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26th Oct 2004, 14:17
Why do Health and Safety and Jobsworths have to say/do something completely inappropriate when our nation remembers it's dead throughout all the conflicts we've been involved in.
IMHO they should be shot.
See link

26th Oct 2004, 14:21
This is a joke, an utter and total joke.

The council workers complaining are complete and total scum.

26th Oct 2004, 14:23
"crawling backwards down vertical ladders"?

In other words, going down ladders in the normal way.


Onan the Clumsy
26th Oct 2004, 14:27
In other words, going down ladders in the normal way. Not in the Navy.

26th Oct 2004, 14:36
We used to see allot of those popies here in the States on Veterans Day. I havn't seen one in years, I Wonder why?

26th Oct 2004, 15:07
Not in the Navy.
Pah, the Navy doesn't have ladders, just steep stairs. They've got handrails! What more do you want?


26th Oct 2004, 15:13
Well, you have to be careful going backwards in the Navy at the best of times...

26th Oct 2004, 15:17
We used to see allot of those popies here in the States on Veterans Day. I havn't seen one in years, I Wonder why?

Because of the clear and dangerous risk they pose to everyone within a mile of these nasty blighters.

Now who's up for a huge rip-roaring bonfire on public display in the middle of a field on Nov 5th? Because that's safer...

Disgusting attitudes and abosolutely appauling to hear that this is even being considered.

26th Oct 2004, 15:19
Um, sorry joe2812, but bonfires are being banned too. What the hell is happening in this world?????


26th Oct 2004, 15:38
You have to be kidding?? Why not just do away with the whole of idea of celebrating British history the other side of the millennium?

You can only celebrate events which occured during the whole PC thingy. That leaves us with...with...with... what exactly?

26th Oct 2004, 16:04
Afraid it's no joke. (well it is, but you know what I mean.)

It's pathetic, it really is. Crawl up a ladder to chuck some poppy around to recognise and commemorate people who lived through real hell? People who refuse to do that should be flung out of the country. Preferably from a height onto concrete.

26th Oct 2004, 23:59
Can't they use real poppies? :confused: At least they'd be 100% bio-degradeable, just like the people they're commemorating...

27th Oct 2004, 01:10
The council workers complaining
Contract the job out - probably be cheaper anyway... or cal in the Navy it seems

27th Oct 2004, 09:26
That's it I've had it.

Why, oh why do these people think we can eliminate every possible potential risk in life by assessing the perceived risk of every action mankind carries out.

I am fed up of hearing so called experts telling me how risky it is walking down the street, bending down to pick up something, riding a bike without a helmet. I KNOW LIFE HAS RISKS THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING.

I have sat through endless h & s risk assessment courses and understand fully people actions, ill thought, can have deadly consequences. Two things are very clear from this experience:

1. Good people can take all the care in the world trying to ensure safety of others but if something happens they will be told how THEY failed to take the necessary actions to prevent the cause of the event.

2. There is a growing culture of blame and compensation fired but peoples greed and the legal system failing to take a common sense approach to dealing with free loaders and, god forbid I suggest it, the personal profit at any cost mob.

If something happens we are told immediately that ‘’ you can claim for that’’, ‘’ ring those free legal guys and get £10000000000000000’s’’. Fine if it crippled you, but please, not the guy who felt stressed by his work load, goes sick for 6 months, and then goes claiming unfair dismissal for when his employer say ‘I think it best if you don’t come back.’’

As some more profound and intelligent bloke than me once said ‘’ S**t happens, get over it ‘’

If a greater power decides that next time I walk into the bathroom to have a ........................................................shav e, that the incurable spongy fungal bug which hides under the blade is going to leap, fangs exposed to contaminate my blood and leave me a ranting, drooling, crazy eyed, nail biting sick bed case then so be it.

To all those h & S guys, relax, just look at the bigger risks and leave me to my fate. If it kills me then I can’t sue, and if it doesn’t what’s the problem.

OK, it was just a rant, I feel better now. I shall go and lie down now.

Onan the Clumsy
27th Oct 2004, 13:33
Pah, the Navy doesn't have ladders, just steep stairs. They've got handrails! What more do you want? A matress at the bottom would have helped :( :{ :ouch:

itchy kitchin
27th Oct 2004, 13:58
...and don't forget to have a tetnus jab in case you stab yourself with one of the pins...

"where there's blame, there's a claim"

27th Oct 2004, 15:03
Re the coucil workers who have banned the petal drop,

We have to back em really, have you ever seen the crater and the fall out that falling petal's make,

Gawd its Awesome, doubt whether the area would ever be the same again.

Good job all those men, woman and lads who went forth to help protect their and our Country in past times didn't think the same way!

Sad Basta*ds, get a life


29th Oct 2004, 06:37
Running across no-mans-land under cross-fire from heavy machine guns was a severe H & S hazard, as was running up the beach in Normandy back in 1944 or manning a merchant ship in an Atlantic convoy. Even today there is a definite risk of a negative impact on your health and safety if you walk about in Iraq wearing a British army uniform. Bring back conscription I say - I think I know a good place to start...

Big Tudor
29th Oct 2004, 09:45
If there were to be a fire, these people would have to crawl backwards and down the vertical ladders.
Whereas if the Fire Brigade turned up to rescue them they would have to crawl backwards down vertical ladders!

29th Oct 2004, 16:57
A matress at the bottom

Don't know about that. Some people can be persistant.

What next? Peanuts being taken off shelves as they can be a potential choking hazard?