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21st Oct 2004, 12:50
I can't visit these hallowed (ahem) :O walls much these days between careering around the world and having taken the internet off my home machine etc etc but even the most unobservant, irregular visitor would notice this flurrying of voting for threads. Not long ago one or two or perhaps on a good day up to five threads there abouts on the first page would have prompted a few peope to vote. Now it seems to be the order of the day & for the first time immemorial in my memory anyway the amount of threads sporting votes outnumbers (vastly) the amount that are not.

Why all this flourishing of voting, why has it suddenly caught on so? Or is just one of these quirks of fate that has no explanation. (Wait till I give meself a 5!) ;)

21st Oct 2004, 12:57
Apparently someone was bored which explains the flurry of gradings - Paterbrat posted about it yesterday ;)

21st Oct 2004, 21:00
Obviously a music quizzer. He gave this week's quiz a 5 rating. Take that scran! :E

21st Oct 2004, 21:52
The reason everything has 5-star is because these are the best threads on the site!

The Invisible Cat
21st Oct 2004, 21:59
dear and beloved mods

MERGE BUTTON out of order for maintenance or wot ?

:} :}

One thunk there's also some duplicate posts on R&N. Danny would never have allowed that, before

21st Oct 2004, 22:36
TIC. Try they are all out at work/away or something like that. Dayjob and all that........:suspect:

21st Oct 2004, 22:44
dont you hate it when your day job interferes with your prune-life?

(reminds me of a slogan from the liquor advisory councel)

21st Oct 2004, 22:44
Moderators have mysterious ways...wait and see :cool: