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28th Oct 2004, 14:31
Funnily enough, while the US were wasting time hating the French for allegedly not liking them, it turns out that the Swiss are the most critical towards the US, with only 13% of them having a positive opinion (74% have a positive opinion on Canadians, 50% France and Germany, and 40% Italy UK and Japan). 61% of the Swiss think US politics have a negative influence on Switzerland (48% is the world average), while only 10% think they have a positive effect. 60% of the Swiss are critical of the US role on the fight against terrorism, while 68% think they have a negative effect on world peace, and 79% think they have a negative effect on environment protection. 68% are critical towards the role of the US on fighting poverty.
Right after the Swiss with a negative opinion of the US are the Austrians (16%) and the Greek (18%)

Now, my question is: will the Americans stop importing cuckoo clocks????

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28th Oct 2004, 15:08
So the Swiss hate the US. Two words: Who cares?

Of course, nothing good comes from Switzerland. (http://bigyin.freeservers.com/switzerland.mp3) :E


28th Oct 2004, 16:20
Nah, I prefer asking the question...who's gonna be the first American to throw their Rolex into the gutter...?! :rolleyes:

West Coast
28th Oct 2004, 17:30
I will. I bought it in Mexico for five dollars.

28th Oct 2004, 17:47
Hmmm, not sure if either is really relevant:

"It is the story-teller's task to elicit sympathy and a measure of understanding for those who lie outside the boundaries of State approval."

"In human relationships, kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths." :hmm:

28th Oct 2004, 17:58
airship, that looks like a quotation. Can you tell me from whom? I mean the second one.

28th Oct 2004, 18:03
Easy one: Graham Greene

28th Oct 2004, 19:58
I suppose you are looking for that quote from 'The Third Man' (I think it was) about how all that the orderly Swiss have produced is the cuckoo clock, in contrast to other, more troubled societies. But that was 'Harry Lime' speaking, not Graham Greene himself. Don't get the voice of one of his characters mixed up with the voice of the author, please.

Actually, cuckoo clocks come, mostly, from the Black Forest region in Germany. I think carving the clocks gives them something to do now that they have given up the active practice of war. Given that Graham Greene was ignorant of this fact it might be that his knowledge of Switzerland was almost American. Or, sorry, was that Harry Lime showing his ignorance?

And, wherever the clocks come from, your average American will not waste very much time worrying about what the Swiss think of America. That is assuming that they know anything much about Switzerland beyond that they make cheese, watches and weird music. Oh, and those stupid knives with all kinds of useless gadgets built in. If they become too rude we shall just stop selling them F-18 spares.

tony draper
28th Oct 2004, 20:05
Does anybody really care what the Swiss think? to me they are just something that is there, like red post boxes or kerb stones, one knows they exists but rarely thinks about em.

28th Oct 2004, 20:41
Thet do have good taste in aircraft though - they still use Hunters.

Apparently they asked BaE a few years ago if they would build some more for them (70 was then number I heard) but BaE couldn't because they had destroyed some of the jigs.

28th Oct 2004, 21:15
Tell the Swiss to send one complete Hunter to China - they will get a thousand back within a week! :D

West Coast
28th Oct 2004, 21:32

don't end the day wondering what you think about me. I don't care, I imagine just the same for you.

Does that make me a bad American?

The US will always have its critics no matter what policies it follows.

I will say you can always be counted on to stir up anti American emotions no matter the subject.

28th Oct 2004, 21:41
West Coast, I might be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that I have understood from Chuck's posts that he himself is an American, bona fide Vietnam vet and all.

West Coast
28th Oct 2004, 21:46
I put many Americans in the class of anti American antagonizers as well.

28th Oct 2004, 21:56
Here we go chucks, next stop is Guantanamo...:ooh:

28th Oct 2004, 23:09
One did wondewr whether one was quoting Graham Greene or Orson Welles' scriptwriter. One has found one self corrected with extreme prejudice GODDAMMIT:uhoh:

tony draper
28th Oct 2004, 23:13
Twas neither Graham Green nor a script writer that wrote the Cuckoo Clock speech, twas Orson Wells himself.
So there,

Proceed As Cleared
28th Oct 2004, 23:15
Thet do have good taste in aircraft though - they still use Hunters.
That was a while back...

Currently in use are F-5 Tigers and FA-18s.

28th Oct 2004, 23:17
I am dropping & giving everyone twenty as you read this.:cool:

29th Oct 2004, 07:50
Damn that Orson Welles! I assume that the mad Doctor Draper has dipped into his vast store of computer-accessible knowledge to one-up my one-upmanship. (I used to watch Orson Welles travelogues that were absolutely magic. Orson Welles at the bullfight, when the camera cuts away from the action to focus on The Great One's vast, moon-like face as he tells us what we are not being shown.) That the Welles ego would have allowed him to improvise that riff on cuckoo clocks sounds absolutely correct, damn it. I wonder what Greene's reaction to that was?

Yes, indeedy, I am an American, despite living for more than 15 years in Europe and working in West Africa for more than 20 years. I do get a bit anti-American at times, perhaps, but I would hope that is within the bounds of what we call 'normal'. Blame it on hanging out with a load of Brits if you like.

Of course I consider Bush and his clique to be abnormal, a gang of semi-demented, more than half-stupid, obnoxious, bible-punching hypocrites who pose a real threat to many core values that make up the real America. There's a whole other America out there that gets overlooked not just by the rest of the world but also by this crowd of right-wingers presently riding high.

And, anyway, if you think I am anti-American, wait until I get started on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children!

Marines in combat? One shooting, one looting, two taking pictures.

Why are Marines like bananas? They start out green, turn yellow and die rotten.

No, but seriously, folks....

My dear old grey-haired mother was in the War as a Navy nurse. She was in charge of med-evac flights back to Hawaii, when she would have young Marines missing limbs who felt very bad about letting down the Corps by not killing their quota of Japs before being maimed for life. She told me, whatever I did, not to sign up for the US Marine Corps, advice I took. Otherwise I might have a very different outlook on life, something more West Coast perhaps.

We Americans are justly famous for our ignorance of other cultures, while Switzerland is fairly small and obscure. So my attempt at a humourous response to the original post is fair enough in my view. What would your average Yank make of a very small country with four languages, anyway? 'Whah caint y'all just speak English?' perhaps.

I find the idea of the Swiss sat their in their mountain fastness cocking a snook at the mighty US of A to be rather charming, actually. The sad thing is that our present government tends to just ignore any criticism of this nature, preferring to just take a curving course to the right like a Rome Plow with a steering defect, when everyone else had better fall into line behind or else get out of the way.

If you want to live in the USA then you can have whatever goofy ideas you like about the rest of the world without hitting too much trouble. Try living as an ex-patriate American with the typical Bush-admirer's mindset and you are sure to have trouble. And to take a bit of mild ribbing as anti-Americanism just proves whatever point there might be to my feeble joking. You think the original post was put up as something to be taken totally seriously, rather than a good occasion for a laugh at American arrogance getting a come-uppance?

29th Oct 2004, 09:05
I put many Americans in the class of anti American antagonizers as well. Does that also apply to the 45-50% of US people who will NOT vote for Bush?

West Coast
30th Oct 2004, 04:28
"Yes, indeedy, I am an American"

"I do get a bit anti-American at times"

Quotes from chuks

There you go flaps, by his own admission.


They usually out themselves, no need to check the ballot box.

31st Oct 2004, 10:02
Dear West Coast,

Aww, I knew I couldn't fly under your radar; I was just presenting my anti-American take on right-wing USA reality vis-a-vis Yurrup.

For all I know you speak fluent French, drink café au lait, eat crossaints and snails, listen to Edit Piaf and could find Europe on a map of the world unaided.

And, as I pointed out, if I met you in a bar in Lagos we would probably get along fine. If not, then I would just pay one of my sinister friends to have you nailed into a crate and sent home, I suppose. Strange things happen outside the Lower 48....

People who support a moron such as George W. Bush, drive insanely huge vehicles and cultivate a taste for Krispy Kreme donuts should be able to take a bit of ribbing, even from the Swiss.

Put it down to jealousy if you like. Sat over here in the German drizzle, paying $5 per gallon for gas for my 150-cubic-inch-engined Volkswagen, no wonder I am bitter, twisted and anti-American. I probably need therapy! And the Swiss, staring into the holes in a piece of cheese while listening to that incessant clonk-clonk from the cowbells... weird with a beard! You can safely ignore us, yes. Or send over another Marine EA-6B crew to do some low flying practice if you become seriously annoyed.

On the other hand, if I need a brain transplant I will seek out a Republican donor, assuming that the organ in question has never been used.

Soon enough one of us will be laughing at the other. I just hope it's me!

Off to Africa. Ta for now!


31st Oct 2004, 10:06
READ THE QUESTION before blurting out answers, you yokels!!!

the opinion poll mentioned at the beginning of this thread was asking only question about U.S. policies, the attitude of the U.S. government, and their effect on world security and various countries. At NO POINT did the poll ever ask about feelings towards the U.S. as a country or it's people. If some crap-for-brains journo chooses to take the results of that poll and fabricate a headline about "anti-american" feeling in Switzerland, then shame on you guys for taking this at face value!!

Once and for all, people of the U.S.: Your present government sucks, you guys and your country are great. Any questions?

Proceed As Cleared
31st Oct 2004, 11:02

Your posts are priceless.


31st Oct 2004, 11:44

What's wrong with Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Now, really, don't throw away the baby with the bathwater,eh?