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Baldricks Mum
25th Oct 2004, 00:53

whipping boy
25th Oct 2004, 01:19
Can I come over and play at your house?

25th Oct 2004, 01:47
Thats very funny, wheres the media....Surely they are on their way.

Baldricks Mum
25th Oct 2004, 02:01
The photo was taken from the Lego news chopper. They were taking Barbie for a joy flight when the accident happened. Apparently Beach Boy Ken was in Business Class and we are waiting for him to turn his plastic mobile phone on to get a description of what happened.

The Tonka crane has been called in.

"Oh the Humanity!"


25th Oct 2004, 02:46

25th Oct 2004, 04:51
I am sure that same photo got moved to Jetblast recently....

On a serious note, it has not been the best of months for ground ops :

Taipei-Sungshan - A320-232 - B-22310 - On landing at runway 10 the A320 veered off to the left of the paved surface coming to rest in a ditch.
Mumbai-Intl - A BA 747-400 taxied too close beneath the SAA A340-212 aircraft and both wings collided shearing of the latters winglet and wingtip.
Istanbul Atatuerk-Intl - Airbus A300B4-103 - TC-ONK - On landing in rain, the aircraft failed to decelerate porperly, so the pilots steered the A300 off the runway where it came to a stop on the grass a few meters further.
Melbourne-Tullamarine - 737-3M8 - ZK-FDM - The aircraft rolled over the edge of the tarmac coming to rest with its left main undercarriage partially on the grass
Anchorage-Intl - MD-11F - N275WA - Immediately after the aircraft began to accelerate on the takeoff runway the nose move sharply upward causing the tail empennage to strike the ground. The takeoff was aborted and the aircraft taxied back to its parking stand. At the time the MD-11 was operating on a 2-engine ferry flight with its aft center engine #2 inoperative. To reduce drag, the crew elected earlier to raise the center gear but takeoff weight and center of gravity (CoG) calculation were made for a "all gear extended"-configuration
Kuala Lumpur-Sepang - Airbus A330 - Whilst undergoing routine preflight checks engineers found multiple cable severed obviously caused by vandalism. The Airbus was grounded for further inspections. This was the 3rd such case after a similar event occured in October and November 2003 on another A330 and a Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines

Desert Flower
25th Oct 2004, 06:27
Well Barbie & Ken split ages ago, so not sure if you'll get an unbiased story there. Ken will probably claim that Barbie's helicopter was at fault & vicey versa! Seriously though, great thread!


25th Oct 2004, 08:20
hahahah i never thought i would ever see an Owned picture on this forum!

The Invisible Cat
25th Oct 2004, 09:46
One thunk the Mod who just moved this thread to JB overlooked that there's already a thread running here, having started with very same piccy.

One won't even bother posting a link to it as 'tis on same page.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2004, 10:15
QF has another over-run Accident

Oh look. Can we stop picking on QANTAS now?

25th Oct 2004, 11:39
Next thing we'll see will be Dick Smith on the G.I. Joe Show blaming the need for airspace reform on this terrible accident.

JB Mods
25th Oct 2004, 11:41