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26th Oct 2004, 08:58
Why don't they change the name of 'Top Gear' to just 'The Jeremy Clarkson Show'? That's all it seems to be these days. Don't get me wrong, I quite like Clarkson. I admire his non-apologist stance on pretty much everything, but since they changed the format of 'Top Gear' a few years ago, it just appears to be getting a bit sycophantic. To be a presenter on the show it would appear that the first rule is "Jeremy is always right". Second rule - "Jeremy is very funny, so be sure to laugh". Third rule - "holler loudly whenever Jeremy says ' who wants to see blah, blah, blah'". Bring back the good old Top Gear with a team of individuals.

(my apologies to The Invisible Cat if this has been covered before and he is forced to point out when and where:( )

26th Oct 2004, 11:24
Bring back the good old Top Gear with a team of individuals.

Ooooh, Vicci Butler Hendersen:}

I have a mate in the corporate part of the car business and apparently, Clarkeson has an ego on him that defys belief. Apparently a person for whom the phrase 'Dont you nknow who I am' was invented

26th Oct 2004, 11:25
mmm, give me that Tiff wassisname any time ....

26th Oct 2004, 11:42
He has got his comeuppance once or twice though.

When he interviewd by Parkinson he described the start of the filming of his flight at Boscombe Down as "this skinny litle Welshman turned up in a beige Volvo 240 estate and I thought "what can he do to frighten me"'.

He then found out. :ok:

Big Tudor
26th Oct 2004, 12:12
Yes, the sight of Mr. Clarkson chucking up during his F15 experience brought a wry smile to my face.
Have to agree with aidanf about the format. The format these days seems more Top Trumps than Top Gear. I never really rated Clarksons impressions of cars, they always seemed to be too related to his personal tastes than the reality of the car. Just because a 6'4" permed geek can't fit into a car doesn't make it a bad vehicle.

26th Oct 2004, 12:20
I think a lot of you are missing the point. TG back in the days of Tiff, Quentin and that fella who's brother is in Pink Floyd.. Mason, thats the badger, it was a motoring consumer programme.. nowadays its just "Lads tv" light entertainment, no more, no less.

I think its amusing.. but yes, sometimes Clarkson is a knob.:ok:

Big Tudor
26th Oct 2004, 12:29
Light entertainment perhaps, Flytest, but there is a fine line between light entertainment and shallow entertainment. Do we really want to watch on TV what we can experience just as easily in the pub or crewroom?

B Fraser
26th Oct 2004, 12:45
Watch out for the camera taking a shot from above. Clarkson is tall alright, in fact he's so tall that he pokes out of the top of his hair :}

tony draper
26th Oct 2004, 12:52
One likes Jerremy, he is about as far away from a luvvi as it is possible to get, one also holds that other telly Jerremy in high regard, Paxman.

26th Oct 2004, 13:00
Clarkson was funny until he discovered he was funny. His ego growed with his belly and needs to be trimmed.

Was chuckling when Lionel Richie matched Clarkson's laptime. The looks on Jeremy's face was worth a million.

26th Oct 2004, 13:56
The other thing is that Top Gear is up for some award ('Factual Light Entertainment' program; I forget) and votes were being solicited.

I think I might give it a miss.

(Big Tudor. I wasn't thinking about the F15, the one I was talking about was the Hunter. In an inverted spin. Where his 'quips and one-liners' consisted of 'Oh F**k'; every third breath).

26th Oct 2004, 14:00
I liked it when they made him eat his hair, 'cos the new vauxhall looked like they said it would!

Lon More
26th Oct 2004, 16:09
The Clarkson ****, annoyed by the sound of motor bikes passing his house is alleged to have encouraged people to span ropes across the roadway to unseat motor cyclists.

Should be charged with attempted murder was he not mentally incompetent

26th Oct 2004, 17:46
Top Gear is great, but it's descended into the realms of entertainment with cars (and aircraft ;)) on the side. If you want a "proper" motoring show, have a gander at Fifth Gear on Five.. Quality stuff, and Tiff is an awesome driver.

As for Clarky, well, he tells things like they are and isn't afraid to voice is opinion. Not neccesarily a bad thing. Personally I found him demonstrating how to make a frozen-turkey-launching wastebin bazooka very interesting, if completely useless on his now off-air one-man show (may actually have been called the Jeremy Clarkson show :P).

Paranoid Parrot
26th Oct 2004, 17:46
I don't what you are all winging about. I think he is great! One of the few people on TV who tells things how they are. And the bit about eating his hair just shows that he does get pushed around by his short (sorry height challenged) copresenter Richard Hammond, who is also excellent. James May also adds his own personality very effectively.

When Clarkson was on Question Time he was the only panelist who told things how they are. Would you rather have a labour politician or spin doctor on Top Gear? You would never believe a word! Clarkson was also good on Parkinson and very self effacing, especially when he was asked who would he want to play him in a film. His answer: 'be reasonable!'.

His dominating attitude on Top Gear is a front. It is clear that he gets on well with his copresenters and his guests.

Frankly Fifth Gear is rubbish. Loads of adverts and silly 'competitions' where the answer is obvious. There is far too much of this on TV now. Premium rate phone numbers to call to tell them what MPG stands for! err ... Miinutes per gallon? Metres per gallon? or ... Miles per gallon? Gosh, I don't know! You end with about fifteen minutes of programme!

26th Oct 2004, 18:08
Must admit the questions are crap, ad breaks are annoying, but Tiff Needel is an astounding driver (when he gets the chance). Fifth Gear is a refreshing break from/addition to Top Gear. Personally I like them both, but with the huge budget it appears to have, Top Gear would get my overall vote. I suppose fifth gear would be of more use to someone thinking of buying a family car etc...pretty much a "value for money" programme. For stunts, fast cars, and much-welcomed overuse of RAF/Army/Navy vehicles, Top Gear is what you want. And that Holden from the other night....ooooooh wouldn't ya just love one? :D

26th Oct 2004, 19:55
Ah, the Fifth Gear questions.

That would be as opposed to the mind-bogglingly difficult questions set on top gear (last night's for instance 'What Italian Supercar has a prancing horse for a logo?').