View Full Version : Anyone fancy a wedding??

20th Oct 2004, 17:18
Ebay link (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5527273221)

21st Oct 2004, 07:34
hmmmmm it's at 10,000,000.00 with 2 days to go

Bo Nalls
24th Oct 2004, 12:59
Wedding cad comes clean over invite sale (http://uk.news.yahoo.com/041024/80/f55x1.html) :\ :\

24th Oct 2004, 21:26

Eeeeeeeeeeek, far too scary for me!! I have devoted my heart to a certain ppruner, but as one has already experienced marriage, there is no chance of me repeating it.

Marriage is merely a bit of paper, and, in my opinion, a worthless one!!!!!!!

24th Oct 2004, 23:23
I thought giving away a house a cheap price for escape from my marriage sentance. Strangely enough she seemed to think the same
I didn't ask the inlaws what they thought, though usually they tell you anyway, not directly but by unsubtle hints and comments which can be ignored with practice.