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19th Oct 2004, 17:53
How to spot a chav car..

If any of you are interested there is an interesting forum site called Migweb.com that specialises in discussion of the modification of very small cheap cars.

The guy in this link has taken it to a new level.

Tricked up Nova (http://www.migweb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=116847)

I especially liked the dustbin bonnet scoop and drainpipe exhaust extensions.

19th Oct 2004, 18:50
The kid done good.

Standard Noise
19th Oct 2004, 19:01
A couple of blue fluorescants underneath and he'd go down a storm with the rest of the "doof car" planks at Weston-soupy-mud sea front on a Saturday evening.

19th Oct 2004, 19:03
I'm with the Davaar man.

I was car crazy at 17. I recognise myself (albeit younger, thinner, and with hair) a couple of streets away from here, where a young lad worships his Saxo (yes, I know!)

Just so long as the lads cruise and look for admiration, rather than driving like prats or mugging old ladies, I feel okay about it.

19th Oct 2004, 19:32
The lad is a "Rattle Can Rembrandt"! I particularly liked the trippple exaust .

20th Oct 2004, 02:05
Mwwaaaa "doof car" planks , i love it.
Anyone know what the Greek translation of that might be?

Thank you for one of the funniest links I've seen.

Divergent Phugoid!
20th Oct 2004, 12:37
There was a bloke in Egham a few years ago who had a Red Vauxhall Viva. He made spoilers front and rear, side skirts and headlamp shrouds out of corregated cardboard. These were fixed to the car with brown packing tape and then these clever street mods spray painted red to match the rest of the motor. Must admit the lad didn't do a bad job for a first attempt.

Saw the car three days later being driven through Staines with soggy bits of cardboard hanging off everywhereafter it had been raining heavilly and didn't stop laughing for a WEEK!!

20th Oct 2004, 13:06
Check out http://www.chavscum.co.uk/culture.php to get the full low-down on these delightful young people and all that they worship (including car types).:yuk: