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Training Risky
21st Oct 2004, 12:27
...like a gravy train but it moves much slower and you can take bigger helpings


This takes the biscuit, especially this...

On top of their annual salaries and pensions, MPs who do not live near the House of Commons can claim up to 20,902 a year in expenses for a second home in the capital.

Spare a thought for all the other poor b*ggers in London who can't afford their own house!

I can't believe they get away with this.

In this case the Freedom Of Information act has proved to be of some slight benefit to the public!

How about a Military government, comrades!

simon brown
21st Oct 2004, 12:44
House Of Commons Expense Form

Johnson. B. Rt Hon MP Henley- On- Thames

Wed 20th October 2004

Taxi to Reading station 15
1st Class rail fare Reading - Liverpool 200
Taxi From Lime Street to BBC Liverpool to say sorry 10
Taxi From BBC to Liverpool chamber of commerce to say sorry 10
Taxi from Chamber of commerce to Dockside for interview to say sorry 10
Taxi to local Working Mens club to say sorry 10
Taxi from working mens club to Liverpool Savoy 10
Large lunch (including helping of humble pie) 150
Taxi to railway Station 10
Taxi Home 8.50
Bumping into old lady and apologising.....priceless

Dont apologise in future Boris its too expensive on us taxpayers


21st Oct 2004, 13:19
What got me was that some woman MP (forget name and party) was claiming for the London flat as she maintained a home in her constituency........

........... which was Richmond .........

......... Surrey not Yorkshire .......

..... about 40 mins by tube from Westminster on a good day!!:yuk:

Lou Scannon
21st Oct 2004, 13:45

Shorely shome mishtake in expecting our political leaders to travel with the common herd...or have a commoner's pension...or receive a commoner's expense allowance...etc etc.:yuk:

Send Clowns
21st Oct 2004, 14:01
Simon - you sure he didn't cycle? Boris certainly cycles round London. No tubes or taxis for him on his regular days.

tony draper
21st Oct 2004, 14:06
I know of one none politician who was claiming Tyne Tunnel Toll charges four times a day on journeys from Durham City to Harrogate, when queried he said
"I lost me A to Z boss".
hee hee true that is,

Standard Noise
21st Oct 2004, 14:20
I'm racking up a nice list of questions for my areas prospective candidates come next election time. Must find out how much my MP is claiming, anyone care to direct me to the right publication?

21st Oct 2004, 16:41
Once the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 comes into force on 1 January 2005, there's no limit to the type of information you can ask any Government Department or Local Authority for.

Including the salaries of officials - and I got that 1st hand from the Information Commissioner himself, no less. :E

Oh, and he also said that any functionary who withholds requested information had better have a cast-iron reason for doing so, too.

According to the Act itself, potential embarrassment of official or politicians does not constitute adequate cause.

Could be interesting times ahead. :ok:

itchy kitchin
21st Oct 2004, 16:45
RE: The Freedom Of Information Act.

The more "embarrasing" or "sensitive" a piece of information is, the higher the search fee will be.

It should be call the Expensive Information Act.

21st Oct 2004, 16:50
Not the case at all, itchy kitchin.

Government departments have already decided to waive the search fee if the overall cost of answering the query is less than 500.

That'll buy you about 2 weeks of an Administrative Officer's time at current charging rates.

Capn Notarious
21st Oct 2004, 22:37
I wonder if any EMPEE will be submitting expense claims for a
Shrubbery with a white fence all around it?

22nd Oct 2004, 08:10
I am led to believe that MP's get free rail travel to and from places in the UK.

22nd Oct 2004, 08:29
MPs hit taxpayers' pockets with 209m expenses claim (http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/story.jsp?story=574851)

22nd Oct 2004, 10:58
What would be interesting would be to average out the MP's expenses and discover how they compare with some other professions. Then perhaps we could compare them along party lines and find out which party costs the most, much amusement ahead I think.

22nd Oct 2004, 11:17
I was thinking of complaining about the 70 grand my MP takes as expenses - then I realised he is at the bottom of the pile!

Mr Chips
22nd Oct 2004, 11:21
Ok, so now the figures are available, and it is obvious that some MPs are taking the pi$$, what is going to be done about it???

simon brown
22nd Oct 2004, 11:21
Lets assume Tony Banks "works" 5 days a week in Westminster and has 5 weeks holiday ( they have a lot more than that obviously)

That means he would be commuting 236 days a year

20000/236= 84.74 / day on average to go 3 miles from West Ham to Westminster

Simplistic analysis I know, but it seems a little excessive to me.I can do a 200 mile round trip in the car, park up in Central London and back for 35

If their expenses were scrutinised with the same zeal mine are, I bet a pound to a penny there would be a certain amount of creativity found in many cases

22nd Oct 2004, 11:21
They don't have to produce receipts for claims of less than..

wait for it...