View Full Version : Apologise to the Germans? Naff Orrrrffff!!

24th Oct 2004, 21:18
Recent headline in certain newspaper made one's blood boil....... They want the Queen to apologise for the bombing of Dresden?

How about an apology from that lot about murdering so many Jewish children?

One thinks the Queen should say Foxtrot Oscar to them instead.

'Tis about time they learned that it is best to keep your mouth shut when you are one of the most Bit of a gross generalization there Techchick - not allowed!.

What about the unpaid reparations? Pay it back with interest before you have the cheek to ask for apologies!!

tony draper
24th Oct 2004, 21:29
Here! here! TC, dammed foreigners!!!a pox on em I say.

To quote somebody at the time.
"They have sowed the wind, they shall now reap the wirlwind"

24th Oct 2004, 21:33
A man after one's own heart, Mr Draper|!!!

As Mr Kipling said,

"If England was what England seems,
And not the England of our dreams,
But only putty, brass and paint,
'Ow quick we'd drop 'er, but she ain't!!!!"

24th Oct 2004, 21:37
And what newspaper would that be?

24th Oct 2004, 21:39
I think it was the Daily Mail... around last wednesday............

Shoot 'em as traitors, one thinks

24th Oct 2004, 21:39
And who are "They"?

24th Oct 2004, 21:43
So you are having a go at the Germans because of what a British newspaper writes. :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2004, 21:45
'They' Are anyone who disputes that we were right to bomb the **** out of the murdering gits. they showed no mercy to the Jewish community........ anyone who was too old, young or sick to be put to work in the camps were murdered. What sort of people kill babies and then think they have the right to reserve sunbeds by putting their manky towels on them??????

Demand reparations in full before any kind of apology!!!!!!!!

tony draper
24th Oct 2004, 21:51
Believe me Mr Davaar there are plenty of "they" in this country, we are awash with them,particularly the media, they would burble with delight and hug themselves with glee, if they could get us to apologise for our entire history, **** em! bloody touchy feely PC luvvies.

24th Oct 2004, 21:57
Just a small warning. There may be a tendency to blame today's inhabitants of a country for what their forebears did. "Sins of the fathers" and all that. Not sure that would be entirely fair, although I do understand the "anger" at any demands for apologies as that is also "unfair".

Just to let you know this will NOT be allowed to turn into a xenophobic rant zone!

24th Oct 2004, 21:59
This reminds me of a previous thread where a British city council wanted to ban Trafalgar celebrations because they thought it might upset the French.

As expected it turned into a French bashing exercise, eventhough the French had nothing to do with it, as it was purely the decision of a British city council.

Go figure. :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2004, 22:05
I am sure that's so, Dr draper, and I share your revulsion. Still, who are the "They" who are reported to wish the Queen to apologise? Germans? Brits? Journalists? Surely the answer is available, and one can put a response in context.

To think you thought we had run out of topics! Now I see the manky towel thread looming.

24th Oct 2004, 22:11
I haven't seen the story but spit on the PC luvvie who takes it seriously!

I would point out that the Germans are our traditional 'friends' and would be censored if I mentioned who our traditional enemy is, but we have spent most of the past 1000 years fighting them or helping the Germans do same.

In conversation with a German colleague last week I told was telling him about Remembrance Day. Not the the celebration of victory over another but the remembrance of the fallen. He was rather moved and loves English tradition. He was miffed because he'd missed the Last Night of the Proms.

What is the country coming to?!

Flying Lawyer
24th Oct 2004, 22:15
"What sort of people kill babies and then think they have the right to reserve sunbeds ......................................... ??????"


I don't think this thread's for us Davaar. ;)

24th Oct 2004, 22:17
This thread may not be for many people soon FL! ;)

Onan the Clumsy
24th Oct 2004, 22:37
anyone who was too old, young or sick to be put to work in the camps were murdered. What sort of people kill babies and then think they have the right to reserve sunbeds by putting their manky towels on them?????? I'm sure WE never did this.

(well, maybe not the sunbeds)

24th Oct 2004, 22:40
Here is a link that may shed some light on who said what to whom. It mentions the Daily Express ran the piece.;)


24th Oct 2004, 22:45
Carefull now Onan, or you might be labelled a traitor and ordered shot.

Oh, my mistake. Only a German would suggest such a thing. :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2004, 23:03
That does not surprise me a bit. It's a well know trick for a political Party to stimulate patriotic outrage using the media when you are losing the support of the masses. Get them excited over some patriotic issue and a convenient bad guy (no matter how stale or unlikely), and and they'll follow any moron waving a flag. Especially when you don't want people to scrutinize too closely what you're doing meantime :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2004, 23:25
TC - understand your frustration mate but you really should know better, this thread has the lifespan of a Hare at Silverstone on Grand Prix day.


24th Oct 2004, 23:31
More inverse xenophobia from our wonderful press I see.

understand your frustration mate

So would I, if the story had any genuine foundation...

Is it possible to simultaneously doubt, but then trust the ultra right-wing dross tabloids propagate depending on one’s personal inclination?

It was insulting to the French to suggest that they would take offence at the Trafalgar celebration, as it is to the Germans to insinuate they have applied pressure for an apology over Dresden.

We really do have the worst press imaginable.

I would like to publicly apologise for starting the Trafalgar / Totnes thread, it was extremely naïve to think that it could have turned into jovial banter, as opposed to the xenophobic free-for-all that it became.

So you are having a go at the Germans because of what a British newspaper writes.


25th Oct 2004, 00:03
I find this thread every bit as nauseating as the constant extremist, xenophobic ranting the Express puts out on a daily basis.

Since no evidence whatsoever has been put forward for the story's premise and the whole thing is turning into a bashing session, can I put in a plea for this thread to be closed?

And TechChick? You should be ashamed of yourself. :rolleyes: :yuk:

25th Oct 2004, 00:22

we, ze Germans, have said "Sorry" at every opportunity there was during the last 60 years, and so had I although being of a generation that has nothing to do with Nazi Germany, neither does the previous one. Most of the murderers are either dead or nearly so and I think that we should finally close this chapter in the history books. I am freaking sick of it now!

Let's better focus on war crimes that are happening nowadays. For example, invading a independet country without any legal authorisation and killing women and children there using "smart bombs". Yes, Techchick, I am talking about you following the weird Mr. W into Iraq, without any authorisation by the UN or whatsoever.

If the UN had balls, we would be sending troops in to free the Iraq from the occupying forces. Germany made mistakes 60 years ago, you are just doing now.

Your turn Techchick.

29th Oct 2004, 12:09
From AOL News (internal so cannot post a link im afraid)

The Queen is being urged to apologise to the German people for Allied bombing raids carried out during Second World War.

A major German newspaper piled pressure on the monarch, just days before a state visit, with pictures of the bombing of Dresden and the headline “Will the Queen finally say sorry?”

The inflammatory move is believed to be part of a greater clamour among German politicians and diplomats to get Britain to apologise.

The demands have outraged ex-servicemen and women across the UK, many of whom risked their lives on a daily basis in the fight against Hitler.

War veterans groups were almost unanimous in their condemnation of the Germans' call for an apology.

Peter Storrar, from the RAF’s 610 Squadron Association, said: “They started it and reaped the whirlwind.

“I remember seeing Liverpool absolutely devastated and it was like that all over Britain.”

Col John Goodsir, vice-chairman of the Air Crew Association, said: “The majority of our members who served in the Second World War would not favour the idea of the Queen saying sorry.”

The Queen, who lived in London during the Blitz, is due to begin a royal visit on Tuesday.

She will attend a charity performance of the Berlin Philharmonic intended to raise cash for the restoration of Dresden Cathedral.

The Dresden raids in 1945 claimed about 40,000 German lives.

They were designed to crack German morale with wave upon wave of British and US bombers resulting in firestorms on the ground from which there was no escape.

Supporters say the raids hastened the end of the war, but critics say they may not have been tactically necessary.


itchy kitchin
29th Oct 2004, 12:15
Quote: The Dresden raids in 1945 claimed about 40,000 German lives.

Allied aircrew losses, Bomber Command: 55,000

Boss Raptor
29th Oct 2004, 12:15
Have just seen this myself on AOL News...well what can we say without being accused of being nationalist!?

Suggest the Germans have a hell of a lot more to apologise for and to an awful lot more people...so they can stick it where the sun dont shine...and start groveling themselves...and I'd suggest the Queen withdraws her visit (but of course Bliar Eurocrony wont like that)...

Ooo' let's not forget the Germans started it all...

Tony Draper up next pls ;)