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20th Oct 2004, 14:41
Mines 'Sweep Rack Reverberator Calculator'

Rocket Names (http://www.rftc.com/rocketname.php)

20th Oct 2004, 14:44
Hey, yer get a different one everytime you click 'generate'....

20th Oct 2004, 14:48
Disturbingly, mine was iBlast Assface Gay :uhoh:

Then I tried again and got Buzz Trapezoid Clam Dip ;)

20th Oct 2004, 14:53
timmcat - just do it once then, unless that is you get 'iBlast Assface Gay' then i'd have pressed it again too :p

20th Oct 2004, 14:54
Not as good a mine

Samurai Wankmaster :8

20th Oct 2004, 15:49
Seahawk Wank LaserNet:ok:

Seems to be a lot of wanking with these rocket chappies!

20th Oct 2004, 15:53
a^2 + b^2 = c^2 A-Side Cheezey

What's that about?

Any clues on how I should pronounce this when being introduced?




Just tried it again and I think this is slightly better

WhoreJet Fusion Processor

20th Oct 2004, 16:24
Hey Whirlygig - could be worse:

"I Love Blink-182" Big Helmet Slutship

WTF ????

20th Oct 2004, 18:26
This one I like

Flux Gin 'n' Juice

and these...

Hercules "The King" Fuerza

Muthafu**a Kerosine

"Pants Around Me Ankles" Hama

Boom Skynet de la luna

Lockheed Anti-Tank scudfist

Not going to use, but amusing....

Cowgirl Fusion

Bling-Bling Seahawk

deffo going on the bottle rockets next year! :ok: :ok:

Boss Raptor
20th Oct 2004, 19:25
Randy Assface

rather accurate - and there was me thinking this was a thread about 'Saturn, Soyuz' etc.

20th Oct 2004, 19:47
Seeing as mine was rather boring...

Green Hot Mama - ah thats better

Takan Inchovit
20th Oct 2004, 20:03
Dildo Neutralization System :E

21st Oct 2004, 04:18
"ZZ" Not bad at all.

21st Oct 2004, 04:28
Bloodhole Horizontal Darth

...whoa. Not this week, buddy...

and with my middle name included, I become...

Samurai Bitch-Ass de la Luna

BlueWolf, however, is:

Tomahawk Wankmaster X

...well, I did ask:rolleyes:

Buster Hyman
21st Oct 2004, 05:13
Gay iRock Meddler for BH

Dot Com Shweekiomamafatta Monotone for Gunthorn and

Kook Cowgirl for my real name....go figure!:confused:

Months of work on that website for, about 22 seconds of minor amusement!:rolleyes:

22nd Oct 2004, 06:02
It came up with Wankpilot Undigestable Scudfist...

...so I'm glad that my real name isn't Archiblad Snodgrass.
Poor old Archie.

The Rocket
22nd Oct 2004, 13:03
Hey, if your name was "Huge Erect Pen!s",

Your rocket name would be "Whore jet 420"

Childish yes, but very funny. :}

itchy kitchin
22nd Oct 2004, 13:27
I got "Limited R-22" as mine.
I don't even fly helicopters.:confused: