View Full Version : Talking trash/sledging while playing cards.

30th Oct 2004, 20:28
Being somewhat interested in card games, why do people feel it's necessary to talk a bit of trash or sledge during a nice friendly game of crib or poker? And get really offended when you tell them to STFU?

There's one guy I play poker with on a regular basis and he's terrible at it. Always coming out with the same old "Oh, this isn't a hand, it's a foot" and "it's not a game it's a shame". Or, when you beat him it's always "luck......pure luck". Why keep playing cards with him? Cause I like taking his money........I mean I enjoy the participation

30th Oct 2004, 20:54
Has some guy in the middle of a poker game actually got up and sledged down a slope Jerricho?:8

I guess his spewing forth of verbal chagrins is one of his tells. If so, do encourage it mate:)