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Feeton Terrafirma
31st Oct 2004, 08:03
I'm sick of hearing about it already and its not actually on until Tuesday. Who wants to hear about a few nags running around in a circle for 3 minutes?

If they want to have a horse race, make it a decent event, say 100km cross country. That should provide for some real entertainment for a day.

31st Oct 2004, 08:12

and I thought I was the only one in the whole country who yawned at this event.

Buster Hyman
31st Oct 2004, 10:13
It was a good event, right up until someone realised that added hype can bring in big bucks! I live 30 mins from Flemington...never been, never will! Especially since they brought Carson out! He'd be more interested in....http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0304/tiere/animal-smiley-084.gif

31st Oct 2004, 10:13
Count yourself lucky! In Pom Land they have The Derby, The Oaks, The Gold Cup, The Grand National etc. etc. At least we get a day off in Australia!;)

31st Oct 2004, 10:34
BlueEagle: Victoria is NOT Australia. :)

Feeton Terrafirma
31st Oct 2004, 10:53
I'd prefer a day off for Bathurst :D

I live 30 mins from Flemington too. I have been to the Sunday Market a few times. Much more interesting than the nags.

31st Oct 2004, 13:31
As a retired punter, apart from days like yesterday when I come out of retirement to contribute a few hundred bucks to the tote as an excuse to get together with my old cricketing mates, I love Melbourne Cup time.

What I love most of all are the once a year experts who memorize the form guide and utter things like..."great run in the Mackinnon, but not suited by the WFA scale; he'll be a lot better off under the handicap conditions of the Cup". Once, as is my wont when under the influence, I asked one of these geniuses about the weight for age scale and why handicap conditions would be more favourable to his chosen nag. Embarrassed bluster couldn't hide the fact that he had not a clue. Asked him about four big races on the Oz racing calendar; are they handicap or WFA? He had a punt at all of them, even the one I invented, and got one right. Laugh? !!!!!!!

Yeah, Ok, so I'm a smartarse. Sue me! Just don't try to bullshit me.

Err, and for our overseas readers, it's only Victoria that gets a holiday for a horse race, and as every Aussie knows, the only good thing ever to have come out of Victoria is the Hume Highway.


31st Oct 2004, 14:52
So Feets, is "bah humbug" also in your vocabulary these days? :p

31st Oct 2004, 15:01
I'd prefer a day off for Bathurst

Now that's a good idea!

Feets. get on it!

31st Oct 2004, 15:50
You don't have to like horse racing, you don't have to like gambling. Neither of those are issues here. The Melbourne Cup is a great sporting event, two hard miles at Flemington under handicap conditions - every horse has a chance - I love it. What about the year Gunsynd came third? A magnificent hose over up to a mile put his heart on the line and fought on like a terrier for two miles. I have a VCD of that race and still get goosebumps when the commentator says 'and here comes Gunsynd' go the Goondiwindi grey.

31st Oct 2004, 17:03
A magnificent hose over up to a mile

I've heard all the jokes about being hung like a horse and all, but hosing over a mile!?!? :ooh:

31st Oct 2004, 20:47
Sorry, I stand corrected, only Victoria has a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup:O

Been to the other States Binos, Victoria tops the lot!!!:ok:

31st Oct 2004, 21:42
Can't go along with that heresy, Blue Eagle, being a Queenslander and all, but I confess to a sneaky regard for Melbourne; just wouldn't do to let the Melbournites hear that.

Shame about the bloody climate though. :sad:

The Voice
31st Oct 2004, 22:03
the only good thing ever to have come out of Victoria is the Hume Highway.

or, whatever is using the active runway!

Victoria tops the lot

nup .. can't agree with you on that one .. I've lived all over Oz .. and am just about to bugger off to the east coast for something different .. Perth/WA runs rings around anywhere in Vic.

Buster Hyman
31st Oct 2004, 23:04
I've got just one city code for you TheVoice...PHE!http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0304/wuerg/vomit-smiley-011.gif

1st Nov 2004, 00:26
Link to Aviation

Someone sold me a ticket in a sweep on a ML cup way back pre jets.

Just happend to be at 10,000 feet over Sydney Harbour in a P51 Mustang doing some radar co-op with the Navy during the running of the cup. A temporary office with a wonderful view!

Navy relayed broadcast of the race over VHF. Third was about 5 pounds which went across the bar that evning.

1st Nov 2004, 00:40
Speaking of horsies:

"Punter watches 1m win disappear

A "desperately unlucky" punter saw a jackpot of nearly 1m drop away to just 90 as his winning horse was disqualified after the race.
The unnamed gambler placed the 2 bet at a branch of Ladbrokes in Newcastle, on Saturday, it has emerged.

Had stewards not disqualified Babodana from a race at Newmarket in favour of Sleeping Indian, he would have picked up a cheque for 957,714.

"I feel so desperately sorry for the guy," said the shop's manager.

He has not yet come forward to claim his 90 winnings.

As well as missing out on the Scoop6 payout of 857,714 the man had linked many of the same horses in an accumulator, which was worth another 100,000 with Babodana as the winner.

He instead won a 90 dividend from the Scoop6 after the horse was demoted to second.

Although Babodana was first past the post in the Ben Marshall Stakes stewards decided it had forced runner-up Sleeping Indian right in the closing stages.

Babodana's rider Darryll Holland was given a two-day suspension for careless riding.

"It was the win of a lifetime and then... it's gone. I don't know the name of the punter, he comes in every once in a while," Billy McKeown, who runs the betting shop, told the Racing Post.

"Everyone in the shop was talking about it. We're waiting for him to come in to collect his 90, though I suspect he's in no mood to speak to anyone."

BBC online

Feeton Terrafirma
1st Nov 2004, 01:01
Ozmate, Bah Humbug sounds like a good thing to me.

Binos, I have no idea what you are talking about, weight for age? Does that mean I am allowed to get fatter when I get older?

The sole reason we have the Hume Freeway is to allow escapees from the north a quick way to Melbourne. Not everyone uses YMML 27/09.

Sprocket you are right, Victoria is not Australia, just the best part of it. ;)

Ms Voice I expected more from you :(

BlueEagle correct mate!!!

1st Nov 2004, 02:55
But who is going to win? Any insider info here. Sorry Jerricho and Gunsynd but of corse I did mean horse. Then there was Tails, another of the best all time losers in the Melbourne Cup.

1st Nov 2004, 03:47
Funny but since the overseas stables started taking notice back in the mid 80's, the good old days of any donkey being able to win it appear to have gone. The big money is usually pretty close to the mark these days. Forecast rain will take out a couple of possibilities, so the result is a bit of a puzzle to me, but you'll probably find the answer in the media somewhere. ;) I do know that whatever wins it will do so without any of my hard-earned weighing it down.

Feeton Terrafirma
1st Nov 2004, 10:45
you'll probably find the answer in the media somewhere.

Binos, I am absolutely sure you're right. Just as I am absolutely sure the name of every horse in the race is in the media somewhere ;)

Buster Hyman
1st Nov 2004, 23:10
Forecast is for rain during the race. Subsequently, Vinnie Roe (?) is experiencing a betting plunge.

Okay, that's about as much horse racing as I can stomach!:yuk:

Hay Ewe
2nd Nov 2004, 04:56
whilst you lot have been watching a bunch o nags frollick around in a circle i have been searching for a :-

Trimble 2101 IO + Approach
p/n 81440-03-241C

we would like to rent a SERVICABLE one, any help?

Hay Ewe, help us out

2nd Nov 2004, 05:02
Well I had my wee annual flutter on the Big Race.

I backed an unknown horse, CantRunForShit, by I'mALoser out of AlwaysLast.

Ten bucks down the :mad:

Thank Christ it's not on again for another year.

Make bloody good dogfood, do horses.

2nd Nov 2004, 06:51
$16,000,000 alone is spent on clothes/hats/shoes for the melbourne cup, including 48000 new hats, why dont the missus just tart up last years one

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Nov 2004, 07:31
They might spend that much but nought comes my way.

2nd Nov 2004, 07:49
If it is raining during the race do they have to use horseshoes with treads?

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Nov 2004, 11:22
it was raining last week at the same track and they called of the horsey racing. Afraid of getting mud on said horseys I think

Oh!! Startrek Voyger starts in 30 mins :)

Mr Draper should watch that. Real it is