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25th Oct 2004, 14:28
A possible ex-pat slot based out of Moscow (Russian Federation) may be on the cards for EKO and family. Has anyone here lived/worked there, and what is it like for families? Just weighing up some options for now. Thanks.

Boss Raptor
25th Oct 2004, 16:03
Very good, reasonably safe and a lot of fun for you and your family...on the whole Russians are nice sociable people and it's a lot more civilised than you'd think (certainly not a hardship posting!)...however in real terms there are few expats and very few Americans amongst them, mainly Brits and other Europeans I come across

I've both lived and worked there since 2000

25th Oct 2004, 16:40
I'll second Boss R,

Russians are nice people to know and work with, and moscow is a nice enough place, although my experience of Russia and Moscow is as a singley, so my experiences and areas of interest are probably slightly different to yours. not sure about family life out there.

Good luck though.:ok:

26th Oct 2004, 03:54
Thanks Guys for the positive input - food for thought.


Evening Star
26th Oct 2004, 08:40
Adding my voice of agreement to Boss R!

Moscow is very different from the rest of Russia (my work was in Rostov Region).

Approach with an open mind and be prepared to roll with any problems and you will find it to be a marvellous and fascinating country. Unsmiling exterior of average Russian hides an incredibly warm hearted personality.