View Full Version : Which Ppruner has ceased smoking today

Capn Notarious
25th Oct 2004, 09:52
Write you have a full page; on which to testify that your addiction is a thing of the past. So whom of you will never again draw in the fumes of the demon weed?

25th Oct 2004, 13:45
Very smug and proud to state I have never even tried a ciggy - even got through school without succumbing to the peer pressure.

So, count me in Notar... :ok:

tony draper
25th Oct 2004, 13:47
"Not I" spake Drapes puffing furiously on a Woodbine.

25th Oct 2004, 13:49
Not today but May 1st 2003. Haven't had one since and feel much better for it.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw
25th Oct 2004, 13:50
I smoke, drink, look at dirty postcards and tell the occasional white lie. Does that make me a bad person ?

tony draper
25th Oct 2004, 13:54
Bet yer were biting lumps out of the carpet on May 2nd 2003 BD.
Once worked with a chap who gave up smoking,one lasted two days with him then demanded another partner to work with, he came very close to losing his teeth along with his nicotine addiction.

25th Oct 2004, 14:07
Bet yer were biting lumps out of the carpet on May 2nd 2003 BD.
Indeed, Mr. Draper ... and on the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. It was a long time before that feeling went away too. What kept me on track was the thought that if I went back to smoking, I would have put myself through months of absolute sh.. for nothing.

25th Oct 2004, 14:08
Been there, tried that, wondered what all the fuss was about.

25th Oct 2004, 14:16
I gave up a while back and won't smoke again. I do however miss the ritual of unwrapping a crisp new packet of cigarettes, lighting up, that first deep pleasurable drag and then exhaling in the direction of a sanctimonious non smoker. :}

Flip Flop Flyer
25th Oct 2004, 14:52
Yup, gave up smoking around 10 minutes ago. When I've written this, I'll start smoking again. I also stopped smoking last night, but started again when I woke up this morning.

Last Friday I actually had a beer without a smoke, but that was at FL360ish and in seat 7F. Still a horrible experience, which one shall have nightmares about for ages.

I'll stop smoking when the whinging non-smokers stop breathing.

25th Oct 2004, 15:18
whinging non-smokers stop breathing.
No, I'd rather let smokers die of lung cancer. Far less effort required on my part.

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Oct 2004, 15:36
I gave up in October 81.... shite!! how old does that make me? Did it cold turkey, and never looked back, but then I only smoked for 13 years before that so it wasn't like I was hooked or anything.


25th Oct 2004, 15:51
I was only just born in '81! I gave up January 2nd 2001 after six years(started young)! Still not smoking and pleased about that :D :ok:

25th Oct 2004, 15:54
I think with this new front size I'll have to start again.

I don't adapt to change very well, or so my shrink tells me.

25th Oct 2004, 18:03
haven't quit smoking, but only smoked about 4 cigarettes today so far which is pretty good going since I've been awake for 7 hours so far

Val d'Isere
25th Oct 2004, 18:06
*coughs guiltily* :yuk: .

25th Oct 2004, 22:22
4th of October 2004 - 3 weeks ago and it was surprisingly easy. Just made the decision and haven't looked back, odd bit of gum in the pub and that is it.

Wish I'd done it years ago. It was all down to frame of mind.


25th Oct 2004, 22:35
Haven't actually smoked for a fortnight. I don't think that using gum counts as having kicked the habit.

At least the gum is cheaper, patches cost as much as coffin nails and it's a sdo when you run out of them.

How come tobacconists can open all hours and yet you can't get NRT when you need it ?

Surely if the governement was serious about helping folk to quit, they'd make the substitutes as easily available.

26th Oct 2004, 03:58
Dur, If you were collecting tax on two items, one of which reaped 10 times as much tax as the other, which would you push?
Seriously though, good point Thirty06.

26th Oct 2004, 04:28
Since you asked, Captain, and because all the details are still clear in my mind, I'll give you my history. It may be of some interest to you but everybody else can stop reading here because it's bloody boring.

First thought about giving up in 1979 after smoking for 11 years when I found myself with cigarettes burning that I didn't even remember lighting. Decided I would make a conscious effort to smoke only the ones I really enjoyed, and cut out the ones that were just habit; thought that should bring it back from 30 to about 10 a day. I am here to say that plan does not work.

1981 I decided I'd have another go. Considerable anguish. Especially when drinking; you know the story. Because I was so used to having a cigarette in my hands, I took to holding an unlit one. Next step was to drag on unlit cigarette. Next step back was to start volunteering to light other people's, followed closely by the inevitable quick drag of it before I handed it back, followed finally by the miserable realisation that I had failed and after four wasted months gave up the whole giving up thing as a bad joke.

This prompted some soul searching, and I finally hit upon a fundamental truth, which you will need to understand if you are going to be successful. Unless you really want to give it up, you can't. And in hindsight I realised that not once in that four months had I genuinely believed I had given it up for good.

Fast forward to 1992, September 29 to be precise. I was laid up with such a case of bronchitis that smoking was out of the question anyway, when I heard on the news that our state government had put an extra dollar tax on each packet of 25. Together with the smoking nazis making life difficult wherever I went, I made the decision there and then, and made a crucial symbolic gesture of tearing up each cigarette remaining in my packet.

It was tough, bloody tough for the first week. The mind keeps screaming Hey! HEY!!! Haven't you forgotten something???? HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!

Won't try to pretend the urge goes away for a long time either, but the first week or two was the worst, and if you are committed to giving them up, it's doable. Even now I'm still on the wagon, and I know that if I slide just once, I'll be back on them. I still get the occasional urge, but I only have to look at the cost of the things to be able to dismiss it. I think I can now safely say I'm finished with them.

Lotsa luck, Captain, but if you're not committed, it won't work. Wait till you are.

26th Oct 2004, 07:02
I gave up in 1973, after daughter #2 was born and I had a vasectomy, (couldn't smoke in hospital!). In the intervening 31 years, almost every time I push my chair back from the table, the thought pops into my mind "I'd love a cigarette with my coffee".
Like Binos, I've found the wish doesn't go away, EVER, the best I can do is try to remember one morning not long after coming home from hospital. SWMBO and self had been in the Mess (RAF) the previous evening, and I opened the wardrobe door to get dressed. The smell of stale tobacco wafting out convinced me never to light another and, to this day, haven't. It was truyly awful! Nor have I forgotten the reply when I commented on it - "that's what I've lived with all these years", another reason not to restart!

I'd love one right now, though!

BTW, I've felt no different, healthwise, other than a heightened sense of taste!

Kind regards,


26th Oct 2004, 14:16
Well what you feel and reality can often be quite different. You may have just become used to your new super-healthy state!

tony draper
26th Oct 2004, 16:29
You strike me as a chap who would have done well with a pipe Mr Binocs, alus seen pipe smokers as calm reflective coves, did try it oneself once, but the Japanesey tea ceremony type rituals associated with pipe smoking got on ones tits,plus twas costing me a fortune in matches, one could not keep the buggah going for more than fifteen seconds.
Chap I worked with at the time was a pipe man,he could fill his, light the buggah up in Harrogate, and still be puffing on it when we got home to Newcastle.
I love the smell of pipe tobacco, thrusting ones nose into a newly open pouch of shag was one of lifes great pleasures, unfortunatly it don't quite taste the same when fire is applied.

26th Oct 2004, 17:06
Sorry guys/gals me and my trusty pipes will continue, so in answer to the question - not me.

26th Oct 2004, 17:14
I read my horoscope the other day... it said

Cancer... should you smoke? *cough* :)

26th Oct 2004, 17:18
I'll be honest that I still have the occasional smoke, especially on a night shift at 3:00 in the morning.

Plazbot used to smoke quite a bit and just went totally cold turkey one day. Now he's so totally anti-smoking, almost a no-smoking Nazi.