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22nd Oct 2004, 19:39
Hi to all PPruners,
As the aviation job markets a tad depressed right now, I have formed a company (luckyheather flight training) that is guaranteed to find low hours pilots that first job in the right hand seat. Interested? Read on!
Firstly as a CAA recognised school, we will put all of our fATPL through a gruelling selection process which works as follows;
Verbal reasoning:
Each candidate must demonstrate advanced handwriting skills, culminating in a difficult but challenging exercise we like to call "writing a cheque" which ties in nicely with that other skill important in aviation...
Candidates must be able to count to (and write) the number twenty thousand.

After we have selected the best of the best, we will groom candidates for their first airline position. This is where we differ from other, less reputable firms. We will pair a candidate with an airline and conduct all their future training accordingly. For instance, Ryanair candidates will be charged for cups of tea and coffee and work longer hours than other candidates. Whereas those destined for Virgin atlantic will be assigned their own "wipers"...say no more.
So when you next visit that bottomless pit that we imagine your wallet to be... think lucky heather.
PS. Ask about our driveway tarmac service.:D

Racing Green
22nd Oct 2004, 19:52
'Hear, hear' or is it 'here, here'

22nd Oct 2004, 20:25
Im sooooooooooooooo excited.......where do I SIGN up?