View Full Version : They've murdered The Times !!!!

30th Oct 2004, 10:06
I knew it was coming - but I am still not pleased.

Today's edition is the last to be produced as a broadsheet - The Times is now a tabloid.

Damn them ! After 21 years or so loyal to The Times I am now switching to The Telegraph.


High Wing Drifter
30th Oct 2004, 10:54
Broadsheet is one reason why I didn't bother buying a newspaper at all. Either I read tripe or have the newspaper looking like it, and that's just after turning to page 2!

There is no relation between the quality of journalism and the size the page. I imagine you'll be switching from the Tele soon too.

30th Oct 2004, 13:37
The Guardian doesn't have the printing capability to go tabloid so you should be safe with for quite a while.

However, if the Torygraph is your next choice, I shouldn't imagine that The Grauniad is high up your list.



30th Oct 2004, 13:47
I cannot tell the difference between The Sun and The Times. Compared to its heyday The Times is a hollow shell of its former self.

Acknowledging that The Torygraph has a right wing view at least the journalistic standards and stories therin are relatively good quality. Similarly for The Indescribable, although I find it a little dry.

Can't speak for The Grauniad, I don't read it because I haven't yet resorted to wearing socks with sandals.

30th Oct 2004, 14:04
The Times content has certainly gone down hill over the past few years - hence I was on the verge of changing.

The change of format to tabloid (broadsheet with multiple sections meant it was easy to find the relevant sections - about the paper's only remaining virtue - rather than runnaging through a wad of tabloid sheets) is just the final straw.

So its The Telegraph or The Sport for me (there are no sections in The Sport, so solves that problem).

Mac the Knife
30th Oct 2004, 14:10
Never been the same since they took the Personals off the front page....


30th Oct 2004, 14:23
A lot of the broadsheets went tabloid in areas such as London a while ago.
You get the same news, but it's much more convenient on the train.

tony draper
30th Oct 2004, 14:27
I stopped buying newspapers about five years ago, we are surrounded by news and editorial comment from all quarters 24 /7 , don't even take the local evening rag now,they were getting thrown away unread mostly, one does ocassionally flick through the local free paper, just to see if anybody I know has been up in front of the beak that week.
Newspapers have had their day I recon, not sure whether to be sad or glad, the one I did read on a regular basis was the Mirror, or the Daily Mirror as it was then, one was a tad more on the left in those days prior to having my road to Damascus facist thingy it had a good quiz and crossword that could be done in a lunch hour,sadly that paper turned itself into redneck comic as well.

None of the above
30th Oct 2004, 15:06

Newspapers have had their day I recon
News International are about to close their printing plant at Wapping and open three others at Enfield, NW England (Manchester?) and Glasgow. There will be a total of 22 new presses each capable of printing 86,000 copies an hour in full colour. I understand that each of these machines can handle broadsheet, tabloid, American broadsheet and Continental European formats and the necessary engineering changes can be accomplished within twenty-four hours.

Boss Raptor
30th Oct 2004, 15:08
Like TD I haven't regularly read a newspaper for over 20 years...BBC Radio news gives me the bulk of my daily input

I think you have to face the fact that the broadsheet format was dated, in most cases impractically large and probably no longer economic to produce or transport with todays' very fine newspaper profit margins

tony draper
30th Oct 2004, 15:10
One did ocasionaly buy a sunday paper ,they were a feckin nightmare used to take me a week just to glance through the buggahs, one needs a wheelbarrow to take em home.

30th Oct 2004, 21:21
'Tain't so much the format as the content. Struck me that the Thunderer has been edging more and more towards cheap editorialising... (.."a blind pensioner was attacked today in a particularly shocking blind-pensioner attack..") over the last twelve months. I know we're becoming more and more the European Country of Morons kinda naturally, but is there room also for some healthy cynicism here: Has the Times been made blander quite deliberately, in advance of its becoming thinner... Just like Kate Winslet..?

30th Oct 2004, 21:23
Might be something to do with being owned by News International.

30th Oct 2004, 21:28
Whatever became of The Independent? I used to buy it partly because I liked the idea of the name, and partly to annoy my Times-reading Pomgolian flatmate, who considered it a liberal rag.

Only buy the Otago Daily Times on a Saturday nowadays, otherwise the online versions of the New York Times and the NZ Herald provide a link to the world.