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25th Oct 2004, 04:02
5 Megabytes, Windows Media (.wmv) file


25th Oct 2004, 08:29
One of the craziest French modelbuilder happened to be a test pilot and the father of a colleague of mine. Some of his most famous ones are : flying wheelbarrow, Perrier bottle, toilet door, lawn mower, witch on a broom, clothes iron, etc.

a biography with some pics (http://www.chouette-club.net/explication/texte.htm)

The late Igor Sikorski reportedly said, (quoting from memory) "anything can fly, with a powerful enough enigne".
As a father of the uglycopter, he knew what he was talking about
:E :rolleyes:
[Dons helmet and flak jacket]

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Oct 2004, 08:33
I'm impressed. I want one.

Then again my skills flying RC aircraft are a bit rusty. I must get some of my old planes out and bush up.

25th Oct 2004, 08:39
Feeton, check your PM

Onan the Clumsy
25th Oct 2004, 12:28
I wish I could land that well

I wish I could mow that well too

itchy kitchin
25th Oct 2004, 14:05
...and it cuts its own landing strip!