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30th Oct 2004, 18:25
A mate 'o mine has a piaggio ET4 125cc scooter. (before anyone reads too much into this, I can't ride). Anyway, whilst kick-starting said bike, the kickstart siezed. The bl**dy thing won't budge an inch. Has the kickstart spline/gear has been damaged by over-enthusiastic kicking or what? I don't know anything about bikes, I must confess, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Say again s l o w l y
30th Oct 2004, 18:42
Are you sure the piston hasn't seized in the bore? Bloody 2-strokes, One hand over the clutch at all times!

30th Oct 2004, 18:44
I don't think so, the ET4 is a 4 stroke, but If the piston HAS siezed, how much would it be to get it fixed?

30th Oct 2004, 19:59
Vespas, 'orrible things.

Try bump starting it, that'll rule out the seized engine.
Then when the mechanical abomination is running aim it toward the nearest cliff edge, bail out and watch her fly!!

Sorry, I know they're supposed to be cool, but they're not, I mean that prat with the fat tongue that doesn't fit in his mouth, whasshis name has one, the TV cook. :mad:

Oh and make certain its full of fuel (all 2's worth) pre cliff launch to be sure it burns beyond all recognition on impact. :E

Good luck.

30th Oct 2004, 20:05
Afraid a bump start won't be much good as the :mad: :mad: thing is an automatic (twist 'n go is what its called I think).

Now to find a cliff, after all, a good push is as good as anything isn't it?

30th Oct 2004, 20:10
Oh one of those! Even worse then!
Dont they have a pull cord like a strimmer?

Best I can suggest is a cliff edge with a down hill approach then. ;)

Say again s l o w l y
30th Oct 2004, 20:25
Could still be seized, try what SC suggests, if the wheel locks, then it's a seized engine. This can be of varying degrees of seriousness. The simplest method for unseizing it, is to take the head off to expose the piston and then belt the piston crown with a block of wood and a hammer. This may unstick it, if it is not serious, alternately you could completely knacker the engine by trying this highly sophisticated technique!

Take the head off and fill the bore up with penetrating oil, leave for a bit and see if that makes any difference, if it does, don't forget to flush the system a couple of times.

If the kickstart mechanism is jammed, but the engine is fine, just strip it back completely. I have no knowledge of Vespas, but a full strip down maybe an idea. Get a workshop manual it will help alot!

30th Oct 2004, 21:01
Thanks for the advice guys, I'll show it to the owner of said bike, and se what we can do.

I'll post back if anything amusing happens.

31st Oct 2004, 01:11
Just lob the :mad:ing thing off a cliff and tell the owner to go out and buy a Ducati with matching leathers.

Job done. Simple.

31st Oct 2004, 01:07
Equipment needed: 1 Vespa, rubbish tip, can of petrol, box of matches

Then try and work out cunning plan

Gareth Blackstock
31st Oct 2004, 10:13

Why do you need a rubbish tip? With a cunning plan like this, most people would use a lay-by or even the side of the road.


Val d'Isere
31st Oct 2004, 16:38
What the f*** are you lot on about?

You empty the white sachet into an equal ammount of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 20 mins.

The rice needs lotsa water. Simmer 15 mins. max.

And there you have it, one disgusting curry! :yuk:

31st Oct 2004, 20:07
Get a 1959 Lambretta D150 (the one with the shaft drive) - magic bit of kit, and they look so cool.....:cool:

31st Oct 2004, 20:22
I'll post back if anything amusing happens.

Like a grown man riding one?

31st Oct 2004, 20:57
Reynoldsno1.... the pedant in me remembers the shaft drive what I owned being an LD150.
Whatever, it were 100 times better than that lopsided freak of a Vespa:ok: :ok:

Of course, the furry saddle cover was an extra (made from one of me mum's old coats as I recall)

31st Oct 2004, 22:40
Look here (http://www.quepo.com/lambretta/lambretta150d.html)
though I was probably wrong about the year...
LD150 here (http://scootrs.com/scooters.cfm?scoot=LD150&col=0)

31st Oct 2004, 22:55
whasshis name has one, the TV cook.
Sold it on ebay a while back (didnt use his name to enhance the value, of course)...

31st Oct 2004, 23:13
Unless they happen to wear a Parka and NHS glasses, who would kick a Vespa to make it start???? :confused: :E ;)

1st Nov 2004, 11:05
As the proud owner of an Aprillia SR50, I can only tell you boys that Image is everything, and your penis extensions, sorry, big bad bikes, are not cool, just shows you have too much money.

BTW, Jerricho, going down Airport Drive into the 15 knot northeasterly we get knocks me back from my top speed of 80kph to about 72 kph, but when it's 35 C and 50% humidity that sea breeze is a god send.

I'm off now to get a skinny decaf latte.