View Full Version : Useless but really interesting Websites

Captain Blackadder
26th Oct 2004, 18:22
There must be loads of really pointless and usless websites out there that have no particular use, but they do however cause amusement and hours of fun!

any suggestions??

here is one that I found

Starwars Kid (http://www.jedimaster.net/)


27th Oct 2004, 02:35
dicksmithflyer comes to mind.

Oh, you said interesting.

27th Oct 2004, 05:33
has anyone noticed that Benny Hill is listed as a clone on that site?

Evening Star
27th Oct 2004, 08:18
This is a really good site:


Onan the Clumsy
27th Oct 2004, 13:13
How about www.airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net) :E

27th Oct 2004, 13:58
Not quite a website per se, but search yahoo on'Wankers Corner' in Oregon.

27th Oct 2004, 14:32
Here's a site that lists various useless websites, including "corn cam" where if you watch long enough you can actually see corn growing.

There's also a link to www.dumblaws.com . Next time you're walking around Alabama with an ice-cream cone in your back pocket, just don't be surprised when you get arrested.

27th Oct 2004, 15:12
Ever wondered about the number 37? Here's a whole website dedicated to it.

27th Oct 2004, 15:21
There used to be a large collection of useless homepages at http://www.go2net.com/useless/useless/homepages.html but it looks like it is dead, which makes it useless by itself :8 :8 :8

Captain Blackadder
27th Oct 2004, 18:01
I like this one as well!!