View Full Version : Can anybody help the distressed mum of a scandihooligan (litterally) teen ?

18th Oct 2004, 09:31
As I'll be working Christmas this year, I had hoped to soften the blow for the family a bit by taking them to London for a pre-Christmas weekend.
No1 Child loves London shopping, and No2 Child, lifelong passionate Arsenal fan, could go with his Dad to see the game on dec 4th.
Yours truly of course would then have the perfect excuse to attend the Gatbash (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=138417), seeing how we'd be in London anyway. ;)

So found some affordable flights, found a way to get from Stansted to Gatwick, found a B&B in central London.
Tickets for the Arsenal game are impssible to secure though. :{
Have just spoken to the Club and it's a disaster. To buy tickets you need to become a member. (£60 for the 2 of them) which at this stage I'd even be willing to fork out as a Christmas pressie, but even then you are not guaranteed a ticket.

I am at my wits end and can see my whole plan going down the drain. I have of course been stupid enough to tell the family about this, so now the kids are all exited and I don't know what else to try to make this happen. :sad:

Any suggestions?

18th Oct 2004, 09:42
Flaps, isn't it against "lobby rules" to post club names of dubious taste??? :ooh:

Ropey Pilot
18th Oct 2004, 09:46
Arsenal tickets 7 Dec - ebay link (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=53629&item=2278171792&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW)

Don't know if this is allowed - but I am nothing to do with this auction - I just got some tickets for Maoon 5 in concert via ebay recently (great gig) and thought that footie tickets could go the same way.

You might find you have to pay top dollar for them, though.

If this is advertising then mods please delete at will (not that you need my permission...:p )

18th Oct 2004, 09:51
Thanks for that Ropey, it would be fantastic for him to go to that game, but it's the december 4th game against I think Birmingham (?) we're looking for. Dec 7th middle of school week so no go. Alas.

18th Oct 2004, 09:54
londonticketshop (dot, youknow) seems to have tickets available for 4 Dec (Birmingham) starting at GBP110. Bloody hell!!!

18th Oct 2004, 09:56
Have you tried Ticketmaster or any similar organisation?

The Invisible Cat
18th Oct 2004, 10:13
Wasn't that you who posted this (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1564649#post1564649) not long ago ?

DX Wombat
18th Oct 2004, 10:44
Flaps is this url (http://www.click-4-offers.co.uk/c/EN/football_tickets/) of any use to you? Ormaybe this one (http://www.blues.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Welcome) ? Good luck with the search :ok:
You could always try for Chelsea tickets instead:E

18th Oct 2004, 11:04
Flaps. Do not pay a ticket company on the net for tickets, you will get ripped right off 100%

Give us a day or two and I will ask around for you. :)

Biggles Flies Undone
18th Oct 2004, 11:07
Got a few Gooners season ticket holders here - I've put the hard word on them about finding a couple of spare tickets or I'll release the pics from the last christmas party.....

Will take a day or two and only an outside chance - let us know if you get lucky elsewhere so I can take the heat off the guilty ones :E

18th Oct 2004, 13:07
Just called the few that I know and no joy. Best they can do is ask around, Biggles sounds like your man :)

18th Oct 2004, 13:55
Wasn't that you who posted this not long ago ?

Yes TIC :hmm:, I am the short tempered one, not Flaps :E
...and sorry about your tail
"which tail"?
"this tail <STOMP!!!>"

18th Oct 2004, 14:02
Just rang another lifelong Gunners fan (yes I've been one for 30 odd years!)...he's confirmed that unless you're on the registered system or a season ticket holder (probably going to cost you a few crates of beer for BFU) there's more chance of Admiral Draper emigrating to Paris, begging with M. le Pres. Chirac to grant him French citizenship and then standing in Place de La Concorde singing the "La Marseillaise". :(

My mate himself only managed to get to a game about 10 years back when his brother who is registered came up lucky and got a couple.

Hence the reason they are going to move to a new stadium with more seats.

Suggest you put his name down now for a new season ticket there....he may get a nice 21st birthday present! :o

He suggested only way was through a ticket-towt :( sorry

The Invisible Cat
18th Oct 2004, 15:07
:uhoh: :{

18th Oct 2004, 15:37
Ask around, see if any friends have a season ticket you can use.

19th Oct 2004, 07:26
Told No2 that a few nice people on PPRuNe were going to ask around/apply some judicious pressure, but that in no shape or form he should get his hopes up.

After a short puzzled pause: Are prooners exeptionally nice blokes or have you scared them Mum? ;)

DM, flying over the men in my life on nothing more than the hope of a ticket towt; not sure that would be such a good idea. In other words, I'm too chicken for that. :O

19th Oct 2004, 09:29
Are prooners exeptionally nice blokes or have you scared them Mum?

As we say in French, "ce jeune homme ira loin", this young man will go far :ok: :ok:

19th Oct 2004, 16:29
En quel direction, mon brave?

19th Oct 2004, 21:07
Flaps, you could always take 'em to see Spurs. I'm told they will wait for you to get there to kick off . . . .

Ok bad joke

As a gooner who has just joined the club, I appreciate the frustration, however come the new stadium ..:.}

19th Oct 2004, 21:27
Why not call Birmingham City. Back when Bradford was a city, the away team always got allocated a certain number of tickets for their fans. I realize it's a slim chance, but maybe Birmingham hasn't sold out their allocation yet.


19th Oct 2004, 22:05
Sorry Newark, all the away allocation was sold eons ago, besides which, one sure way of getting thrown out of Highbury, (or any other ground), with or without personal injury, is to be an Arsenal/home fan in amongst the away supporters.
The FA and clubs are very strict (if they spot you), and it can lead to a ban from all UK grounds for a minimum of 12 months - ask the the two Norwich season ticket holders (also mega Arsenal fans), who made their allegences known when Arsenal scored at Carrow Road; kicked out, season tickets torn up, 12 month ban from all UK grounds.

Unless the generosity of pprune can provide, it looks like a trip to Harrods and Mcdonalds will have to do.

Please don't buy from e - bay, touts or a ticket agency, these people are scum who prevent the genuine sports fans ever getting to see a Premiership game.

20th Oct 2004, 08:13
niknak, don't worry, I'm far too scared to buy from a dodgy ticket scalper. All kinds of very unpleasant scenarios with that option.

Phnuff, the new stadium looks beautiful, kid has it as his PC wallpaper and knows all the stats about it.

If PPRuNe generosity can't provide, the lad and his Dad will be staying home in Norway.

20th Oct 2004, 09:03
OK another approach to consider....

Get all your fellow cabin crew friends - especially AirFrance ones (...maybe FlyBlue can help already)....to look out for Arsenal players on their flights.
(Someone mus have a one of the French players jaunting over the channel regularly....)

Maybe a nice :) :) or two will secure a players privilege ticket....

(Know a chap who knew a French national rugby player...he never missed a match!!!)

How about all PPruners e-mail Arsene Wenger and explain how the dragon keeps us all sane and is very deservedly in need of a couple of terrace tickets. ....

20th Oct 2004, 09:32
I wouldn't recognise any football player even if I landed on his lap during turbulence :ugh:
Now, with rugby players that would be a different story :E

20th Oct 2004, 10:35
I coach kids rugby now...you're not doing HKG - CDG sunday are you?? :E :O

Major Stua
20th Oct 2004, 13:31

Should you decide that you were prepared to go down the ticket agency route below are a number of links to sites which appear to have tickets available for that game. Can't vouch for the sites though as have never used them. Cheapest I've come across is £110 per ticket!

Link 1 (http://www.nmpromos.com/football_results.php?listtype=Premiership&listdate=December&maintype=Football&live=1&submit=Submit)
Link 2 (http://www.ja-events.com/html/arsenal.html?OVRAW=Arsenal%20tickets&OVKEY=arsenal%20ticket&OVMTC=standard)
Link 3 (http://westminsterevents.com/details.asp?id=3265)
Link 4 (http://www.premierevents.co.uk/aquantity.php?event_id=992&x=19&y=8)
Link 5 (http://theonlineticketshop.co.uk/shop/list_event.asp?event_id=22284)
Link 6 (http://no1eventsltd.co.uk/ArsenalTickets.aspx?Subcategory=arsenal%20fc)
Link 7 (http://hertsboxoffice.co.uk/category.aspx?start=0&terms=arsenal)

Alternatively, you could post an add on this (http://www.gumtree.com) site and chance your luck.

As a last resort, his dad could always sneak him into The Highbury bar on Bogstadveien....I'm sure they'll be showing the game...where he could watch it amongst the Arsenal ScandiFaithfull!

Lykke til!

The Major

20th Oct 2004, 14:02
I have a friend and he and his brother have season tickets for Arsenal matches. They're off on holiday and will be missing the match in question, I can always ask to use them if you like? PM me if you'd like me to try arrange something.

Best o' luck otherwise :ok:

20th Oct 2004, 15:01
Unfortunatey not, DishMan

20th Oct 2004, 15:20
C'a merite la chance
Ms FB! et la perte est tou la mienne :(

Neamoins I will enjoy the flight home.

(Not quite as much as the flat beds on an SIA mind you....but the AF food and service coming out was AA++ !)

I imagine you have frequented a certain bar/restaurant in Le 1ere which has a goodly number of rugby shirts on the wall and harbours allegiances to the Sud-Ouest...)

Anyway.....to drag this back on topic......anyone have Arsene Wenger's e-mail address????????

20th Oct 2004, 18:10
Guarentee you that the minute you step out of the tube at Highbury you will be able to get your hands on tickets, just have the cash to hand

20th Oct 2004, 18:29
redfred probably, but it'll set you back double the price, without the guarentee of the cockney blighters even being genuine!

8th Nov 2004, 09:38
Did you get your tickets yet Flaps ??

saw this link on the Daily Telegraph today...they still have tickets available.....bit pricey though :(

Arsenal tickets... (http://www.no1eventsltd.co.uk/ArsenalTickets.aspx?Subcategory=arsenal%20fc)

8th Nov 2004, 10:13
Dishy my sweet, good of you to ask.
Since this thread the following happened. :)

Waiting and hoping for footy tickets, I finally realised that it wasn't gonna happen. So Mr40 and Junior decided that they were staying at home :{ . No1 Child never misses a beat so she proposed that she would bring a friend to London instead. I said fine and went to book the air tickets. Showed we had waited too long and no more returns available for sunday. So I booked from Thrursday to Monday. (hotel rooms will put serious dent in Chrissie budget but what the heck). All settled.

In the mean time............................
The dishwasher at Mr40's hotel has been playing up for a while. It's a big investment buying a new one, so he's been putting it off. With the very busy Company Christmas Dinner season starting now, he bit the bullet and got in quotes from the companies that sell these monsters. The owner of one of these companies was so keen to sell a new diswhasher that he called Mr40 on a saturday. Mr40 is not keen to answer business calls in the weekend so almost hung up on the chap.
He doesn't and then hears a roar in the background. Being a curious bloke, Mr40 asks the man where the hell he is calling from.
'Oh I'm at Highbury watching Arsenal; I've got 2 season tickets'

Well, the rest is history. :ok:
So we're coming to London& The GatBash with the whole tribe + one friend .


8th Nov 2004, 10:44
Well, what can one say:

One guaranteed dishwater supplier for now + for ever!

Oh and.....


Guess your lot will be on bread + water for Chirstmas!!;)

Go for it!!! :ok:

8th Nov 2004, 10:59
It must have been a boring match for your dishwasher supplier to be making business calls.

Oh, of course, it was Arsenal.

8th Nov 2004, 11:03
Koli He was probably doing it during one of the many pauses while players return to their own halves of the field and regroup after Arsenal have scored. Again....and again...and again... :p

Biggles Flies Undone
8th Nov 2004, 11:10
Yeah, that's probably what they were doing when my team banged the equaliser past them on Saturday..... :p :D

8th Nov 2004, 11:18
Now now lads, no need to start squibling. :p :p

DishMan, what with the traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner consisting of baked pork rib, pork meatballs and pork sausage with jus de porc, red cabbage and potatoes, water and bread has a certain appeal. ;)
PS: yes, that blob on the left is prunes!

Spuds McKenzie
8th Nov 2004, 11:26
baked pork rib, pork meatballs and pork sausage with jus de porc
Sounds very much like Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam... :\

8th Nov 2004, 11:27
BFU whatever :rolleyes: ...at least Sir Alex was miffed again on Sat. + that's what really counts ;)

MMMMmmmm REAL crackling - Yum!

Guess that new dishwasher will be getting plenty of use after all......don't think Mr40 and the Teenflappers will settle for bread+water when there's that fare on offer! And it's a long time between 4th Dec and 25th.......:ok:

8th Nov 2004, 17:05
What a great looking Chrissy dins, of course from where one has recently hailed from it may well have raised a few eyebrows, but for oneself quite mouthwatering. Glad the footy tickets are sorted, and obviously then the Bash.

8th Nov 2004, 18:47
Prunes go very well with pork ... and after the meal too....:uhoh:

8th Nov 2004, 20:18
Prunes go very well on a BBQ when wrapped in bacon.


It would have been cheaper to come to Malaga for your trip. Tickets for the Real Madrid game yesterday, were only €100 each!
and it was a good game to watch.

Valencia here in two weeks.

6th Dec 2004, 22:33
Travelling back from the Uk today, our son missed an English exam. The teacher had ordered him to write a 4 page report of his London visit instead. This is the part where he writes about his trip to Highbury. Thought it might perhaps appeal to footie fans who feel the same about their team (even if they're not 16 years old anymore). :)
After this experience, how could my weekend get even better? Four words: Arsenal live at Highbury.
On Saturday my dad and I took the tube to Arsenal station, we got off and walked towards the supporters pub where we were going to receive our tickets. The game wasn’t going to start for another three hours, but the streets were already crawling with fans, young an old. They were making their way to the pubs and to the supporter booths where you could buy programs and such. There were also the most eager ones who already were heading for the entrances. While on our way to the pub, we saw an opening between two old middleclass London houses, and there she was. Highbury the holiest of grounds for die hard Arsenal fan like myself.

And the beauty of it, there were no huge parking lots and big supporter superstores. No, there wire just houses, and Highbury. I was still overawed by it all when we received our tickets from a man called “Baso”, the editor of the supporters’ magazine. An even bigger Arsenal fan than me (if possible). We got the tickets and made our way between the houses to the entrance. On the entrance it said “Welcome to Highbury, the home of football.” And it did feel like home. I felt that this was where I belonged, at this historical ground amongst 38000 other passionate fans, perhaps from China, or perhaps from the streets where we had just walked.
Either way, we where all together to watch our heroes in action. And the main difference between this place and other football stadiums was that everyone was singing, not only the fan club. Everyone participated, you could even hear the wives sing “ We love Arsenal! We hate Tottenham!” Even though the game was not against Tottenham, it was against Birmingham City. But one thing that is nearly as strong as Arsenal’s supporters love for the club, is their hate for Tottenham. And they were not joking, they really despised this other North- London team. Chelsea, who weren’t very popular either, also got their fair share of hatesongs and remarks against them. Even though no Tottenham or Chelsea supporter could hear these things, it felt like a duty towards Arsenal to sing that we loved the club, and hated our rivals. I clearly place this experience up among my three greatest sports memories ever, perhaps even the greatest. And Arsenal did what we had come to see; they steamrolled over Birmingham, and didn’t stop until the scoreboard showed 3-0.
This afternoon was perfect, and it couldn’t have ended in a better way, when we stood up from our seats and sang “ stand up, for the champions” the whole stadium was singing, even my dad who is a Crystal Palace fan joined in.
The rest of that afternoon and night i was floating on a big cloud of happiness, and that afternoon is one I will never forget for the rest of my life.

7th Dec 2004, 06:49
Flaps - A wonderful post. Well pleased your son had a great time, but tell him to go the Valley or Selhurst Park next time....:O

Your son may be interested (or not) to know that my father's father was an Arsenal supporter when they played south of the Thames. The Arsenal name is actually from the Royal Arsenal which was in Woolwich Here's a quick cut n'paste. (http://www.aloofhosting.com/militaryhistory/woolwich.html)

As I recall, Arsenal football club started playing on Plumstead Common. My son trains there now. Funny -- and wonderful -- world isn't it!

7th Dec 2004, 07:07
Flaps, your son is a credit to you, for he writes better english than many any englishman :ok:

7th Dec 2004, 07:45
A great story by your son FLAPS and worthy of an inclusion in his school magazine(if they have one).

7th Dec 2004, 08:09
Dear Flaps40

I hope that one day I'll be such a super-cool mum like you!