View Full Version : RedBull Airrace 2004 Budapest

Whiskey Zulu
20th Oct 2004, 21:49
RedBull Airrace 2004 Budapest (http://www.atcbox.com/Downloads/Movies/Aerobatics/RedBull_Airrace_2004_Budapest.wmv)

Wow .......Despite all the doom & gloom that abounds in our industry, this should remind you why you wanted to fly in the first place!

Broadband recommended, as 26mb download, but well worth the wait even if you only have 56k. :ok:

20th Oct 2004, 22:11
Very very cool :ok:

21st Oct 2004, 11:15
outstanding footage.

obviously the pilots are all at work today and this got over-looked on pprune............ :E


simon brown
21st Oct 2004, 11:51
I wonder if Ken Livingstone would approve...through Tower Bridge...Under Westminster Bridge......

Whiskey Zulu
22nd Oct 2004, 08:40
That I would like to see! :O