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30th Oct 2004, 10:23
I was going to put this in the Arafat discussion, but realised it was a tad too irrelvant for such a serious discussion.

Can you believe that Israel has a manufacturing industry?

Tonite I am cooking these schnitzels ( yes they are vegetarian - so what!) and low and behold they are made in Israel. WTF!

I also remember buying some moist towelettes that were made in Israel.

Just strikes me as odd. I guess not as odd as picking up something made from Tuvalu.

Just wondered what other pruducts that anyone has notice Israel make?

Or what other slightly off beat places you buy items from.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw
30th Oct 2004, 10:29
My Missus bought some palm oil made in Sierra Leone at the height of the war. Apparently they carried on with that, cocoa production (and diamonds of course) all the way through, even when the barbarians were hacking of peoples arms etc. Amazing.

Feeton Terrafirma
30th Oct 2004, 10:29
They atually make a fair bit of software. There are a number of pretty good IT technology companies there too.

tony draper
30th Oct 2004, 10:30
Isreal manufactures many things ,but alas they have ceased turning out those excellent Uzi's, tiz also the center of the world Diamond cutting industry and they also specialise in decommisioning neigbouring Nuclear facilities, generaly just before they are switched on.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw
30th Oct 2004, 10:32
Yes, they used Mordechai Vanunnu as the switch;)

tony draper
30th Oct 2004, 10:34
Actually I think they were MK 84's, another decommisioning Contract be coming up shortly one suspects.

30th Oct 2004, 10:54
Israeli products:
1. Arms - all kinds, from Galil, to reproduction M1 carbines for the US market
2. ALL manner of kosher food
3. software
4. aircraft - Westwind, Astra, and license make SOME of their own aircraft for the military
5. ammunition
6. some DAMNED FINE looking women!

Strangest thing I have ever bought was pickled red chilli's from Syria.

tony draper
30th Oct 2004, 10:57
Gorra brass Nefetiti ashtray purchased in Port Said, but that was possibly manufactured in Honkers.

30th Oct 2004, 11:50
Managed to buy an inner tube for a mountain bike in central Bosnia when they were still at each other's throats. Also bought a Gornji Vakuf Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, complete with bullet ridden rip-off logo. Never did find that establishment amongst the ruins of the town centre.

Notso Fantastic
30th Oct 2004, 12:10
MkVIII- you just about covered it. The wide range of kosher and vegetarian food is very good. And don't they make some fancy missiles- the sort that come out of the blue and spoil yer day? They seemed to do some well fancy alterations to Dassault Mirages- never really found if they were better than the original, but the South Africans bought quite a few. Very industrious country.
Now Albania. DO they produce anything? Except refugees?

It's Britain we gotta worry about. No more ships, crap cars unless they are bizarrely expensive (and still crap). The country that brought you Nimrod, Tornado with concrete radar, Eurofighter 10 years too late, needs the French to build our aircraft carriers for us, SA80 gun (that has a lousy reputation), tanks (that breakdown in deserts),what do we produce? Nothing that is grown (crap climate), nothing to wear (costs too high), no vehicles (unless bizarrely expensive military). We do have a very successful (for the owners) financial industry that takes your savings and halves them, screws you out of your pension- I can't think of anything else at the moment!

30th Oct 2004, 12:17
Can you believe that Israel has a manufacturing industry?

Why should anyone be surprised that it does? :confused:

Manufacturing is an important sector of Israel's economy. Manufacturing and mining together constitute about 20% of Israel's net domestic product.

30th Oct 2004, 12:25
As opposed to a backward country like..ohh Switzerland, you mean, gatfield?

30th Oct 2004, 12:32
If it says made in Israel, or produce of Israel, I don`t buy it.

30th Oct 2004, 12:42
Would you care to explain why, Loki?

30th Oct 2004, 12:49

Same reason for not (in the past) buying South African goods. I currently wouldn`t buy North Korean (do they make anything I might want?) or, if I can help it anything from the Peoples Republic of China.

I suppose it might be construed as a political statement......I couldn`t possibly comment.

30th Oct 2004, 14:02
In Nigeria we have split airconditioners made in Israel, by one of those big companies that makes everything from deeply spooky state-of-the-art stuff down to... airconditioners.

I now feel overwhelmed with shame.

I met a North Korean in Abuja, just in passing, and completely overlooked the chance to ask him why they made soup out of dogs but worshipped an obvious son-of-a-bitch such as Kim Jong Il.

And I often read the Telegraph by the light of Chinese light bulbs, probably made by slaves who are then robbed of their kidneys, retinae and what-not to service the international trade in illegal donor organs.

But, thanks to Loki I have seen my way clear to make at least one little gesture in this wicked world. Yes! I shall switch off that Israeli air conditioner. Well, that will be done provided I can get all the drunks in the bar that it cools to go along with this so-fine approach to everyday life.

If I hit trouble with this, does Loki do guest appearances? I will pay his bar bill if he will just show up and explain to everyone why this needs to be done. I think I understand but I do get so mixed up when I try to explain abstruse concepts to these base souls I am forced to work with. Sigh....

simon brown
30th Oct 2004, 14:27
Not So...

"They seemed to do some well fancy alterations to Dassault Mirages"-

I think they were the I A I Kafir your thinking off...Kafir means Lion Cub from memory...

30th Oct 2004, 14:43
Of course, should you be in dire need of something that may have been invented/discovered/developed in Israel that may just save your or a loved ones life, considering the highly developed medical research that goes on in Israel, you would no doubt ask to read the label first. We couldn't have, shock horror, anything positive come out of Israel now could we? :rolleyes:


Notso Fantastic
30th Oct 2004, 16:18
Simon, I think Kafir may mean in Afrikans 'people of an indiginous colour'. The fancy Israeli Mirage was the Kfir wasn't it?

30th Oct 2004, 16:31
The "Kfir" was a further development of the Israeli-built (and improved) Mirage V know as the "Nesher".

Some Israeli-built J79-powered Mirage III derivatives, called the "Barak" (Lightning) took part in the Yom Kippur War.

And Danny is quite right, of course.

Why on earth should anyone be surprised that a modern sophisticated Western state produces modern and sophisticated goods and services?

30th Oct 2004, 16:40
Visited Israel last year. Was very impressed with the State. I have never been so spoilt for choice for food.

gatfield, I believe Isreal has about 5 - 10% of the world's engineers and has a very advanced software and medical R&D setup.

MkVIII, I couldn't agree with your point (6.), more.

FujiF ;)

(the standard of driving on the roads is awful though)

30th Oct 2004, 16:40
Yes! I shall switch off that Israeli air conditioner
I bet you a bottle of Star, that NEPA beat you to it!!

Don't forget that other famous Israeli export
Dana International (http://www.dana-international.net/)

30th Oct 2004, 16:42
An Israeli I worked with had a bee in his bonnet about exporting tomatoes and oranges as: "They're 90% water and we are very short of it."
I was never sure if he was serious or taking the piss.

El Grifo
30th Oct 2004, 18:40
They are also pretty good on construction projects, both within and without Israel.

30th Oct 2004, 19:14
Whatever one may think of her foreign policy, Israel is a resourceful and admirable nation.

No doubt a very bright future awaits if and when a lasting settlement can be ironed out by men and women of good will on all sides.

30th Oct 2004, 19:22
They are also pretty good on construction projects, both within and without Israel.

If I was inclined to join these "debates" which I have avoided over the years, for obvious reasons, I would say that it would be better all round if Israel limited their construction projects to "within". Too late though.


ps I have no intention of joining this one either.

30th Oct 2004, 19:31
Strangest thing I bought was some ice-cream made by an enterprising local in Siberia one January. They just mixed up the ingredients in a bucket and stuck it outside to freeze. It was 'pink' flavoured with no side effects and bloody lovely.

30th Oct 2004, 20:36
Israel is also home to a BIG Intel manufacturing plant. Thus and therefore those avoiding product of Israeli origin do gouge that P4 outta your motherboard with a massive yank with your Rambo knife (incidently anything Intel).

Now for those of you who have Motorola logos on yer cellphones ... yep you guessed it peops you know what to do too.

Now to those who can't pull any birds, go to paradise (Israel) and prepare yourself for the time of your life. Israeli birds are reeeeeelly fit and they're not shy to flaunt it either. Eye opening stuff!

If you're in Tel-Aviv on a Saturday bored outta your brain, take a stroll down to Jaffa to the Jaffa clocktower. There is a bakery "Said Abbulafia's" join the massive throng of a queue and buy some real fresh pitas. Then take a stroll along the shoreline to Jaffa port and enjoy.

akol beseder

yom tov


30th Oct 2004, 20:56
All the best vineyard (and orchard) irrigation equipment comes from Israel. I guess you don't make the desert bloom without learning how to build good sprinklers and solenoid valves.

They also have a young but very professional wine industry, small so far, but producing some very good quality Bordeaux, Loire, and Alsace varietals.

Strangest one of late is the new probe for the pH meter; made in Mauritius, of all places. I suppose something has to be. Not even sure I know where Mauritius is.

30th Oct 2004, 21:22
I bought some walking shoes, with a very American name, only to discover when I examined them closely, the legend "fabrique en Viet Nam" on a label inside them.

Anybody got anything which says "Made in Uruguay" on it? Anywhere else unusual?

30th Oct 2004, 21:35
The $1.1B Israel-India Phalcon (http://www.armscontrol.org/act/2004_04/ArmsDeal.asp) deal


Solid Rust Twotter
30th Oct 2004, 23:45

The word to which you refer is, in fact, an Arabic word meaning infidel or unbeliever. It was widely used all over Africa by Arab slave traders and found use in British colonies to describe the indigene.

30th Oct 2004, 23:54
Christopher Reeve (RIP - fine chap) went over there to look at their excellent work in spinal injury rehabilitation.

31st Oct 2004, 00:04
Had a friend who use to fly an IAI 1123 into Damascus regularly. For obvious reasons, they called it a Rockwell Commander 1121.

One local supermarket sells frozen raspberries under the brand name "Europe's Best." Read the find print and you find it's "produce of Chile." :D

31st Oct 2004, 00:08
"Kfir" means Desert Lion, doesn't it? If memory serves correct, the South Africans produced some of their own variants of the Israeli-modified Mirage. I think they called it the Cheetah.

IAI also built a canard-equipped version of the F-16, don't know if it's still in service.

One also recalls the Israelis and South Africans assisting each other in building atomic weapons, which probably falls into the category of advanced manufacturing.

31st Oct 2004, 05:55
Apologises for being so ignorant about Israel.

Oz is SO far away from Israel you know. And well we have a good chunk of our imports from Asian countries. And who thought they had time to do constructive things.......... (ok, be quiet before I upset someone).


I used to go shopping (food and otherwise) with a long list of companies and products that I would not purchase ;
- nothing with animal products (yes I like animals) ,
- nothing with certain preservatives and chemicals.
- nothing from certain companies - ones invovolved in polluting the environment, ones that provided poor working conditions for staff or other social problems.
- nothing from countries involved in human rights abuses.
- nothing from companies that use genetically modified ingredients
- tried to buy Australian made where possible

I tell you what, shopping became such a bloody exhausting event!

Now, I don't look much I must admit . Still write the occasional letter to companies telling them I don't agree with their practices. But I guess until a whole group of people stop buying it wont do much. And even then the sanctions against South Africa didn't seem to achieve much.

But alas the vegetarian schnitzels were far too much like meat for me - don't think I'll be buying them again. I did like those little towelettes though, perfect for getting oil and fuel off me hands.

31st Oct 2004, 07:42
IAI also built a canard-equipped version of the F-16, don't know if it's still in service Are you thinking of the Lavi (http://www.aeronautics.ru/img/img006/lavi_004.jpg), Blue Wolf?

31st Oct 2004, 19:29
Bought one of those six packs of underpants a few years ago - made in Israel on the labels. The shop was in Muscat....

1st Nov 2004, 10:34
The wireless endoscope (pill that you swallow that sends back piccies of the inside of your guts, rather than having a light pipe stuck down your throat) comes from Israel.

The silicon chip that is the heart of it is made in the UK, though various parts of that chip were designed variously in Sweden, Russia, UK and US - all by the same firm, though.

1st Nov 2004, 10:55
I love my Telma chicken soup mix. It tastes great and is very good value. 400g = 70 servings. What I'm telling you is...kosher! One doesn't need to add any salt, but I usually sprinkle a little chopped fresh coriander over it... :)

Nil nos tremefacit
1st Nov 2004, 15:55
In the la-la land of Israel/Palestine, away from the bombs and bulldozers, enterprising Palestinians, who cannot export their produce, trade through Israeli middlemen. It is possible that the Israeli dates that you buy this Xmas are not from a Jordan Valley Kibbutz or settlement, but are the result of relabelled Arab industry.

The first Israeli vineyards were planted with vines provided from the Rothschild estates in France. Very tasty red stuff.

Alpine Flyer
1st Nov 2004, 23:27
I have very nice 95 liter plastic storage boxes made in Israel.

Onan the Clumsy
1st Nov 2004, 23:59
Bought one of those six packs of underpants a few years ago - made in Israel on the labels. Did they have a bit missing on the front? :hmm:

Ok, sorry :ugh:

I have several toolboxes made by ZAG which appears to be an Israeli company. Thyey also seem to be linked in with a company called Workforce. They're strong extruded resin things and really quite good.

9th Nov 2004, 12:34
They do a nice line in exporting IT staff to the US for long-term contracts....;)

Constable Clipcock
9th Nov 2004, 12:59
As rebelrabbit put it:Now to those who can't pull any birds, go to paradise (Israel) and prepare yourself for the time of your life. Israeli birds are reeeeeelly fit and they're not shy to flaunt it either. Eye opening stuff!
Yeah, and except for the Orthodox girls, they're a national disgrace to any observant Jew. Keep in mind though, that 95%+ of the country is disgustingly secular. My opinion of Israeli females in general? Well, I married an Arab Christian girl myself. Couldn't be happier!

The ZAG toolboxes are excellent, BTW. I have several myself.

9th Nov 2004, 14:12
For many years I visited Israel (in Feb for a winter sun vacation) and everything bought there was v well made - I still have a couple of shirts (bought in backside of Elat for about GBP2 each about 12 yrs ago) - have to say it was a fave destination! As for items made there but bought elsewhere... (1) Telma chicken soup is deelish and (2) the longest wearing pairs of M&S underwear I ever had were made in Israel ... alas said garments are now assembled elsewhere and fall apart in the wash with saddening regularity!! :ok:

9th Nov 2004, 14:33
They (Israel) also made my Stanley toolbox I just bought from Costco in Leeds...

9th Nov 2004, 16:49
Yeah, they even have "birds" like the ones 419 has pointed out : Dana Intl. the bird with a "consealed weapon" :yuk: :}:} :}

10th Nov 2004, 18:38
Are you thinking of the Lavi, Blue Wolf?

I think he's referring to the ChineseJ-10 (http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/row/j-10.htm). ;)


10th Nov 2004, 23:04
They're market leaders in cheap envelopes for the junk mail industry as well, apparently. (Maybe something we all might like to join Loki's boycott on)

11th Nov 2004, 08:36
No, it was the Lavi I meant, though Caslance's original link didn't work for me.

The Chinese do worry me, however. Not today or even tomorrow, but five or ten years from now. They worry the hell out of me.