data out to 'somewhere' at a furious rate even after the browser was closed. Whatever was in my PC closed NAV and the firewall. Lord only knows what data it was transferring or who was on the receiving end.

The plain fact is that the internet is too insecure to use for any serious purpose. For safety's sake, go down to the bank and transfer your money face to face using paper.

Even then you can get in trouble - Barclays New Zealand managed to lose my cousin's entire assets when he tried to migrate there ten years ago. It took him two years to get any of it back.

2nd Nov 2004, 08:00
I'd hardly call Citibank very responsible. They lost 4000 earlier on in the year sent to pay my credit card bill. They asked for copies of the returned cheque: sent it by FAX and recorded delivery mail and they lost both of those! Took over a month for them to sort it out, and there was only one employee, a young lady with an Indian name and a Manchester accent who was any good.

One of the Pprune posters has a byline that 'it's my management I can't beat' , and I guess she felt that way!

2nd Nov 2004, 08:08
Sounds like Barclays saved the Government the trouble of pinching it (oops, meant taxing it away to nothing) once he got here.

Barclays don't trade here anymore, at least not in retail banking.

2nd Nov 2004, 08:30
Well I have been using online banking since it was available. Had no problems as yet, touch wood.

Up to 2 years ago I accassionally used internet cafes for transfers. Foolish, thinking back.

I now restrict banking to my own computer.

Before and after banking I do a disk cleanup. A proper one. I am still using windows '98. It has it's advantages Go to: my computer-operating disk (C?)-windows. Then open and delete (select all) all cookies,all history and all temproy internet files. Then empty the bin.

I have also installed spyware which removes an average 5 - 8 infections after about 5 minutes of browsing on the net (emailling). If after browsing and doing the above operation, most if not all infections are removed before I run the spyware.

I suggest you do this on a compter that is not yours. If you can't it is even less secure, than you own.

3rd Nov 2004, 01:30
I'm not surprised they stopped BlueWolf, they clearly weren't very good at it. ;)

Cousin David was forced to return to UK when he ran out of readies. He started his own business using money borrowed from his father and is now comfortably off. He reckons the Kiwi bankers actually did him a favour.