View Full Version : Outrageous Phone Charges..paying for 911 (999)

22nd Oct 2004, 23:23
Between the 2 of us, we have a cell phone each, a land line with unlimited long-distance calling and a phone in the kitchen for the kid to use...call his friends so to speak. The base cost of the line is $7:95. Fair enough we think...Here's our bill...

Flat Rate Residence: $7.95 and now the extras..

Touch Tone: $1.00 (Didn't know you could still buy dial phones).
FCC Subscriber line charge: $6.26
Local Number portabilty surcharge: $0.21
Federal Universal Service Charge Fund: $0.56 (This goes into a fund to pay bills of customers who don't pay their bills !!)
New Jersey 911 fee from July 1st $2.70
911 fee for October: $0.90
Federal tax: $0.61
State Tax $1.22

for a total of $13.46 in fees on a $7.95 service. What the hell is happening here? It's getting as bad as buying an airline ticket with all the extra fees... I almost fell over when I saw the charges for dialing the emergency 911 number


23rd Oct 2004, 15:05
They charge you for 911 calls?? I'd get onto your phone company and ask whats going on!

Federal Universal Service Charge Fund ? You're paying for the gits who don't pay theirs??

After that, the solution is to not pay and have someone else cover it for you! ;)

Tuba Mirum
23rd Oct 2004, 22:45
Sounds more like a charge for providing the 911 service.

Maybe you can refuse to pay it, but then you don't get to call 911 when the house catches fire... :(

24th Oct 2004, 12:16
seems weird that there're two charges for 911 calls on your phone charges.

sheesh you got taxed twice as well

Sadly a lot of these additional charges are the ones you're not told about in newspaper advertisments or tv commercials.

Similar thing happens when enquiring about obtaining digital tv for house. Advertisment in the newspaper looked good, digital tv for upto 4 rooms, free installation, just $49.99 per month

seemed fair enough, but then again that didn't includ a call-out fee, equipment hire, monthly warenty fee etc.

turned out that instead of being a nice $49.99 per month it ended up being about $85 for the first month and $60 for each other month.