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21st Oct 2004, 00:17
One hath recently purchased a small hound of the Labrador persuasion.

Her name be'eth Lara De Silva after my two favourite batsmen and already shows signs of a cricketing aptitude despite only being 7 weeks old.

L'il gitess appears to view biting as her only source of pleasure but it appears that she is completely normal in this respect.

Any other Ppruners own Labs?

21st Oct 2004, 00:52

We have had a few. Great dogs. Remeber if you let them sit on the furniture get a good brush, they molt all over the place.


21st Oct 2004, 02:49
Great dogs. A friend had a black one many years ago, at the same time his infant grandson was just beginning to crawl. She'd come up behind the kid, grab him off the floor by his diaper and carry him around the house. When she'd put him back down, I swear that dog was grinning. :D

21st Oct 2004, 04:50
"Labrador" is a word meaning "unconditional love".

They're just the most affectionate and faithful mutts around. And they eat heaps. Of anything. And put their noses in personal places. And they love to get wet, and then share the water with you.

You'll enjoy.:ok:

21st Oct 2004, 05:11
I do. His name is buddy and he is God's own dog. I don't know what I did to be so lucky as to have him around.

21st Oct 2004, 07:47
A yellow one .....Buster , 5 years old now . I must admit , hard work getting him to listen , if he's on a trail forget it . Escaped from the garden five times this last week in search of food . New fence going up on Saturday ! Great dogs , faithful but need a lot of attention .

21st Oct 2004, 09:44
They do eat anything indeed BW. Once looked after a neighbours lab whilst they went on holiday & he got into the garage & ate the dry mix. I mean all 10kgs of it. Cue dash to the vets, who offerd by way of giggles, advice to water him regularly & let nature take it's course.

Bloody dog looked like a barrell with a stick at each corner & farted every two minutes for the next three days.:p

Standard Noise
21st Oct 2004, 12:13
Yep, labs are wonderful dogs. Fantastic creature is Lucy-fer. Could eat for Britain (or just eat Britain if she got the chance) and produces more gas than Centrica. I swear those charcoal biscuits don't work though, the more of them we give her, the more she lets rip!!!

Still, wouldn't be without her, she's great fun and very affectionate. But the wet nose in the armpit at 6 in the morning is wearing a bit thin now she's four and a half. I'm trying to train her to walk round the other side of the bed to nudge the wife instead. Ain't working...............yet.

21st Oct 2004, 21:59
Does anyone have a few tricks to share with regard to the l'il puppies desire to bite anyone who pets her?

Not proper biting of course, just the sort of nipping that small hounds engage in with other small hounds. Bloody painful to little peeps though...

21st Oct 2004, 23:56
Have two golden Labs, just glad that i live in a country where i dont have to clean up their poop.....


22nd Oct 2004, 00:50
Bite her back, worked for me <G>....
I used to grab mine's lower jaw and make it unpleasant for him. Worked for all 3 of my labs. Other's tell me I am insane for doing that. Others have the rolled newspaper. I think still others have like lemon juice they painted their hands with or something like that.

They grow out of the faze pretty quickly.

My Current lab (named OTTER) is about 4 Chocolate coloured.
Previous Lab was best Dog at the wedding, and stood up with me (wearing a bowtie and cumberbun of course) and died at about 10 years old. He was a terror as anipper. When he was about 6 months old he attacked the phone book while I was out. It look like it snowed in the living room.

Previous Lab was Yellow and named Franklyn (After Benjamin Franklyn because he cost a hundred dollars and that who was on the bill)

First Lab was named "Lincoln" because he cost me 5 dollars. He was killed by a guy a fired from the restaraunt I was managing at the time (during college)...

Great dogs. Hopelessly loyal and sloppy...


Cardinal Puff
22nd Oct 2004, 05:35
Born to play....

Read "Sick Puppy" by Carl Hiaasen for an insight into the Lab psyche.:ok:

No such thing as a bad dog, only bad humans.

Val d'Isere
22nd Oct 2004, 05:51
Waddya call an intelligent blonde?

A labrador. :E

22nd Oct 2004, 06:25
Lucky you Chaffers,great dogs with wonderful temperaments.

At 7 weeks,she thinks of you as one of her littermate to play with hence the nips.
From my experience with my litters and watching what their mothers do when she gets nipped,gently wrap your hand over her muzzle and growl softly as you avoid eye contact followed by few minutes of pretending that she does not exist and let her suck up to you.This action translates into being an alpha dog and pups loves nothing more than knowing their places in their pack. She'll try to nip you as you pet her as a play,stop the action but don't move your hand away just growl. Once she wags her tail,continue to stroke her in a long motions similar to mother licking their pups yet demonstrating their dominance over them.
Within few months,nipping hands will move down to grabbing your pants legs and tugging merrily,stop dead on your track and fun of killing your pants will end soon.

Food is yours and yours only until she does something very cute for you in return like staying put or laying down then she'll get rewarded for her effort with food.
Never leave food around for her enjoyment over the day,moment she walks away from her food bowl,take the bowl away until next morning. Treats are treated in a similar fashion,it is yours until she performs a very good behaviour first.
Stay away from hot puppy foods,feed her adult dog food or those puppy foods labeled as "large breed puppy chow",she'll grow into her genetically printed size eventually but will not have growth spurs seen on overfed large boned puppies with much painful condition to pups and large Vet bills to loving owners.
If you feel she looks hungry all the time,bits of carrots and apple slices are far better than most treats.
One more thing,cut up old towels into large pieces. Moisten them with little water and place them in your freezer in a tinfoil and when she eyes your carpets or your shoes,give her one. As they begin teething,their gums itches something fierce and iced cold rags soothes the gums.

Good luck.:ok:

22nd Oct 2004, 08:18
There is an incurable lab disease called "selective deafnes"

100 dB shouts of "heel" etc can go totally unheard

Quietly rustle a piece of paper associated with food 100m away from sleeping Lab and observe instant reaction

22nd Oct 2004, 08:52
Padlock yer fridge. At about 20 weeks old Buster had figured out how to open the fridge door, (stuck his nose in the seal & levered it open).

Half-pound of butter later...:yuk:

Get her micro-chipped, lots of lab/spaniel theft about.

24th Oct 2004, 12:43
Back to the top ..... somebody MUST have missed this ! Lab lovers , fall in and report !

27th Oct 2004, 22:10
Little Lara seems to be rather a bitey creature.... She only nips though even so it can be rather painful, especially to sproglets.

Is this just a puppy phase or, as the vet commented when we took her for her jabs, is it a sign of a dominatrix sort of a personality?

Tried putting her outside till the wailing gets too much, commands of no biting etc, rewarding her when she is calm, giving her chews or soft toys instead and even biting her back but to little avail....

Do all 8 week old Labs do this?

Any wise Labby sage have a timescale or training routine to get over it?

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Oct 2004, 22:19

There's something earlier in the thread about cutting up old towels and soaking them before freezing to give the pup something to relieve the irritation of teething.

...Or feed her biltong.

tall and tasty
27th Oct 2004, 22:22

All puppys chew not just labs but the breed can be prone to chewing more. Give her plenty to chew on products made for dogs. They do it to strenghten their jaws help the milk teeth and cut their second. It is also a playful thing but can be done out of boredom. Keep her amused with differnt toys. Some are good can put toothpaste on so they clean their teeth at the same time and yes dogs need clean teeth too. Some have treats in them which can have opposite effects so use with care.

But they do grow out of it once they learn the world is full of fun things. Just make sure all the comp cables tv etc are out of her way including some plants house and outside or you may have a nasty accident.

But labs are good if you reward with treats but use sparingly as they also can get fat easily

Hope that is a bit of comfort but have fun a great breed to own


West Coast
28th Oct 2004, 01:46
Fairly heavy rains going on in SOCAL right now. Local news showed a rescue of a yellow lab stranded in the LA River. The dog had managed to make it to the edge of a culvert where it patiently awaited rescue. A LA fire dept. helo (UH1N/Bell412)
dropped a rescue swimmer down to the dog. Despite the rotor wash, associated noise, unknown person approaching it along with the stress of the situation the dog remained calm and was flown to safety no worse for the wear. This dog maintained its cool when many humans wouldn't have. Absolutely the best breed out there.

28th Oct 2004, 09:25
as the dog was in the water, what you couldn't see below was the dog pi:mad:ng it's pants with fear. :}

Have to agree with the selective hearing thing, ours was particularly deaf if there was a lady-dog in heat nearby. You could call him... shout... beg and plead for him to come back to you and he'd not even register that you'd spoken. Walk up 2 yards behing him and he'd not even glance in your direction. However, if he heard the toaster pop-up from 2 miles away he'd hear it and be on his way back home before you knew it. Gotta love 'em

28th Oct 2004, 10:11
Keep things you don't want chewed up out of reach till pup grows out of the chewing everything phase - eg shoes, hairbrushes, toilet paper, small appliances, books, toys, hands and feet, the cat's tail (usually only happens once - there may be a lesson here for us), the phone, the phone book, the vicar's leg, etc.

Supply pup with chewbone or similar. Squeaky toys are fun for a while.


Windy Militant
28th Oct 2004, 13:42
I'm more your Mutton Seeking Missile (Border Collie) type myself however on the subject of Labradors I suggest you seek out Jasper Carrotts "Sweet and Sour Labrador" I still snigger when I think of the sketch he did based on this. ;)

28th Oct 2004, 17:06
Mine's a beautiful retreiver called Toby. He's 11 this year, lazy as anything, been knocked by cars 4 times now but manages to survive each time, always looks for a pat or food and when I'm at college *sniff* I miss him! :{ :{ :{ :{ :{

28th Oct 2004, 18:22
I'm more your Mutton Seeking Missile (Border Collie) type myself

I'm with Windy Militant on this,however pups are pups and they all start the same. In absence of a littermates (between 5 to 8 weeks) who shows them which one is the top pup in their pack,poor Chaffer will continue to pay the price.
Since you acquired your pup at 7 weeks,valuable week in the puppy world is now replaced with your hands.

All pups will test their loving owners for dominance as long as the owners treats them as their equals or as children with fur.
Take her to a doggy park and assuming it is a safe area to run,let her loose with whole bunch of grown beasts and they'll put her in her place within seconds. Watch what they do and repeat at home.

Now,if this pup was mine and put her mouth on my hand,she will find herself first raised off the floor by her cheeck,then immediately pinned to the ground with a lot of snarling and snapping teeth from me until she peedles or tucks her tail to cover her belly and put on ignore until she learns how to approach me with greater respect but she's not my pup and many will find my way rather harsh without realizing this is exactly what ornery pups gets from their mothers or other dominant dogs.

Local news showed a rescue of a yellow lab stranded in the LA River

Apparently there were two stranded dogs out there,first was taken out on a fire truck's ladder and it was a Border Collie named Bruno.
Knowing Border Collies,I'm wondering if Bruno took the time to show the fireman how to leap two,three steps at a time?;)

One of my pup who was heading out to SAR home,I placed her on a ladder at 8 weeks to see her reaction,she loved it and thought it was the best fun she's ever had.
Our barn was under a major construction at the time and the workmen were building a scaffold using ladders. She figured out the ladder led to the roof and I kept finding her and my yellow cat on the barn roof. Little turd tried give me a coronary several time prior to flying the coop.

28th Oct 2004, 19:44
My faithful lab - mutt was the cause of my downfall.

Every night after tea we would both prepare for the evening walk, he (Oscar) with lead in mouth, me with wellies, and off we'd go for our 3 hour route march over land and sea, leaving the missus to do what wimmin do in the evening.
3 Hours or so later, we'd return, suitably worn out, and ready for a quick snifter prior to flopping out for the remainder of the evening.
This routine continued for almost 2 years, until my working pattern changed and I was required to work shifts.
The morning of the my 1st afternoon duty, Mrs Niknak informed me that she would be happy to take Oscar for his evening constitutional and i thought no more of it.

Got home at 1100pm to find Mrs Niknak waiting for me, rolling pin at the ready.
Oscar had done the dirty on me.
Knowing that the lead was very rarely required, she had left the house with him unattached, and expected hime to trot down the lane to the route she thought we took every night.
Instead he shot off stage left and dissapeared onto a footpath and out of sight.
Following the footpath she eventually came to the village pub, and went in to see if anyone had seen Oscar, only to find him in his usual spot by the fire, with a bone and his own bowl (donated by the staff) filled with ale , and a pint waiting on the bar for me.

Since then, evening walkies have been with Mrs Niknak as well as Oscar, and we do often finish up in the pub, the major difference being that pub time and walk time bear no resemblence to what they used to, and Oscar is on a strict bone and water diet.

Standard Noise
29th Oct 2004, 00:47
Lucy-fer started playing a fun new game on Tuesday, Mrs Noise and I were out with Lucy-fer for her morning constitutional and completely out of character, she ran off ahead and shot out into the road. We heard screeching tyres and when we arrived, expecting to see Lucy splatted, she was standing in the middle of the road barking at the car which had graciously not run her over. It appears she doesn't like Fords very much, very discerning is our Luce, obviously too used to be chauffered round in the back of our Discovery.

But I do hope this isn't going to be a regular thing, I don't think the old ticker could stand it.:uhoh:

Nick Riviera
29th Oct 2004, 12:24
Got a 10 year old chocolate lab, nutty as a barrel of monkeys. Would eat the whole house if he could. Incredibly loving and loyal, although does suffer from the selective deafness disease. If I want him to come to me I just have to touch his food bowl and he is there quicker than an exocet. From the moment my son was born the dog designated himself as protector. Best family dog you can get.

5th Nov 2004, 19:11
Whilst one's beloved Chaffers was tucked up in bed yesterday morning, one's youngest son came howling from the garden that Lara had picked up a dead rat, left by one of the cats as a 'present'. I dashed outside to retrieve it from her mouth, and was subjected to chasing her round the garden, in bare feet and dressing gown. Just as I managed to grab her, there was a big gulp, and said rat disappeared down her throat. It was more than satisfying, this morning, when chaffers had to pick up a dog poo from which there was the teeth of the expired rat protruding.
:E :E :E

Standard Noise
5th Nov 2004, 23:22
Didn't it give her terrible wind? (as in "has a dead rat crawled up your arse and died?"):}

6th Nov 2004, 09:53
How would a 'dead rat crawl up your arse and die' surely it would have to be alive to crawl up there in the first place?!:E :E :E sorry

6th Nov 2004, 11:21
yair...they're good chewers..came home from work one evening to find the back yard covered in green confetti-like stuff.Couldn,t work it out...but on closer inspection found that 15 metres of garden hose had been reduced to many,many 2cm bite-size bits!
But...when the missus came home and discovered she had left her expensive Italian leather shoes on the back door-step.....well...I ran and hid under the bed!!!!!:oh: