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18th Oct 2004, 08:16
Imagine coming home from work one night, after a hard days graft.

Your son decides to introduce you to his new girlfriend.... she introduces herself. Would you be able to keep a straight face??

Check out the girl 5 rows down on the right hand side...

Son's Girlfriend (http://www.electraisd.net/alumni/1993_seniors.htm)

18th Oct 2004, 08:20
That you in the top right corner TC?

18th Oct 2004, 08:21
I'm affraid i wouldn't be able to Keep a Straight Face ..I pissed myself when i read it ...:)

And So was it ?

18th Oct 2004, 09:03
Timm, if that is me in the top corner, you're name must be 'Robbie Taylor'. Thinning 'tache and a mullet - lovely.

18th Oct 2004, 09:03
Can't get it to load - it can't find the website.

18th Oct 2004, 09:08
I wouldn't have fancied going to that Prom Night. They look like an ugly bunch of b*****ds to a man. There are some fierce hairstyles on offer.

18th Oct 2004, 09:25
Who on earth thought up Lenka Voltarora ??? :uhoh:

I'm afraid I would be most insulting and roll about the floor laughing (and then be sick) :yuk:

Bally Heck
18th Oct 2004, 10:09
Perhaps our colonial cousins could shed some light on this. Is it a sign of status in the USA to have an utterly ridiculous name?

I mean, what right thinking parent would call their son "Casper Weinberger"

And if it's not ridiculous to start with, well lets pronounce it in a ridiculous way "Colin (Colon!) Powell"

And what did this poor girl's forebears do to garner this handle? Smith, Cook, Cooper etc I can understand. But this girl's ancestors must have had a very unusual (or very old) profession.

Answers on a postcard please?

18th Oct 2004, 10:40
Could Be worse:

You could be named: Drew Peacock.!

o.k i'm leaving...:E

Mr Chips
18th Oct 2004, 11:16
I'm confused.... the girls are all wearing the same dress.. and some of the boys appear to be about 12!!!!!

18th Oct 2004, 11:56
Mr. Chips,
This united dress sense seems to be the same every year (http://www.electraisd.net/alumni/2001_seniors.htm)

Now if he came home with Dani Moenning, it would be a different story :ok:

18th Oct 2004, 12:27
Just over half way down on the right hand side--------

How can anybody go through life with a name of Ginger Minge----or does it not mean the same thing in the Colonies?

Onan the Clumsy
18th Oct 2004, 14:55
Whoa! IT must be the android factory.

Check out 2002 (http://www.electraisd.net/alumni/2002_seniors.htm)

Double Whoa!! It's in Texas and there are almost no Spanish names :ooh: :ooh: :ooh: :confused:

18th Oct 2004, 16:50
Looks like they listened to our comments (through a time-hole, perhaps ?) and ditched the formal dress for
2003 (http://www.electraisd.net/alumni/2003_seniors.htm)

Going casual dosen't make them any less scary though :eek:

At least we know who ate all the pies now . . .

And the names don't get any better:

Troy Camp
Krystal Easter
Leif Pritzel

These parents must hate their kids !!!

18th Oct 2004, 17:16
I thought it might have got better down the years but it doesn't. Most of them look as though they live at Burger King. Congrats to the person who found this though - I've had a real turkish.


itchy kitchin
18th Oct 2004, 17:22
Land of the beautiful people it is not!

the whole lot can go and raffle their grannies.

18th Oct 2004, 23:33
Landon McBroom...(2002)

That sounds rather painful.

He has a relative in 2003 - Trenton?

I notice they all have nice teeth though