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Solid Rust Twotter
24th Oct 2004, 09:11
I'm looking for a copy of a painting I saw in the wardroom of the SA Babbelas en route Antarctica a few years back. It depicted the British men o' war HMS Erebus and HMS Terror under full sail and heeling with a following wind with a background of icebergs and bergy bits. Artist unknown. Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain a copy?

Mr Draper, yer honour sir, any ideas?

tony draper
24th Oct 2004, 09:50
Just had a swift shufty Mr T unfortunatly ones internet connection seems very slow this morning, what one has discovered is that a number of different painting of Erebus And Terror exist, if you could supply a few more details,ie background scenery ect.
Loads of websites on the Franklin Expedition, will have a look a bit later, when hopfully all these civilians will get off the internet and it speeds up a tad.



24th Oct 2004, 09:58
J Franklin Wright if it's the one where they are astern thru bergs being towed by tender.

available www.sportsgalleries.com

*must read Drapes thread first! D'oh.

Solid Rust Twotter
24th Oct 2004, 10:42
Herr Draper and SLF

Thanks for the links. They're not the pic I'm looking for but great renditions nonetheless. The one I have in mind shows both great ships about a half mile apart heeling to leeward as a following/quartering wind drives them through a confused sea with icebergs and bergy bits in the far background. Hair on my arms prickles just thinking of it......:ok:

tony draper
24th Oct 2004, 11:41
The search continues, meanwhile one has found a spiffing painting one really likes.


A workmate and self would often call into his mothers house for a cuppa when we were in the area she a marvelous painting of a Clipper under full sail done in oils on her wall, not by anybody well known that I recal, someone broke into her house and nicked only the painting, often wonder who's wall that ended up on.

fred peck
24th Oct 2004, 15:17
Is this it?


regards fred

24th Oct 2004, 16:48
Ah yes, The Erebus a bomb ketch, built in 1826 and abandoned in 1848 in the Arctic

see http://www.cronab.demon.co.uk/E.HTM for details.

tony draper
24th Oct 2004, 21:22
Hmmm found this one, for some reason Google is painfully slow tonight, in fact it has been all day, bloody weekend surfers!!



As I said there appears to be quite a few paintings of Erebus and Terror, only found one that roughly fits your description,it has a lot of red and orange in the sky as if a stormy sunset behind the vessels, trouble is the image of the painting is tiny and tiz difficult to really make out any detail.

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Oct 2004, 03:08
y'all must have the wrong search engine.




Solid Rust Twotter
25th Oct 2004, 07:34
None of the above. Thanks for the effort folks. I'll try to get someone on the ship or in Cape Town to take a piccie (if the painting hasn't been nicked yet) and post it on here.