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31st Oct 2004, 01:14
Junior is watching some garbage entitled "Demolition Day" on the box.

It's a Pomgolian programme (not getting at the Poms, it could be anyone's rubbish) in which teams of professional idiots spend enormous amounts of TV money on demonstrating their utter lack of engineering knowledge and home handyman practical skills, by building things which then don't work.

The other week the teams were constructing aquaducts from corrugated iron, 44-gallon drums, and glue. This week it's waterproof domes made from scaffold pipe, mesh, and tarpaulin.

Is TV really so devoid of new ideas for entertainment that this pointless drivel is all they can come up with? Even the Happy Happy Joy Joy presenters were struggling to feign interest, and they were being paid.

It's a bit like so-called "reality" TV :confused: where we put two dozen beautiful young people on an island and film them having sex; this is supposed to somehow contain some higher purpose.

Makes me less annoyed that I don't have time to watch TV...

Tune in next week, when the teams, armed only with newspaper, kindling, dry logs, petrol and matches, will attempt to make fire.

Thank you for listening. I feel better now. Roll on next Friday....

Feeton Terrafirma
31st Oct 2004, 01:51

It wont be long before some Aussie idiot descides that we need an Aussie version here..... and trust me, we have almost as many idiots as the Poms...... I say almost cos our population is a lot smaller

31st Oct 2004, 02:11
Guys, fer Crissake don't anyone let on to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. They'll be onto that idea like flies on roadkill.
Up here, they'd probably be constructing igloos outta styrofoam or sumpthin. ;)