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29th Oct 2004, 13:30
That Irish priest who embarassed the whole country by jumping out on that Brazilian marathon runner at the Olympics & possibly depriving him of a gold medal is in trouble again. The childs mother is a worse eejit, she remained pals with your man for donks afterwards! Incidentally when she visited him with her child & he was half naked she asked him sarcastically "Why don't you take all your clothes off". He did! It just gets weirder & weirder. Takes all sorts I suppose:

Heres the link to the story:


Incidentally the gobsh*te danced a flippin Irish jig outside the Bailey after he ws acquitted wearing one of his weird 'tricolour' outfits and some vest about the end of the world or some such tripe. :rolleyes:

Here's the link re: his acquittal:


Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 17:12
In most other countries me 'tinks he'd be certified on mental grounds and locked away accordingly...still look at Michael O' Leary's behaviour and u can understand that would make the Irish look hypercritical :)

tony draper
29th Oct 2004, 17:15
Not in the UK boss, we don't have anywhere to lock em away now, tiz now called care in the community, in other words they just wander the streets.

29th Oct 2004, 17:29
in other words they just wander the streets. When they're not posting on Jet Blast, of course. :E

Nice one Cas --- have 3 merit points which may be reclaimed when next you incur the wrath of the purple one.

29th Oct 2004, 17:59

:D :D

29th Oct 2004, 18:18
Here's a picture of the eejit in full regalia dancing his flippin jig after his acquittal. I suppose we should be thankful he's not just in his 'green knickers for Ireland' rig out so he could make a total show of us even further. Thank heavens for small mercies, I feel really grateful!!! :ugh:


He plans now to go over to Brazil to personallly apologise to the poor marathon runner whos dreams & years of training he idiotically poured down the drain. My advice to the Brazilian runner is RUN!!! for yer life! :\

Look Danny!!! He's wearing the 'Star of David' and all!!! :D :D :ok:

Maybe he's a relation of Hamrah's. :E

What's Cas been up to???? :confused:

Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 18:29
Sex Charges...and he wears a placard 'The Second Coming Is Nigh' :E

Well it amused my warped sense of humour :ok:

Shame he didnt wear that in court and get done for contempt...another great example/role model for the Irish nation just like MOL ;)

29th Oct 2004, 18:42
I know I shouldn't Boss but when I read about this I nearly passed out laughing myself, the thought of your man in the green knickers & vest & then stripping them off, & doing the jig outside the court. I can't understand though why the mother just didn't take her child & run if she'd any sense. The stories on the Irish papers are getting weirder by the day. :\

We've got some other eejits making the headlines too, travellers I think up for a murder at a funeral. Far from funny but when you read their nicknames, the elderly leader of the posse who should have some sense is known as 'Hitler Bumbee' for instance, I think there's a 'Hitler Bumbee' junior too, ya begin to wonder are you're eyes seeing things that aren't there. :ugh:

Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 18:47
Hitler, Pikeys (or is that Pikii) and Michael O'Leary in same thread - well call it co-incidence :cool:

29th Oct 2004, 18:58
There's the link to the story, believe it or not, a dreadful load of flippin gobsh*tes if you ask me. (Try to count the ridiculous nicknames!) :rolleyes:


tony draper
29th Oct 2004, 19:01
Had one a user name like Casablanca, one would think twice about annoying a 3rd Dan black belt rude poem composer.
:uhoh: :E

29th Oct 2004, 19:07

Know fear, Mr D, for I am an expert in the noble and ancient martial art of Runlikebugge-ri. :}

My names Turkish
29th Oct 2004, 19:25
Thats man has shamed our Nation. I vote we should deport him to Brazil, right in the center of Rio de Janero, with a sign attached to his neck letting everyone know who he is. That would put manners on him. Either that or fire him from a catapult, I'm not pushed.


After hugging his barrister, Ms Julia Krish, Father Horan changed into a short red kilt and emerald green vest, socks and beret - and the green satin underpants that had been displayed in court - and danced what he called a "soft jig".

What a Prat!

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

29th Oct 2004, 19:38
Eh My names Turkish :confused:

I don't think the Brazilians would want him, mind you I get your drift, might be good punishment & would knock some sanity into the wacky oul [email protected]**@rd! :E :ok:

Slán leat a amadán!!! :D

My names Turkish
29th Oct 2004, 19:40
Oh they want to get their hands on him alright, And their bats, and their clubs etc etc. Would have to remind them that they need 51% of the carcass to claim the bounty.

29th Oct 2004, 19:43
I take it you don't like him then??? :confused: LOL

P.S My boss prefers to called him a d*ckhead.

Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 20:43
Simple answer - apres un boutelle du vin rouge...

Re-annex Ireland...appoint Tony Draper as Governor...BR as Pikey(Pikii)/Priest/Pervert/MOL Finder General :ok:

1st Nov 2004, 13:31
Just when I was thinking things couldn't get any worse it turns out said priest believes Christ will return as an Israeli Army General. Oh I forgot eh yes, what an absoluely wonderful thought, I'm sure that means the whole world will be saved (suck suck). :\

The priest also stated that "he's proud of his green satin knickers, that they're part of his national costume". :D

1st Nov 2004, 14:53
Gobshite!! I just wanted say the word !! :D

1st Nov 2004, 22:13
Boss Raptor, I could say a lot to Ireland being re-annexed, from talk of kidnappings to a return to Micheal Collins days, but all I'll say is I don't think that'd be a good idea! ;)

As for Father Dougal here, I just hope he takes a long walk off a short pier.


2nd Nov 2004, 00:00
If all of you bothered to read a little more carefully you would find he is a FORMER priest