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27th Oct 2004, 07:04
Guess someone's looking for a new job....

Oops (http://teamhouse.tni.net/Misc/noplay/cockpit.htm)

27th Oct 2004, 07:18
When I ran catering teams at LGW, there was no love lost with the cleaners. We would take great pleasure in knocking out their hoover plugs whilst they were 50 feet away up the aircraft.:E

Small pleasures.

27th Oct 2004, 08:09
This one again???

Flip Flop Flyer
27th Oct 2004, 09:18
In an ealier life when I was condemmed to deal with passenger flights as a gate coordinator (red cap) I had a guy fired for repeatedly doing that. Cleaners could make or break a short turnaround, and help secure an on-time departure. If you treated them in a professional manner, that is. It's amazing what teamwork can accomplish, and it's just as amazing what lack of teamwork will fail to accomplish.

27th Oct 2004, 09:26
First time experience for me yesterday; asked a cleaner for his ID and got told I was a ^@ racist and it was only 'cause he was a muslim. :rolleyes:

Told him I couldn't see if he was muslim by looking at him but I could see that he wasn't wearing his ID.
Much shouting in my face ensued, FAs looking on like rabbits in headlights.
ID was produced only when I put the look of death on him and screwed up my own volume.

Cleaning aircarft all day while not eating or drinking due ramadan can't be easy, so some leeway given.
But playing the discrimination card doesn't wash with me.
Poor chap looked positively scared when he left with his bucket and mop. ;)

27th Oct 2004, 09:35
Careful Flaps - you might get the PC moderators on your back! Well done though!

The main story reminds me of an incident in the RAF some years ago when a SEngO (Senior Engineering Officer) was sorting out some major engine problem in a single seat Lightning. The aircraft was chocked at the end of the runway in order to do some max reheat engine runs. It had neither a bang seat nor canopy. The aircraft overrode the chocks, careered down the runway and took off! Fortunately the SEngO had some pilot training and was able to complete a circuit and bring the thing back in undamaged.

Northern Chique
27th Oct 2004, 10:47
One of the LAME's where I used to be used be was an ex RAAF lad... we all wondered why he wasnt so good with GA aircraft and it eventually came down to the fact he was sooo bad, we would take aircraft elsewhere to be fixed or serviced as he was well and truely hopeless...

One of his ex senior officers from RAAF recruiting came to chat one arvo and told us how our local chap came to be in recruiting after only a year and a bit tossing spanners at F111's and F18's...

One night an engine run had to be done on a jet so it was our chappy who was asked to go do the run up. He toddled off, started the jet taxiied off and happily ran up the engines. A while later he brought said aircraft back and given it was still hot, parked it up and went home. Come sparrow fart the next morning, our intrepid engineer was told to present to the base commander (not quite sure of the correct term)...

He complied with the request. He didnt have any choice as he had a military police escort. They took him via the rear of the office blocks where he saw most of the windows and some walls were missing! Oh gawd he thinks, that musta happened after we packed up!

He presented to what was left of the office after wading through papers, burnt office equipment, glass shards and generally what was described as a disaster zone.

It came to pass that said engineer became ex RAAF engineer as he'd been too darned lazy to taxi the jet to the blast area and had run it up with the tail pointed in the general direction of the admin offices.

Flip Flop Flyer
27th Oct 2004, 11:36
Somehow I get the feeling I've met you when I worked for Novia in CPH. You are on the KLM 737s, right? Anyway, once got a severe (but well deserved it should be added) bollocking from a very angry (rightly so) KLM hostie. The exact details are irrelevant, let's just say that we screwed up the handling and I was the person with the overall responsibility. Had to take a big bite of the humble pie and apologize for our collective shortcomings. The nice lady accepted the apology, took a deep breath and offered me a coke which was taken and that was the end of it - back to business as usual.

Always a pleasure handling KLM. Hell, even the cockpit crews were right friendly and let you do your job while they did theirs. Other airlines, especially TAP, tended to have God thinking he was a pilot in the LHS trying to run the entire show. Not fun.

Do you still have them iced Mars Bars? Used extensively to bribe/reward ground staff, but do they serve a secondary purpose?

Amazing what you can get done with a Mars Bar and a coke.