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18th Oct 2004, 16:13
So, back home they are having a referendum on devolution for the North-East.

That's fine with me, and about time too, but we must have recognition of our unique culture. First off I'd want my driving licence and other official documents written in our special dialect (its not just an accent, we use different words and grammar that baffle my wife). The Prince Bishop of Durham would exercise sovereignty on behalf of HM the Queen between the Tees and the Tweed - as he did in former days before the Act of Union with the Scots - and the English National Anthem (yes I said English) should be replaced by The Keel Row played on the Northumbrian Pipes. Our bairns would be taught to recite literary classics such as "The Lambton Worm" in school instead of wasting time on Shakespeare (who couldn't even spell his own name for goodness sake!)

I suppose the politicians would soon screw it up though - they've already renamed Teesside Airport to Durham Tees Valley or some such rubbish. Might as well carl it Darli'tun International and be done wi'it.

Howay the ladz!

tony draper
18th Oct 2004, 16:20
Just another tier of sweaty grasping self seekers with no powers who will do nowt but will cost us plenty and achieve buggah all but build nice little empire for themselves Mr B.
I think the folks of the N/E got more sense than to vote yes, leastwise one hopes so.

18th Oct 2004, 16:23
Remember T Dan Smith and the bloody Westgate building, city in the sky, all that rubbish:(

18th Oct 2004, 17:10
The marketing buggas at EGNV might want to call it Durham Tees Valley but ICAO are having none of it. Teesside it remains and Teesside it will forever remain.

Norvern folk will be pleased to learn that Yes4theNorthEast will be spending up to 665,000, funded by the Electoral Commission, to support its campaigns.

Now you know why we are slowly slipping behind the Sarf :uhoh: