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25th Oct 2004, 16:51
Did anyone see the match or the replays of Arsenal v Man Utd yesterday? The sickening tackle by Ruud van Tap-in, and the atrocious dive by Rooney?

Is this what the beautiful English game has become? And the referee was a joke an' all.

Where is it going to be in 20 or 30 years time?


(Note: I'm not an Arsenal supporter whinging :p )

25th Oct 2004, 17:15
Ruud van Tap-in

Very English sounding name that one.

25th Oct 2004, 17:17
Playing an English game for an English club in an English league.

It'll do.

Squawk 2650
25th Oct 2004, 17:21
Should Ferdinand have been sent off in the first few minutes.... If that was an Arsenal player bringing down the last defender would he have seen red??

Bring on video replays for the refs!

Arsenal are still the best team in English football at the mo, the unbeaten run had to come to an end soon just a shame it was to man u!


25th Oct 2004, 17:32
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king......:ok:

I admit that the Rooney penalty was marginal, (mind you - I've seen worse given) but what about the clear foul on Ronaldo in the box that went unpunished? Swings and roundabouts, perhaps?

Did none of you notice some of the crude "tackles" that were flying in from Ashley Cole? Or Vieira trying to render the referee superfluous? Or Pires devoting his 20 minutes on the pitch to an attempt to out-dive Van Nistelrooy (which takes some doing, I admit)?

Or were you, like M. Wenger so often seems to be, "unable to see the incidents?".

Both sides were dishing it out with gusto, but it seems that only one was able to take it without treating us all to a surfeit of petulant whining afterwards.

BTW - I wonder whether the FA intends to investigate the post-match soup-hurling incident with the same rigour as they will investigate Van Nistelrooy's unpleasant and crude stamp on Cole?

25th Oct 2004, 18:30
Ashley Cole is one of the dirtiest players in the Premiership.

He gets away with terrible fouls every week yet the referees and the Fallen Arches take no action. Van Nistelroy is ajudged to have fouled him and all hell breaks loose.

Wenger complains about a dodgy penalty, yet how many dodgy decisions have enabled Arsenal to get to 49 games unbeaten?..... I can think of many! Shame Opta haven't got the records.

Double standards you Arsenal supporters!

25th Oct 2004, 20:58
One of the few good things about this result is that at last after 50 league matches we can at last be reminded what VERY VERY BAD LOSERS Arsenal are!!

25th Oct 2004, 21:05
The sickening tackle by Ruud van Tap-in, and the atrocious dive by Rooney? Have you seen the sickening and atrocious behavior of the Arsenal players last season when Ruud missed the penalty? Have you seen the dirty razor attacks Cole and the likes make on players like Ruud every week? Revenge is best when served cold. Good on ya Ruud!

And yes, the referee was terrible, on both sides :(

Fletchers Left Boot
25th Oct 2004, 21:19
Give me Division 2 footy any day!
'ahem' sorry, League One.

Am enjoying football at Dean Court this season much more than the Premiership on the telly.


25th Oct 2004, 21:23
It's a fair cop, Arsenal are worse losers that Man U. But it's just because they get so much less practice....... ;)

henry crun
25th Oct 2004, 22:07
I do not follow the round ball game so my viewing is confined to the brief excerpts on the news.

The display by Rooney is similar to other performances which can be seen most weeks throughout the season.
It confirms my belief that there should be an annual award ceremony, similar to the Oscars, for the various grades of acting displayed each week by these overpaid prima donnas.

I can see an acceptance speech along the lines of....."I want to thank Mum and Dad for bringing me up to be the man I am today, to all the staff at the club many thanks for supporting me through the hard times when I was struggling to put conviction into my performances, and a special word of thanks to my coach who showed me how to twist my face into an convincing show of agony while I was clutching my leg".

25th Oct 2004, 22:16
Would that be Robert Pires' acceptance speech by any chance???

25th Oct 2004, 22:30
Well, I am off to Millwall tommorow night for the Lpool game..... Wish me luck.. :ouch: :uhoh:

26th Oct 2004, 07:22
What about the soup anyway.

Updated this morning, as a matter of national importance should be, with the information that a pizza was also involved!!!!!

But was it Ham and Pineapple or a Meat Feast? We should be told!!!!!!!

26th Oct 2004, 08:15
bugger all that.

just tell me who the hel brings PEA SOUP to a footy game??!!!

I mean, beer, I'd understand. Pepsi, just *may be*, Water is perfectly normal.

but PEA SOUP?!! (note, Pea Soup in England is non vegetarian - with meat stock and pieces)...

And more importantly, why waste a perfectly good bowl of soup on a football manager?? This is soup, after all! Not something as boring as, say, ice-cream!

Soupaholics of the world unite! (and go see a shrink)

26th Oct 2004, 08:37
The Independent - SoupGate:

"the running gag yesterday, referring to Arsenal's centre-half and United's left-back, was whether the soup was Campbell's or Heinze's."

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Oct 2004, 09:33
henry crun

Have to agree with you on that one.

Pah! Netball for boys.

The real game is for men with odd shaped balls.

(blue touchpaper lit, retiring to safe distance)

26th Oct 2004, 09:56
As a dedicated follower of all forms of football (except AFL & gridiron) the antics of both teams are a blight on the game of English football.

Soccer is renown for the dives, blatant nasty tackles, and the physical and verbal abuse hurled at referees for making tough decisions. Many Premier league players get paid a lot, are seen as role models by our youth, but can't seem to act an age above their shoe size.

I'll keep watching the English FA from here in Oz. But if you need to take a thermos of pea soup to a match, maybe you should stay home for dinner and watch the match on the tellie.

Big Tudor
26th Oct 2004, 10:18
Pea and Ham? From a chicken? Now that's clever!

(some of our Gaelic bretheren may remember;) )

Captain Efis
26th Oct 2004, 12:54
Manchester United :confused: Arsenal :confused:

Chelsea to take the premiership :} Everton second place :O


Mr Chips
26th Oct 2004, 12:59
Hmmm... nice tirade of abuse at the Arsenal fans, even though I hadn't spotted any posting!

I saw a tiny bit of the game, and read the papers. The reports I read leave no doubt that this was no game of soccer.

Interesting to read that the referee has given Utd a penalty on every one of the last 8 times he has refereed at Old Trafford.


Harlequins fan and ex hooker
(make of that what you will!)

26th Oct 2004, 16:12
..........Dons pedantic hat.........

Actually Mr Chips he has awarded a penalty in each of his last eight visits to Old Trafford, but only seven of them were in Man U's favour. It is a rarity indeed for a referee to give the opposition a penalty at Old Trafford, but he is one of the very few to have done it.

Aside from that, as a fan of neither Man U or Arsenal, I loved watching the game, if there was no needle involved what a dire occasion it would have been. Yes Ruud Van Horseface's lunge on Cole was ugly, but if he really intended to damage the guy he would have gone in a damn sight harder....check Roy Keanes attack on Alf Inge Haaland in '97. As for soupgate...I mean come on, does anybody really care? And yes Rooney went down easily for the penalty, but Campbell stuck his leg out, it was bad defending and Rooney made the most of it. This kind of thing could be stamped out with instant replays for refs. But what about Ronaldo being taken out a bit later in the box and nothing given? I didn't hear Arsene Wenger comment on that.

For the last 49 games the footballing world has been forced to admire Arsenal for their unbeaten run, and well deserved it was too. Opposing teams have been full of praise for them and they have lapped it up, even teams who have only lost to them by some dodgy decisions have been able to offer praise to the accomplishments of a record breaking team.

How nice it would have been for Arsenal to offer the same in return to the team which ended their run.

26th Oct 2004, 16:14
and ex hooker

That's why you fit in so well around West Drayton then Chippy!?! :p

26th Oct 2004, 16:18
Captain Efis

I'm with you. :ok: