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29th Oct 2004, 23:44
I wandered into my local this evening for a swift half. everything is normal, nothing is unusual.

Had a quick chat with the landlord and in conversation the subject of my home town came up, and another regular that I have known for a while happened to mention that he too, used to live in that town.

We continued talking and concluded that we not only used to live in the same town, but actually lived in the same street.

Didn't think a lot of it at the time, carried on chatting and within ten minutes or so we concluded that we actually lived in the same HOUSE, about 10 years apart !!

It was without a doubt the same house, because the chap involved described it to me in intimate detail, in the sort of detail you wouldn't know, unless he had lived there.

WTF !!

I know we have had coincidences threads before, but this takes the p1ss !!!

Should I do the lotto tonight ? Or are the odds too long ?

What are the odds of what happened to me, happening ?

I should add that we both now live about 30 miles from the original house !

29th Oct 2004, 23:59
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tony draper
30th Oct 2004, 00:10
Got a book out the library once about weird coincidences some of em in there made your's, spooky as it is, look pretty tame,some of them so far out you think, cummon that can't have happened, but apparently they were all verified.
Spooky all right.

30th Oct 2004, 01:37
An Australian bloke was travelling in Greece and stopped off on one of the islands. There was a small bar with a blond girl working there, also Australian. The first night after a few beers he asked her if she would have sex with him that night.
“No, sorry” she replied, “I don’t even know you!”
“What if I gave you $200?” he said
She hesitated, she had been on the road for a while and money was tight and he was actually quite good looking………….. “okay then, for $200 it’s a deal”
The next night he came in again, had a few beers and then as he was leaving he came up to the bar.
“Fancy another night for $200?”
She barely hesitated. The sex had actually been pretty good and the money was welcome.
This happened for 5 nights in a row. The next day he came in, sat in a corner and drank his beer, didn’t even glance at her. She wondered what was wrong, suddenly no contact. Maybe she’d been ignoring him too much, not paying him enough attention, so she went over and sat down beside him, thought they could have a chat.
“So, where are you from?” she asked
“Sydney” he replied
“Hey, so am I!” she squealed, “which part?”
“Your kidding!?” she squealed even more loudly. “Which street?”
”Robert Drive” he said, “number 34”
“That is just amazing” she gushed, “my parents live next door in 36!”
“Yeah I know” he said, “your father gave me $1000 to pass on to you”

30th Oct 2004, 02:03
It certainly is a small world.

One afternoon I was dropping off Mrs J at Heathrow Terminal 1 (three guesses who she was going to visit ;) ). As I was just about to walk out the terminal door, I was bumped into by a guy who was too busy checking a map, not paying attention to where he was going. The guy stopped, looked up and apologised........and then asked what the f**k I was doing here. After a double take I recognised him. He was one of my best mates from school back in Australia that I hadn't seen for 12 years. He was on a round trip of the world and was just about to catch his flight from London to Spain. Still can't believe it.

30th Oct 2004, 02:25
At my Grandfather's memorial service (after 82 happy years) a man arrived who'd read the details in the "Deaths" column in the Times and had wanted to pay his last respects.

They last met when my Grandfather was 20.

B Fraser
30th Oct 2004, 02:35
Currently chilling out at a very nice hotel in Langkawi. The hotel manager and I have the same surname which prompted a conversation over a couple of beers and it turns out that her ex husband and I not only have the same christian, middle and surnames but were born 4 days and 15 miles apart:}

Investigations into other similarities didn't go any further ;)

30th Oct 2004, 03:15

Which Hotel?
The Andaman? Datai? Pelangi?:{

Hows the weather. You lucky sod.

Hey, maybe you've got our room!
Wouldn't that be a coincidence!:\

30th Oct 2004, 08:06
These coincidences are pretty tame but still was a bit stunned at the time;

1. I came across an old school friend at Denver airport quite a few years ago, both of us Aussies. Such a nice and pleasant surprise to be so far from home and come across somene you know. Next day I saw her again in LA, the following day I saw her somewhere different in LA, 2 days later saw her in Honolulu and 2 days later saw her at the Honolulu airport . By that stage we were getting sick of each, had nothing more to say and wondered whether we were stalking the other. Apparently we were catching the same plane back to Sydney - I didn't see her on the plane though. And never seen or heard of her since!

2. Another odd one-
Went to a pizza joint in Queenstown, NZ ( if you ever go there, the place is called 'Half a Cow' and they have bloody great pizzas!) Anyway , it is a small joint and you are asked to share tables with other patrons wishing to escape the cold. Chatted to the 2 couples sharing the table. Found out they were all Aussies and one of the couples lived in the same street I used to live in. I said to the other couple , you don't happen to live in such and such a street in such and such a suburb as a joke ( my address at the time) - and blimey charlie, sure enough they did! Took awhile to convince me - was a tad too freaky :ooh:

30th Oct 2004, 10:49
At my Grandfather's funeral a couple years ago (he was 81), a bloke no one had ever seen attended. He came up later and introduced himself - he used to sit behind my Grandfather in primary school, and weren't even friends! He saw the obit in the paper and came along to pass along his respects. FREAKY!

Another one actually involved my father, and I am relaying this second hand. He and some hosties and other pilots were sitting around having some cold ones. Someone asked birthdays, and lo and behold, EVERYONE at the table shared the EXACT same birthday.

Strangest one for me was walking through the main street of Cairns as a 14 year old and bumping into - literally - my best mate from school. Home was a 2 hour flight away, so it was quite a fluke meeting.

30th Oct 2004, 13:54
Psst, Aged,
Brunswick is in Melbourne, not Sydney :D

B Fraser
30th Oct 2004, 13:58

Which Hotel?
The Andaman? Datai? Pelangi?

Hows the weather. You lucky sod.

Hey, maybe you've got our room!
Wouldn't that be a coincidence!

Hi Maxalt, yup, The Andaman room 143. The Monkeys say Hi !

Wx 32deg ocnl shrs... can't remember the rest, too many cocktails :\

Devlin Carnet
30th Oct 2004, 14:08
Hey Paracab,
You are'nt the murphy brothers are you?

30th Oct 2004, 14:12

I tried to post the Murphy twins joke here, but it got lost somewhere in the ether.:{

Feel free to post it, it's an oldie but a goldie. :ok:

31st Oct 2004, 00:19
"Psst, Aged,
Brunswick is in Melbourne, not Sydney "

Thanks Redsnail, I was probably lucky to get somewhere in the right hemisphere!


Capt Claret
31st Oct 2004, 01:13
A friend, born of Irish parents in Manchester and grew up and lives in Australia, visited Ireland for the first time in the early 90's.

Having got off a bus at the wrong bus stop he was walking down the road when offered a lift by an elderly couple. Getting in the car he said "G'day"

The elderly cuople detecting the Strine accent, said, "Ahh you're from Australia are ya, perhaps yer know our friends?"

Bloody hell thinks my friend, there's only 18,000,000 of us.

He was floored when the elderly couple turned out to be his parent's best man and bride's maid! :eek:

Lance Murdoch
31st Oct 2004, 09:31
Had a very strange Saturday in London a few years ago. I got off the train at Euston and bumped into my parents (who, like me dont live in London), walking through Picadilly Circus I bumped into an old Navy chum and then later on the Embankment bumped into someone I once worked with.:confused:

tony draper
31st Oct 2004, 10:12
One once took a lady out who was forbiden fruit , we went to a pub miles from anywhere and anybody, who walks in but a chap who lived two door up from me, the best layed plans of mice and adulterers gang aft aglie as Mr Davaar would say.
Fortunatly he was a man of the world,thank the lord he had not brung his missus, come to think, thank the lord it wasn't his missus.

31st Oct 2004, 13:39
Was driving out of the Sumburgh to Lerwick in Shetland. Picked up a backpacker waiting in the cold for bus. Turned out we went to the same, now closed, high school in Oz.

Capt Claret
31st Oct 2004, 15:45
Less than 8 hours after my previous post on this thread, friend referred to in thread, boards aircraft I'm flying! :eek: :eek:

31st Oct 2004, 22:25
I worked as a temp at a mail sorting office one Xmas. On this one week there was one permanent supervisor and two temps (including me). The super mentioned he had been in the navy so I told him my dad was too. Bizarrely they had served on the same ship in the 70s, just one tour apart, and he knew of my dad.

Just then the other temp working the machine overheard us and revealed he had also served aboard the same ship just one year earlier than both my dad and the other guy.

The chances of three people with a common connection over 20 years ago, all meeting at just one point in time (we only worked together for 5 days) must be astronomical.

31st Oct 2004, 23:59
I joined my present unit about three years ago, having gone throughout the whole appointment process with the deputy manager as the boss was on leave.
Imagine my suprise to find out that my new (and current) boss was a classmate throughout junior and grammer school.

I thought he was a self opinionated loud mouthed **** then, and I still do.

1st Nov 2004, 00:33
The summer that I turned 12 my parents took me on a motor trip pretty much around the whole edge of the USA. We lived in Washington, DC. When we went to eat lunch at a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California, there was one of my school mates w/ family.

That was before ordinary people traveled by air on holiday, so they most likely had driven.

A few uears ago I was on holiday on Grenada and went to the "Manager's Rum Punch Party". Only about a dozen people showed up and all the others were retired Canadian couples. I was talking to one of the women and asked where she was from. "Southern Ontario". A few more questions revealed that she was from the same small town as the mother of my best friend ... and when young she had ridden on the wagon with her father to sell grain at the silo operated by my friend's mother's family..

1st Nov 2004, 00:49
Just returned from a few days away. Mrs. S's sister rang up for a chat with her, just a few minutes after we arrived home. Some discussion of our motorway journey home. After discussing the events involving a traffic jam caused by a burned out car on the M5 and it's recovery, they realised we were just two cars ahead of their car in the traffic queue. They had been also away for the weekend, but to a very different location. We live nowhere near them and were all well over a hundred and fifty miles from home.


1st Nov 2004, 02:40
Met me 3rd cousin via a family history internet forum. Met him in person in a pub in Dorset (I was living in the US at the time), as our ancestors hailed from there. Turned out 2 years previously that he had lived 1km away from me in NZ, and had worked in the office opposite side of the street from me...

Read a memoir recently by a retired USAAF P-47 pilot who had witnessed the RAF crash that killed my uncle (years before I emerged) in Normandy. Not only lives in the same town as my sister in the US, but about 200yds down the road....