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28th Oct 2004, 21:18
Just had a couple of days there. Wonderful City :ok: :ok:
My son [separate visit] noticed "most" people smoked,
Me and the g/f noticed that whilst there was a veritable plethoria of "eateries", there weren't a lot of "Fat People"
Comments/Observations please

28th Oct 2004, 21:30
I love the "dirty Dam". Although, Mrs J wasn't too keen on wandering through the "window shopping" area ;)

tony draper
28th Oct 2004, 21:39
Tiz all those steep hills they have to walk up and down.

Kaptin M
28th Oct 2004, 21:51
Nice spot - shame about the dogshit on the streets, though.

Had a laugh a few years ago leaving the Marriot with the SQ crew, there was a guy standing on the footpath right next to the crew 'bus that was picking us up, selling pot plants.....REAL POT plants!http://www.drgreenthumb.com/Thumbnails/GreenthumbSeedsThumbnail019.jpg

I think the penalty for taking one of those back to SIN is a fine, a flogging and a public execution, lah!

28th Oct 2004, 21:56
Great place the Dam. Can't handle it mind, Remember passing out in a bar with a bottle of poppers in me hand, then coming to in the back of a taxi (merc) being relieved of several million gilders by a well practised cabby.

Oh how we laughed the next day:{

29th Oct 2004, 07:06
My wife and I booked a holiday there in a four-star hotel. The hotel was very nice, but it was located just a stone's throw from the red-light district. We found ourselves walking past bordellos and live sex show venues on our way to and from the hotel.

A shill outside a sex show accosted us, in perfect English, with the offer of 'Filth and depravity in a safe and comfortable setting...' I just looked at him in startlement, when he smiled and shrugged. Hey, everyone has to make a living, I guess.

And then there were these fellows who looked like Lagos, Nigeria transplants selling various herbs in doorways.

It was really bizarre the way you would be right in the middle of this teeming filth and then, 50 metres further on, reach an oasis of quiet and wealth.

Since I am not particularly troubled by open displays of bad behaviour I really like Amsterdam. I think you can get whatever you want there.

29th Oct 2004, 07:30
All of two days and nights, back in about '88. Stayed on a "Boatel" - floating hotel, actually a converted canal boat. Did the Bulldog/Sex Museum/Red Light District thing. And McDonalds.
It's mostly a blur, so I can only assume I had a good time.

Oh yeah, Inti Illimani (sp?) were playing outside the Central Railway Station. I think.

29th Oct 2004, 07:58
Chuk, the Red Light District is just a part of the touristic scene, secretly sponsored by the city counsil ;)

50 metres further on, reach an oasis of quiet and wealth. and some 100 meters further there's the Rembrandt Museum and a University compound as well, talking abt variety...

phoenix son
29th Oct 2004, 08:19
Spent a happy 6 months working at Schiphol, lived in Zandvoort and had the odd foray into central 'Dam. Always liked the fact that pretty much anything goes, but if you're not interested you get left alone to get on with it, not much hassle at all.

Would strongly recommend "Queens Day" (Beatrice's Birthday, April I think, before anyone makes the connection with the Red Light District...), where the city manages to squeeze about a million people onto it's streets, WHAT a party...


29th Oct 2004, 08:22
A certain Dutch airline captain here used to tease me about growing those plants on his balcony Kaptin M atleast I hope he was joking! :uhoh:

tony draper
29th Oct 2004, 08:37
Spent a lot of time in Amsterdam in the sixties,twas a very civilised place then.
One has noted that peeps of the Dutch persuasion are fond of giving one fruit.

Lon More
29th Oct 2004, 13:33
On the downside, I worked at Schiphol for several months in the 1980s, living in Badhoevedorp, just off the airfield.
One morning, about 11 o'clock, i heard the neighbour shouting outside and went out to find him struggling with another man who had been trying to steal his car radio. We trussed him up and called the police.
It turned out that he was a crack head and a well-known customer of theirs. There was little they could do about it, except make up a "process verbaal" for the insurance.
One of the cops mentioned that in fact this was the second time that day that he had been caught and that rather than report him we could have better broken his arms.
Chummy went rather pale when I then asked the cops if we could keep him !
Strangely, he wasn't seen around again

29th Oct 2004, 14:02
Delft and Utrecht are like a million other cities in the world. Pretty, historical centers, lots of Kodak views but bland.
For my money, it's the tumultuously happy marriage between seedy/enjoyable/riotous/dopey/sexually explicit and the upstanding/historical treasure chest/Van Gogh & Rembrandt which makes Amsterdam such a great place to live and to visit.

Sex and dope are available in most big cities. It's the illegality of it which for some people is part of the thrill and for other people just an annoying hassle. In AMS most of it is sort of legal, so you have a lot less criminal heavies involved in both enterprises.
The atmosphere is more laid back, less nervous, if always slightly seedy and smelly.
But in a friendly sort of way. Red light distrcit is a family outing for people from the provinces; my brother and I have happy memories of it from childhood visits and my own kids still think a walk over the Wallen is fun.

If you like safe clean and pretty, Amsterdam is probably not the place for you.
If you like slightly seedy, freewheeling mind-altering, artistically explosive and relaxed carnality against a backdrop of historical architecture; the city is well worth a visit.

29th Oct 2004, 14:04
If you like slightly seedy, freewheeling mind-altering, artistically explosive and relaxed carnality against a backdrop of historical architecture; the city is well worth a visit.

Its nothing like Bradford then.... :(

29th Oct 2004, 14:27
Mrs Punter once said kiss me where it smells, so I took her to Bradford.:confused: