View Full Version : GF Dressed As A Vampiress...Morticia Adams (& Other Strange Attire)!?

Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 18:58
I have to admit that seeing my GF (No.1...) dressed as a Vampiress had an unusual effect on my 'attentions' - I wish not to know as to whether this is normal or not as I dont care (I enjoyed it) - but thought it would be enlightening to discover fellow Ppruner's fancy dress fetishes...as well as a potential insight to deeper mental profiles (for those who have those applied qualifications...)

Tell the truth now

PS. Policewomen and Gladiator is so tacky... ;)

Proceed As Cleared
29th Oct 2004, 19:01
The best dress still is none. :}

tall and tasty
29th Oct 2004, 19:02

Bride of Dracular

Black dress tightly fitted bodice down to the ground with a train, spiders/rats and cobwebs placed around the dress and very very white skin blood red lips and the teeth.

Hair high and wild set me off one evening with long evening gloves..........

My other side?


tony draper
29th Oct 2004, 19:32
Hmmm, sheep costume anybody?

29th Oct 2004, 19:43
Anybody remember Elvira and her late night movies?

29th Oct 2004, 20:09
Mmmmmmmmmmm Elvira :E:E



29th Oct 2004, 21:17
Great pic Ozzy!

I take it that's not recent though?!

Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 21:20
Have to admit I fancy Sharon Osbourne but dont know why - think it's 'cos she's dominant older women :confused:

29th Oct 2004, 21:24
I can see the attraction to Sharon. You'd have to do something about those dogs though (Kelly included) :E

29th Oct 2004, 21:48
Oi!! Lay off Shaz and Kelly :E


29th Oct 2004, 22:17
Sorry Ozzy.

Hey, here's an idea for the show. How about bringing in you MIL?

30th Oct 2004, 02:11
Elvira is actually a redhead. :ok: She wears a black wig as part of the get-up.

30th Oct 2004, 02:16
Oh, she's got hair?!

30th Oct 2004, 15:46
The gothic look can be a turn on. Went to a fancy dress party last night and most of the girlies had gone for the vampire look and I couldn't help but want to stick my tongue in their toothy mouths, each and every one of them. Them teeth did it for me.

However, my favourite dress is those low rider jeans with a pair of boots and maybe a leather jacket. Dunno what it is but I have a fetish for that. If a burd puts her legs up on my lap and let's me rub her up I'm in heavan

Did I just admit to that? :oh:


30th Oct 2004, 16:06
VFE: Cold showers -> that way.

30th Oct 2004, 21:34
MIL's no longer around Jerricho and FIL was in the last series I think. First time spoken to him in years.

Anyway, Elvira is still a hot tamale...:E


31st Oct 2004, 01:07
Oh, she's got hair?!

Yes, but tastefully trimmed as I recall. :E

31st Oct 2004, 02:20
Touche' my friend. Touche'.