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23rd Jan 2002, 20:57
To see our post transfered to another forum is not on! We are Europes most adaptable airline.We are working hard at becoming an equal to Easy,Ryan, Go and BMI-baby so don't be so keen to transfer our say to some obscure forum!!!

Air France partnership, Gill routes (reaction to September 2001) and our post SN hub (BRU) raid say a lot about what we do. Stand aside.

Exclusive Mandate
23rd Jan 2002, 21:05
Appears to me you lot are desparate to find an identity!!

You can only dilute yourself so far, you've got the wrong airplanes to take on lo-cost boys and not enough cash to lose a la bmi /BA.

Choose your market - QUICK!!!!!

23rd Jan 2002, 22:35
Spot on there, Exclusive Mandate!

Sky Blue
23rd Jan 2002, 22:42
British European has got the right idea it is quickly modernising itself for the future. And I do not agree that they do not have the right type of Aircraft because they have a formidable fleet.

More news to follow soon on a new Aircraft purchase as well for BE.

I wish other Airlines will follow suit and not call them self low cost - but as British European has done by cutting prices and still staying a bloody good Airline!

Go for it and flybe!!

SB. . :)

23rd Jan 2002, 22:58
Well I have to agree with Exclusive Mandate, I don't think that BE have the right fleet plus for a small number of A/C I think that they have too many different types. (traing cost, maintenance, etc). .Anyway I do wish them all the best as they have some good guys working from them.. .Bokkie449.

dik dastardly
23rd Jan 2002, 23:41
why was my last post closed?? Thanks ALTSEL for restarting it. BHD-LCY doing any better yet?

Raw Data
23rd Jan 2002, 23:50
Bear in mind, whilst debating the merits of the fleet(s), that they are in a state of flux right now.

We will probably (well, maybe) (well, it's fairly certain) (well, this week, anyway) end up with two fleets, one jet, one turboprop.

The 146 is perfect for what we use it for.

The Dash 8 is an effective turboprop.

We are not, and have no plans to be, a low-cost carrier as defined by Easyjet et al.

We operate in niche markets, and the future is exciting.

24th Jan 2002, 00:17
...and BE will probably benefit in the future! They'll be making money on niche markets that they picked up while other airlines dithered and made cutbacks.... <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 01:35
BE is an low cost airline, low pay to crews(Fo's),engineers(more of them in the book than around a/c), office staff, etc. contracts the cheapest ground handling agents and feeds pax ham rolls.... .All they have to do is cut back in profits, and keep the RJX money in the bank.

. .Nought wrong with the fleet though. <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 01:56
JEA,sorry, BE,have got a lot more going for them than most people give them credit for. I should know I was there for ten years. The only negative thing I can say is that the "management" never have appreciated what a fine workforce they have.. .There's now't wrong with the 146,perfect for a bit of low cost work. Whats all this about "ham sandwiches"? When I was there it was bread and water!!!!! Luxury lad.

Raw Data
24th Jan 2002, 02:46
Yeah, but look on the bright side, Schit- we don't have to buy our own uniforms, pay for our car parking, buy sarnies from the crew room vending machine to prevent incipient starvation... etc etc etc <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

24th Jan 2002, 03:59
BE certainly isn't low cost from GCI! Not unless you are very lucky and book miles in advance. I travel GCI to BHD fairly four or five times a year and the best fare is at least 168! one time it was nearly 300 when we had to travel at short notice to attend a funeral.

24th Jan 2002, 13:40
Ryanair and Easy Jet low cost ! what a joke.. .The sooner BMI Baby and BE get into the market to give true low cost the better.. .BTW BE's new logo 'Flybe.com' is excellent.